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50 Consumer Behavior Survey Questions (Free Template + Examples)

Parvathi Vijayamohan

Last Updated:  

30 May 2024

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Why are consumer behavior survey questions important?

By studying who your consumers are, and the factors that influence consumer behavior, marketers can present their products and services in a way that grabs your audience’s attention and delivers the most value.

By analyzing consumer behavior, businesses understand:

  • What people think about the product alternatives/competitors.
  • What influences them to choose an option (or multiple options if they crave variety).
  • The habits that drive each stage of the consumer journey.
  • How a person’s environment (store, shopping companion, family, social media, etc.) influences their choices.

Top 50 Consumer Behavior Survey Questions

Now, let’s look at 50 examples of consumer behavior survey questions. We will break down each set of questions by five stages of the consumer’s journey:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase
  4. Usage
  5. Feedback

We have a couple of goals with this:

  1. Make it easier to map out your consumer’s journey from its starting point to its logical end – hopefully, a repeat purchase.
  2. Help you find roadblocks and key influences at each stage, and adapt your consumer experience accordingly.

Instead of sending as one large survey, consider breaking your consumer behavior questionnaire down into stage-specific recurring surveys to get more in-depth information. Here goes!

1. Awareness

  1. When you think [Product], what is the first brand you think of?
  2. Can you say why?
  3. Are you aware of [product name]?
  4. When did you hear about [product name] for the first time?
  5. How familiar are you with [product name]?
  6. When was the last time you used [product name]?
  7. Which of these other brands are you aware of? Choose all that apply.
  8. Which of these have you used?
  9. Who is the main decision maker in your house for this product/product category?
  10. How do you typically find out about products like ours? Select all that apply.

To give you a clearer idea, here’s an example of a Premade Consumer Behaviour Questionnaire template created using SurveySparrow. You can use it for free by signing up with your email and customize it however you like.

Consumer Behavior Questionnaire Template

2. Consideration

  1. Regarding this product category: do you usually plan ahead or decide at the time of purchase?
  2. Which of these are the most valuable to you when deciding which brand to purchase? Select any three.
  3. What problems are you trying to solve with [product name]?
  4. How do you feel about our brand as a solution?
  5. What would motivate you to consider buying our brand?
  6. Have you bought our brand before?
  7. Would you consider buying again?
  8. What do you do when buying something for the first time?
  9. What would you likely use as an alternative if [product name] were no longer available?
  10. Last but not the least: what ice cream flavor do you like?🍨

Note: Ice breaker questions like these can be really helpful to make the survey less boring! Even better if you can tie them to some specific survey incentive you’re offering later – like a coupon for a free ice cream.

3. Purchase

  1. How often do you buy [product name]?
  2. Where do you go when you are looking for [product name]?
  3. Would you please let us know how much you spend on it normally? 💸
  4. Which of the following brand do you typically buy? Select all that apply.
  5. How often do you visit (store choice)?
  6. How much time do you spend on an average at (store name)?
  7. Who influences your purchase?
  8. Who accompanies you for purchase?
  9. What is your monthly income range/budget?
  10. Are you satisfied with the pricing?

4. Usage

  1. What are the 3 main things that persuaded you to use this?
  2. How frequently do you use this product?
  3. What do you use our product for? You can choose multiple options.
  4. How many other people in your house use this product?
  5. Where do you primarily use this product?
  6. How often are you using it compared to a month ago?
  7. Can you guess how long have you used this product?
  8. How easy is it to use this product?
  9. What types of people could find our product helpful?
  10. How often do you wish this product was on sale?

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5. Feedback

  1. Write 3 words that you associate with the product?
  2. Have you had any problems with the product so far?
  3. How did you try to solve it? (customer support, self help, etc.)
  4. How helpful was our customer support team?
  5. What made you choose our product?
  6. Would you buy our product again?
  7. How likely is it that you would recommend our product to others?
  8. Is there anything you would like to add? Any feedback or suggestions?
  9. How would you rate our product overall?
  10. How would you rate your experience overall?


Consumer behavior survey questions aren’t complete without demographic questions like age, income group, and location. Simply put, they can help you build a better customer profile. Check out our article on the top 10 demographic survey questions you need to ask.

Wrapping Up

Phew, that was a long list! Frankly, I’m surprised you had the patience to make it all the way here.

Happy surveying!

PS:  Got questions about SurveySparrow? We’re just a chat away. Oh, also, if you are looking for free survey templates to collect feedback.  Access it for free here.

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