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20+ Lead Generation Tools in 2023 (Cheaper and Better)

Kate Williams

26 July 2023

11 min read

Lead generation tools help you collect your visitors’ information and turn them into loyal customers.

Even if you’re a professional marketer with years of experience generating leads, you have to have the right lead generation software to drive more leads.

In this article, we’ll be sharing our top picks for lead generation tools that’ll help you generate quality leads at scale in 2023.

Our Top Lead Generation Software Picks

1. SurveySparrow

It is an online survey tool that can double up as a tool for lead generation too. SurveySparrow can be one of the best lead generation tools you have used if you know how to use surveys at every stage of the funnel. Surveys can also be used to collect lead generation data, but that is not what we are going to talk about here.

SurveySparrow integrates with your marketing automation platform, you can sync the results with your leads to improve lead scoring, personalize the content, and increase renewals, referrals, cross-sell, and up-sell. You can use surveys to ask them about their pain points. Promise to solve them, and you might keep them for a longer time.

If there are sales-qualified leads that have gone silent, you can send them surveys and maybe even add an incentive to see where they are in the buying cycle and if they would be willing to talk more. When there are trial and freemium customers who don’t buy from you eventually, you can send them surveys to understand why they didn’t convert. Using information gathered from all these places, you can generate more leads.

2. MailChimp

It is one of the most popular email marketing automation and email marketing service platforms in the market. For businesses that want to manage their email lists to create email marketing campaigns and automations to send to their customers, this is the one to go with. MailChimp has more than 250+ app integrations, which allows you to be as comprehensive as possible with your email marketing campaigns. It was also named as one of the best global software companies of 2021, by G2.

From email designers to report creation to custom forms, MailChimp comes with a lot of exclusive features. Its simple interface and detailed analytics make it a favorite amongst marketers. They provide the tools to create targeted email campaigns, and Facebook ad campaigns, automate emails, including follow-ups, measure and monitor the performance of the campaigns, and so on.

3. Poptin

It is one of the simplest lead generation tools which uses popups for capturing leads. They identify themselves as an eCommerce solution to reduce shopping cart abandonment and also to increase the subscribers of your email list.

Some of the popups that you can create with Poptin are floating bars, slide-ins, and modal forms. For each of the popups, you can choose between timed display, exit intent, scroll percentage, and after a visitor clicks a link. It has a built-in AI feature that will automatically use different targeting options so that it chooses the highest converting option for you.

4. Hellobar

As one of the most sought-after lead generation tools, Hellobar A/B tests different messages to optimize your conversion rate. If you want to increase your email list subscribers, then Hellobar is a great addition to your marketing arsenal. With Hellobar, you can send traffic to specific landing pages and increase the number of social media followers for your brand.

5. Outgrow Quiz Maker

If you want to engage audiences, generate leads, and promote your brand then Outgrow Quiz Maker offers a no-code solution to create interactive content in just a few minutes. It is a cloud-based online ready-to-use lead generation tool that caters to businesses across various industries and can be used across multiple devices.

The Quiz Maker tool offers premade, customizable, and professional templates and layouts with over 1,000,000+ free stock images. All you have to do is just drag and drop the elements to create beautiful quizzes that convert. You can choose from different types of questions like multiple choice, single select, text input, drop-down, etc. The tool provides easy access to accurate results in a graphical form and allows you to add images, videos, and customized messages for different results. The powerful analytics further help segment the audience for personalized and effective retargeting. You can embed your interactive quiz on web pages and social media platforms and integrate it seamlessly with 1000+ apps.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For a B2B business, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best lead generation tools available in the market. The Sales Navigator allows you to save leads directly into your CRM. Apart from sending you lead recommendations, it will also show you who viewed your profile. It helps you find the right people and companies faster and it also lets you keep track of the changes of people in the companies. You can organize your prospecting leads and accounts with tags, and even take notes.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s InMail Messages, you can reach out to more than 500 million members, including the ones who you are not connected to.

7. HubSpot

One of the most popular lead generation tools, HubSpot is a name that is synonymous with content marketing. It not only lets you generate leads, but it will also turn your visitors into paying customers.

When a lead submits their information using a form, it pulls information about them across several channels, including social media. It will even tell you how they arrived on your website, what they were watching before they decided to log in, and give you more contextual information which will help you reach out to them with the right kind of messaging.

8. Expandi

Expandi is a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool that can also be used magnificently for LinkedIn lead generation. It is capable enough to refine the leads according to the preferences which ensures that you get leads with higher chances of conversion. One of the best parts about automation through Expandi is that your account cannot be flagged by LinkedIn, as it brings convenience without any risk.

With the help of Expandi, you can effortlessly create various marketing/ad campaigns at once for audiences of different niches. Moreover, you get an automated messaging option too with this one. It can manage the business on your behalf which ensures that your leads do not have to wait for too long to get a response from you.

