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Top 6 Customer Experience Tools

Sam Makad

Last Updated:  

19 July 2024

7 min read

Achieving the desired customer experience is a need of the hour. There is a lot of competition out there and the benefit is with those who consider CX & engagement as a USP in front of their ideal customers. Moreover, utilizing customer experience tools marks a huge difference in reaping success!

In this blog, we will look into the top six customer experience management tools, their features, and pricing.

What are Customer Experience Tools?

Customer experience tools refer to software applications and platforms designed to enhance customer interactions and satisfaction across various touchpoints. They help businesses talk to customers, understand what they like, and make sure they have a good time buying things.

These tools can be online surveys, chat messages on websites, or even apps on your phone that make shopping easier. Businesses use these tools to make customers feel important and satisfied, just like a friendly waiter at a restaurant!

Building a good business involves finding a set of customers that you can serve, however, a ‘great business’ is only realized when you can serve that set of customers in multiple ways. ~ Chris Savage, co-founder – Wistia

If companies want to amaze their customers, there is a need to find alternative ways to deliver solutions with great efficiency. When customers get engaged with the product and achieve the desired experience level, they tend to become loyal. Also, there is a higher possibility that they would start word-of-mouth marketing.

Customer experience statistics stand proof for this. Iperceptions carried out a study which clearly states that 71% of customers recommend a particular company’s product or services because they received a “great experience”.

Top 6 Customer Experience Tools

Every company is going through a lot of struggle as there is no parameter or benchmark for achieving the desired customer experience. In other words, there should be some tool support that can guide employees in the right direction. Likewise, getting the support of alternative tools will save the time of employees and they can divert their attention to a more productive task of a regular day.

Here are six customer experience tools that can power up your CX game!

1. SurveySparrow


Happy customers drive the revenue of the business. Now, “measurement of happiness” is not as easy as it sounds on paper. Companies have to carry out various types of “surveys” in order to find out the feedback of customers on products & services. SurveySparrow is one such tool for crafting a diverse set of surveys. Most often, the customer experience strategies succeed or fail depending upon the survey outcome. These surveys can be largely categorized into 2 types.

Features that you can’t ignore:

1. Higher Response Rates:

  • Achieve 40% more responses compared to traditional feedback methods
  • An interactive user interface encourages increased participation.

2. AI Surveys:

  •  AI-powered Survey Builder to create smart and dynamic surveys.
  • Craft surveys that adapt based on respondents’ interactions, improving user experience.
  • Read More: Benefits of Using AI in Your Surveys

3. Customized Survey Templates:

  • More than 1,000 pre-designed survey templates.
  • Create personalized survey templates tailored to specific customer needs.
  • Implement logical conditions for intelligent survey design.

4. Ticket Management:

  • Companies can follow up with customers and close the feedback loop effectively with Ticket Management.
  • Personalized “Thank You” pages enhance the human touch in surveys.

5. Automation and Time Efficiency:

  • Automate repetitive tasks, saving valuable time.
  • Schedule surveys for timely and efficient feedback collection.

6. Analytics and Insights:

  • Access an analytics dashboard providing insights on every response.
  • Use analytics reports to make informed decisions for future strategies.

Price: $19/month

2. Medallia


Medallia is a leading customer experience management platform designed to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. By capturing and analyzing signals across various touchpoints, Medallia predicts customer behavior and creates engaging experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

Prominent features:

1. Omni-Channel Data Capture + Engagement: Effortlessly gather feedback from diverse channels, ensuring seamless engagement and insights.

2. Customer Lifecycle Insights: Develop detailed customer profiles, predict behavior, and identify enhancement opportunities through flexible segmentation.

3. Medallia Athena for CX: Utilize AI to analyze customer journeys, predict behavior, and provide actionable insights for optimized experiences.

4. Real-time Reporting and Analytics: Create dynamic dashboards, offer transparency into customer sentiments, and sync data in real time.

5. Action and Case Management: Swiftly respond to feedback, handle issues efficiently through specialized workflows, and integrate alerts seamlessly.

Pricing: Contact for a quote

3. Acquire


Acquire is a platform that provides end-to-end customer support solutions for every business irrespective of their size, nature, and type. It has a diverse set of visual engagement tools that can amaze customers and provide real-time support!!

