With 360 Feedback Surveys, get an end-to-end view about how well your employees are faring.

360 Feedback Survey

Get a comprehensive picture of employee performance with 360 Feedback Surveys.

360-degree Feedback Life Cycle

Easily create engaging, 360 feedback surveys with the best survey platform.

Create highly engaging surveys to gather crisp, accurate responses

Share your 360 feedback surveys easily across various channels.

Utilize every available platform to maximize the reach of surveys

Gather in-depth understanding from the 360 feedback survey data collected.

Slice and dice the survey data to obtain new perspectives and rich insights

Based on the survey insights, plan actions and achieve organizational growth.

Plan and execute actionable measures based on survey results

What is 360 Feedback Survey?

A 360 feedback survey provides a panoramic view of the performance and attributes of an employee from not just supervisors but peers, colleagues, and reporting staff as well. Consequently, an organization can uncover crucial facets which on imporvement contributes effectively towards organizational development.

As stated by Jack Zenger, CEO of Zenger/Folkman,

"More than 85% of all the Fortune 500 companies use the 360 feedback process as a cornerstone of their overall leadership development process."

So what is the best way to go about collecting 360 degree feedback? Yes, Online Feedback Surveys.

The 360 feedback survey typically consists of questions which evaluate a set of competencies that are essential for the advancement of both the organization and employee. These typically include:

  • Communication
  • Team Spirit
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Organizational Skills
  • Performance and Skill Sets

Therefore, a 360 feedback survey helps an organization collect feedback about an employee from the people he interacts with the most.

What are the benefits of 360 Feedback Survey?

A 360-degree feedback system is beneficial not only for an organization but also the employee. A 360 feedback survey helps you:

Collect improved feedback

360 feedback survey collects feedback from a variety of sources like the supervisor, peers, colleagues, customers etc. Therefore, the quality of input is higher. 360 feedback survey brings a multi-dimensional view about how employees perform and behave at their job.

Evenly distribute load

Conventionally, when a manager has to provide feedback from all his reporting staff, it puts much work on their plate. Also, the perspective is one-dimensional and is vulnerable to bias. However, with 360 feedback survey, more people participate in the process. Consequently, the quality of feedback is better coupled with the reduction in the workload.

Team Development

360-degree feedback approach helps coworkers to function with each other more effectively. Multi-party review system makes the workforce more accountable as they share their views with each other. As a result, a well-planned 360 feedback survey enhances team development and communication.

Personal & organizational advancement

360 feedback survey is one of the best methods to learn the developmental needs of the employees and the organization. In addition, 360 feedback survey data contributes to the career development of employees by providing accurate insights that are more vocal about their performance.

What are some tips to build your 360 Feedback Surveys?

Building a 360 feedback survey may be simple, but creating a great one requires honest efforts and careful considerations. Here are some proven tips to make your 360 feedback surveys brim with success.

Create 360 feedback surveys that has an engaging interface and is conversational in nature.
Craft engaging 360 feedback surveys and collect pertinent feedback
Craft Engaging, Refreshing Surveys

Online surveys are known for being notoriously boring and most people shy away from taking one. Therefore, to receive quality feedback and high response rates, ensure that the surveys you create are interactive and visually appealing. Consequently, you can capture the attention of the employees and urge them to complete it. Thus, opt for a 360 feedback tool that has a great interface to boast about. Also, keep your 360 feedback surveys short and crisp.

Include diverse questions in your 360 feedback surveys for getting quality feedback and accurate answers.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Diverse Question Types

Ensure that your 360 feedback survey encompasses a host of diverse question types like opinion scale, star rating, MCQ, image choice types, rank orders, drag & drop- to name a few. Keep away from the rigid yes/no, Most/Least Likely questions, and this can play a useful role in fetching you more honest and precise answers. When you offer room for your employees to answer honestly, you receive high quality responses.

Pose only relevant questions and personalize your 360 feedback surveys.
Conditional branching to create smart surveys
Smart Logic & Personalization

It is counterproductive to bombard your respondents with a big bunch of irrelevant questions. Therefore, keep in mind that just like the number of and type of questions, what you ask is equally important. A 360 feedback survey tool will help you display only relevant questions to your audience and skip the rest with smart logic branching feature. Therefore, opt for a tool that enables you to personalize 360 feedback surveys you create.

Ensure your 360 feedback surveys get maximum reach and visibility.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share Generously

One of the easiest ways to ensure excellent response rates for your 360 feedback surveys is to share it- via as many channels as possible. Consequently, your employees get broader options to take the 360 feedback survey through any channel that suits them the best. It can be email surveys, SMS or social media, or a web link! Most 360 feedback survey platforms come with multi-device capability that allows the respondents to take the survey anywhere, anytime!

Spike response rates of your 360 feedback surveys with reminder emails.
Send reminder emails to partial and non-respondents
Reminder Emails

Are you worried about the employees who leave the 360 feedback survey midway or skip it all together? That’s what reminder emails are for. Employing a 360 feedback survey tool that has reminder email feature will help you keep tabs on your partial & non-respondents. Consequently, you can gently urge them to complete the feedback survey thereby spiking the survey completion rates. Don't miss even your frequently traveling employees who have higher chances of missing the 360 feedback surveys.

Sample 360 Feedback Survey Templates

Are you unsure about the questions which must go into your 360 feedback surveys? You needn’t search high and low for this. Here we have a sample 360 feedback survey template to kick-start your process in absolutely no time. If you would like to browse through more templates, have a look at our free survey templates repository. Be it market research, customer feedback, employee engagement, employee feedback, we've got it for you!



What makes SurveySparrow the best 360 Feedback Survey Platform?

By now, it’s evident why an effective 360 feedback system is necessary for your organization. Above all, having a great 360 feedback survey software by your side can make the process simpler and more efficient. With a minute' read, you can find out how SurveySparrow can help you do this!

Multi-UI Platform

SurveySparrow is all about turning online surveys into conversations. The 360 feedback survey software has dual UI which is the world’s first multi-UI platform. Be it chat-like surveys and conversational forms, SurveySparrow fetches you whopping response rates with conversational surveys.

Recurring Surveys

Automate is the word. Why consume time on pursuits that you can make the 360 feedback survey software do? With the recurring survey feature, SurveySparrow’s 360 feedback survey platform does just that. Configure the survey settings once- the tool sends out automated periodic surveys at your preferred time, date and day!

Share Options

SurveySparrow offers multiple survey sharing options so that your 360 feedback surveys receive the maximum reach and visibility. The various sharing channels include:

  • Email surveys
  • Social Media
  • Weblinks
  • SMS share
  • Embedding surveys
Rich Insights

SurveySparrow’s 360 feedback survey software is decked with a rich dashboard that offers you in-depth reports, graphs, charts, histograms, and the likes to give you a detailed view. Turn raw data into refined information in no time!

Track Survey Performance

Find out how well your survey is doing by tracking the performance with SurveySparrow’s 360 feedback survey tool. Recognize the channel that ensures best responses and drives your strategic ventures thereby.

Simple to Use

You needn’t burn the midnight oil and search through help articles to understand how to use our 360 feedback survey tool. Simple to follow and even easier to use, get started with your very first survey at once!

When you have the best survey tool that sends out well-drafted 360 feedback surveys, get going and implement a sound 360 feedback system to make your organization achieve the goals and objectives.

Happy Surveying!

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