This tool comes with a user-friendly dashboard, which provides some really valuable insights to reduce your response time and take your lead generation campaign to another level. The complete data of the leads generated can be easily exported in CSV format and used further for various campaigns. Expandi is a faster and smarter way to increase your LinkedIn outreach.

9. Drift

If you want to shorten your sales cycle, increase your revenue, strengthen your brand and generate leads, then Drift is the tool that you should be using. Drift is one of the best revenue acceleration platforms in the market using which you can deliver fantastic and exceptional customer experiences.

You can create unique experiences for your customers across all the channels and throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Drift allows you to have personalized conversations with your website visitors where it can engage, qualify and convert them into a lead pipeline in real-time. Thanks to its deep integration capabilities with 3rd party tools, you can provide instantaneous personalized experience based on who they are and where they come from.

10. Intercom

One of the most popular lead generation tools in the market, Intercom is a live chat tool that allows you to interact with your website visitor. You can send targeted messages to leads 24*7. It can be considered as a complete customer communications platform which has bots, apps, products, tours, help center, etc. It helps you create great customer relationships, thereby helping you with lead generation. With more than 25,000+ customers to its name, Intercom is one of the best B2B lead generation tools in the market.

Intercom also allows businesses to indulge in account-based marketing, send outbound messages, use it as an inbox, allows you to send transactional messages, etc. It is used by startups, mid-sized businesses and enterprises.

11. Hotjar

While it is not primarily a lead generation tool, it can do a world of good for your lead generation activities. While traditional web analytics tells you numbers, Hotjar tells you what your users do on your website with the help of heatmaps. Heatmaps help you understand user behavior by showing you recordings of how users interact with your website, such as clicks, cursor movement and how they navigate across pages.

It helps you understand why some visitors abandon your landing pages. You can send feedback polls to assess what your users want and why they are not taking any action while they are on your website. While it is a free lead generation tool for personal use, businesses need to shell out money for using Hotjar’s advanced features.

12.GetProspect Email Finder

This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to quickly and efficiently collect contact information from web pages and use it to further communicate with your customers.
GetProspect is suitable for sales teams, business developers, recruiters, and marketers who are interested in generating leads and expanding their customer base.

One of the key advantages of GetProspect Email Finder is its ease of use. Simply install the lead generation tool extension on your Google Chrome browser and it will be available to you wherever you use the Internet. If you visit a webpage where you need to find an email address, just click on the GetProspect Email Finder icon and it will automatically search for it, extract the email addresses and display them in a convenient format.

In addition, GetProspect email finder Chrome extension offers several additional features that will help you increase the efficiency of your lead generation process. For example, you can save the collected email addresses to your accounts and export them in CSV or Excel formats for further use.GetProspect Email Finder is an indispensable tool for any company or professional interested in generating leads and increasing the effectiveness of their marketing and sales efforts. It helps to reduce the time, effort, and resources that are usually associated with finding contact information and allows you to focus on important aspects of business development.

13. Aeroleads

Aeroleads is a prospecting tool and an email finder solution which helps you create an email list via web-based channels such as Angellist, Crunchbase, LinkedIn and more. It can be considered as a powerful sales lead generation tool since it automates the whole process of prospecting and lead generation.

With Aeroleads, you can find phone numbers and email IDs of your prospects within seconds. You can even find the details of decision makers in the targeted company by using filters such as title, company, address, etc.

14. keeps your sales pipeline full by helping you find prospect emails on LinkedIn with the help of its Chrome extension. One of the best things about this lead gen software is that you can either look up the contacts one by one or source the emails in bulk with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

If you are looking for lead generation tools, it is one that you shouldn’t miss out on. The Chrome extension allows you to instantly add new contacts to multichannel sequences, access and manage your tasks, make phone calls, etc.

15. is a multi-channel sales automation platform which increases the productivity of your sales team by generating leads for it. It is fully integrated with Close, HubSpot, PipeDrive, and Salesforce. You can launch cold email campaigns from your browser within seconds, and its Chrome extension lets you find prospects in a single click.

From automating your sales processes with the help of workflows to creating unlimited sales pipelines, it lets you do a tonne of things, and is quite worthy of being referred to as one of the best lead generation tools in the market. You can even use as a mailbox using which it is possible to track if the recipient has opened the email, clicks, replies, etc. They have more than 1300+ customers and have some big names to boast of on that list.

16. Leadfeeder

Do you want to know which are the companies that visit your website? Even if they do not share any information. This is where Leadfeeder helps you as a sales lead tool. It sends contact information for employees at the companies using Leadfeeder Discover. Using this, you can follow up with visitors who never inquired about your product or you can reach out to potential leads in your sales pipeline based on when they visit your website.