Tools that you can’t ignore:

Co-Browsing Software

Co-browsing software is a great way to deliver online support when the user gets stuck on some processes. It allows the agent to interact with the user’s web screen in real time and enhances the user experience.

1. Highlight: Agents can direct users with the support of highlighting & drawing tools.

2. Change the URL of the current browser: The agents can navigate to other pages without switching between devices.

3. Mask Fields: Users can hide sensitive information from the client and have full control over their data security.

4. No third-party integration: To access co-browsing software, there is no need for any external software integration. So, both parties can save their time while working on it.

Live Chat Software

Live chat software can be the best tool for real-time interaction with customers to find out insights on the problem, guide them on the go & deliver support on every device.

Let’s understand the nuances with one example.

Imagine that the user wants to invest in mutual funds but has no idea How, Where, and When.

He will be going to the mutual funds’ websites, calling agents, checking out reviews, and whatnot!! This process will cost him in terms of sheer wastage of “time”. Instead, with live chat integration in a chatbot, the user can explore certain topics & get solutions in real time.

Price: Request for a quote

4. Verint 


Customer experience is incomplete without mentioning social media. Brands are investing loads of money in social media marketing & influencer marketing. But, when companies can’t respond to every user’s query, trouble starts there!!

Verint stands at the forefront of customer engagement solutions, revolutionizing the way businesses perceive and enhance their customer experience (CX). It Empowers businesses to reimagine their CX initiatives by listening to customer feedback across various channels and acting upon it to create better experiences at every interaction.

Prominent features:

1. Workforce Engagement: Keeps employees engaged and informed, enhancing productivity for excellent customer service.

2. Conversational AI: Elevates customer interactions and operational efficiency through advanced conversational AI solutions.

3. Workforce Optimization: Improves decision-making and productivity, providing recording and coaching solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

4. Fraud and Security Solutions: Mitigates identity fraud risks and enhances security measures, safeguarding customer data.

5. Compliance Solutions: Supports regulatory requirements, ensuring businesses meet compliance standards and build trust with customers.

Pricing: Request for a quote

5. Zendesk


Zendesk’s dedicated team becomes an integral part of your customer service operation, offering a unique blend of extensive industry knowledge and in-depth product expertise. It ensures that your customer experience stands out by providing strategic implementation, continuous support, and valuable insights.

Prominent features:

1. Professional Services: Experts collaborate closely, from initial setup to ongoing growth, ensuring seamless integration and optimization aligned with your unique service requirements.

2. Training Programs: Tailored education, including webinars and custom training sessions, empowers your team to harness Zendesk’s full potential, enhancing proficiency in your specific roles.

3. Customer Service Support: Accessible assistance from our knowledgeable team guarantees swift issue resolution, keeping your customer service operations consistently efficient and responsive.

4. Strategic Partnership: We act as an extension of your team, leveraging our expertise to create a seamless, frictionless experience for your customers, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Price: $19/month

6. Sprinklr


Sprinklr revolutionizes customer experience by unifying teams and data, ensuring a seamless, customer-centric approach. Recognized by top brands, Sprinklr offers award-winning services and products that transform insights into actionable strategies, fostering customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Prominent Features:

1. Unified-CXM Platform: Integrate customer data from multiple modern channels, interpret insights, and convert them into enhanced experiences for customers.

2. Sprinklr Insights: Harness AI-powered listening to gain valuable feedback on products, track competitors, identify market trends, and capitalize on unmet customer needs.

3. Sprinklr Service: Redefine service with proactive, digital-first experiences on native channels, ensuring customer support aligns seamlessly with customer preferences.

4. Sprinklr Marketing: Deliver personalized experiences at scale while controlling costs, ensuring efficient and impactful marketing strategies.

5. Sprinklr Social: Engage customers across 30+ modern channels, safeguard brand reputation, and optimize interactions at every touchpoint.

Price: Request for a quote


With consideration of all these tools, it is clear that the next battle between brands will be based on customer experience. The brand that has the right tools & strategy in place will dominate the market and could be the ultimate winner of the customer experience game.

And, while at it give SurveySparrow a try and experience the magic for yourself!

Sam Makad

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Sam's expertise lies in marketing and advertising. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their business and overall ROI.

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