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A sprinkle of features to make your Feb fab!

Aiswarya Menon

Last Updated:  

14 February 2019

3 min read

As a new month unfolds, our new set of features unrolls. Want to know what makes the shortest month of the year the best? The latest SurveySparrow features. Ask us how excited are we? Just like Fred.

Yabba-Dabba Do, it’s time for another feature announcement!

Hello, Mr. Sections

Ever had a group of questions which you wanted to display to a select audience? For example, let’s say your organization is running a 360-degree feedback survey. The questions that are asked to Managers and employees would be different. In such a case, you may have to use a blend of display and skip logic to get the work done or create two different surveys altogether. What if we have another way? A better one?
With Sections, you can group the set of questions that are asked to managers and employees. Based on the designation entered by the staff, you can display the respective section. In this manner, you can duck past elaborate logic settings and get your work done in 3, 2, and 1.

Sections to group questions

Sign-off surveys with grace

Imagine you are running a survey to measure shopping experience. For example, customer A has given a perfect ten as a score while customer B has given a miserable 2. Multiple thank you pages help you do things differently. For instance, you can redirect the happy customer to a referral page for some pat-on-the-back-reviews while you can redirect the unhappy customer to a page offering a discount or coupon code. Running a quiz? Show customized results to your audience.
Well, who thought surveys could be this smart and personalized?

Display customized survey results

It’s Reports o’clock

It’s a bright, beautiful morning. You are munching on those delightful fruit-loops while pouring that raspberry coulis on your waffle. ‘Ting,’ your tablet beeps. When you check your inbox, it’s a Sparrow email. The email contains the detailed reports of the survey you had sent out the previous week. So basically, you get emails about the reports. Nice. But wait, there’s something more. You can schedule the time at which you wish to receive the reports and once configured, these are emailed automatically at the set time. So wait, you get reports right in your inbox, at the time you want, without moving a muscle, and that too without logging in to your account? Now that’s cool.

Schedule survey reports & receive it via emails

Do you want a survey copy?

Once you are out of the exam hall, remember that utterly chaotic 10 minutes where all the students huddle up and discuss the answers they have written? Similarly, if you have answered a quiz and wanted a copy of the responses you entered, how do you do it? With our latest feature, survey creators can enable their respondents to keep a copy of the survey they took and even share it with anyone. You ask us how to do this? By entering the email address, they wish to receive the responses at!

Receive a copy of survey responses

Export specific questions

You have sent out your survey, and the responses are in. There are some particular questions whose answers you want to analyze. Don’t want the entire survey report? Just pick the questions of your choice and export it as a PDF or an image. Instead of the entire report, you have only the questions you wish to peruse at the moment.

Export specific questions in reports as image or PDF.
Export specific questions in reports as PDF or Image


Alright, folks. That’s a wrap for now. As always, we shall see you next month with a new bunch of cool features.
Until then, from all of us at SurveySparrow.



Aiswarya Menon

Product Marketer at SurveySparrow.

Happy engineer turned happier writer. Stumbled into the world of writing, irrevocably in love with it!

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