Using Leadfeeder, you can find leads who are closer to buying a product similar to yours, provide better sales pitches, optimize market content, measure your campaigns properly, and so on. Leadfeeder was ranked #2 on G2 and Capterra for data quality.

17. Datanyze

If you are looking for lead generation tools that help software and tech companies to save time on prospecting, then Datanyze is the tool that you should choose. Datanyze shows you the technology that is used by your prospects, and even lets you find new prospects based on the technology they use. They have details of more than 84 million email addresses, 63 million direct dials, and 120 million people.

With its Chrome Extension, you can easily access company data, email addresses, and so on. It even shows you a list of icebreakers that salespeople can use while starting a conversation. Using such conversation starters helps you start meaningful conversations with your leads.

18. Growbots

Growbots calls itself an AI for sales tool and has a huge database of contacts that lets you do clever outbound lead generation. You can 10x your outbound lead generation efforts by selecting your target market and getting their details instantly with Growbots. You can create personalized emails and schedule your campaigns with the help of Growbots. Growbots will send the emails automatically along with follow-ups that will ensure that you reach the prospect at the right time. There are multi-channel sequences such as phone calls, LinkedIn touches, and many other sequences that help you get more leads.

19. BuzzBuilder

Do you want more people to read your emails? Do you want to increase the responses to your email campaigns? BuzzBuilder is one of the best lead generation tools by its virtue of being a stellar outbound email marketing platform. It has a great reputation with ISPs, so the chances of your emails hitting the spam folder is extremely low. By using BuzzBuilder, more of your emails will go to the inbox of the intended target and you will be able to engage with your prospects in a better manner.

With BuzzBuilder, you can send drip email campaigns, track website visitors, use advanced email tracking features, get real-time alerts, do lead scoring, integrate with more than 1500+ applications, and so on. If used correctly, it can be one of your most powerful lead generation tools.

20. Leadformly

Want to maximize conversations on your web forms? Leadformly is the way to go. There are many form builder tools in the market, but not all of them have the firepower to better your prospects for lead generation as they may not provide you with the right kind of data insights. Leadformly provides detailed form analytics based on the user actions. Instead of just talking about form completion rates or metrics, it tells you how well your forms are doing. It gives you the tools that you require to fix problems.

21. SEMRush

One of the most popular tools for lead generation and SEO, SEMRush is a tool for on-site auditing and checking the health of your website’s technical SEO. While SEMRush is most popular for its keyword research capabilities, its Site Audit Functionality is something that improves your website’s ability to welcome more leads.

SEMRush has more than 40+ tools and reports, thus acting as one of the most powerful lead generation tools in the market. From SEO to Content to Market research to Advertising to SMM and SERM, it can do everything.

22. Unbounce

For businesses that want to create high-converting and lead-generating landing pages, do not have to look further than Unbounce. Some of the most popular brands use Unbounce extensively. With more than 85+ mobile-responsive templates, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you will be able to create highly-engaging landing pages. With the help of Unbounce, you can test your landing pages, website popups and sticky bars. You can even create landing pages from scratch using its pre-built template gallery.

23. Beaconstac

Are you tired of carrying around stacks of business cards to hand out during networking events in the hope of getting some leads? Then this unique solution by Beaconstac can help you.

Beaconstac’s digital business card solution is a modern solution for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their networking process. With pre-made templates, an easy-to-use interface, and numerous customization features, the solution is a favorite of many popular brands. These electronic business cards are powered with QR Code technology making shareability a breeze. To further enhance your lead generation efforts, you can enable a lead collection feature on the card that will help your contacts seamlessly share their details with you, which you can then view on the dashboard.

Apart from the traditional way of sharing business cards, you can easily share and save digital business card info on your Google or Apple Wallet. Beaconstac also integrates with 5000+ applications, including CRMs, and a sales stack that can be effectively used for seamless lead generation and contact sharing.

The built-in analytics lets you analyze the card scans, contacts saved, and much more to learn more about the performance of your digital business card and how you can improve it. Lead generation through networking is simplified with Beaconstac, and it is an excellent tool for both small businesses as well as enterprise-sized businesses.

Final thoughts

The lead generation tool that you choose for your business can make a lot of difference to your bottom line. While we have prepared an exhaustive list of more than 20+ lead generation tools, you need to ensure that the ones you choose are perfect for your business’ unique needs. You cannot choose tools just because they are popular or have

been recommended by other business founders. The choice has to be made on what is best for you.

If you are looking for a lead generation tool, we couldn’t stop ourselves from recommending SurveySparrow, an online survey tool. Gathering responses or collecting feedback from your leads can be a great way to identify what you can do to make them your paying customers. Using a tool like SurveySparrow can make that happen with ease. Get on a call with us to understand how we can be of help to your lead generation efforts.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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