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12 Product Survey Questions To Create A Killer Survey

Indhuja Lal

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In search of some intelligent product survey questions that would help you build kick-ass products?

We’ve got you covered.

If you’re planning to run a product survey, you’ll need a set of product survey questions (that the respondents are likely to answer), and examples, at your disposal. Because there is nothing more frustrating than filling out a product survey (or any survey as a matter of fact!) with boring questions.

You’ll need two things to start with. A kick-ass product survey tool, and a working set of product survey questions.

What is a Product Survey?

Product surveys are usually used by organizations and businesses to see how well their products are perceived by their users.

There’s nothing better than running a product survey in today’s world to understand what your users actually think about your product.

Sometimes, product survey questions are asked even before launching a product. This helps in ideation, design, product pricing, and placement.

Top 12 Product Survey Questions To Ask!

Here’s a sample product feedback survey created using SurveySparrow:

Let’s go through each of the product survey questions mentioned above to create a killer survey!

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Category #1: Regarding Performance Of The Product

1. Did the product meet your expectations?

A pretty straightforward question to understand whether the product has managed to get into their good book or not. You need a follow-up question to narrow down the reasons for their choices.

Customers wouldn’t shy away from such a simple yet effective way to mark their opinion. Though this is a broad question, it is specific enough to get you some actionable data in hand.

If the product fails to meet the needs of the customers, eventually they are going to cause a churn thus incurring a huge loss of revenue and brand value, which would then be hard to overcome.

product survey question
NPS survey by SurveySparrow

2. How would you describe our product? Select from below.

With this product survey question, you will give your customers a bunch of words from which the customer can choose the word that they think describes your product the best.

The perception of the customer about your product matters a lot. It distinctively portrays how well your product satisfies them rather than you assuming the product is very sophisticated and wonderful.

The answers will tell you whether the propositions regarding your products are well communicated through their performance.

For example, imagine you have launched a new mobile phone – branded as the choice of people who travel a lot or gamers. You have successfully added a battery that lasts a long time.

But if your product takes a long time to power up once drained, then it is an inconvenience your customers going to report as your shortfall. You might focus on improving one feature too much and end up messing up another.

3. How well does the product meet your expectations?

Again a broad question. Yet it doesn’t fail to provide actionable data.

A prerequisite to offering high customer satisfaction is your product’s ability to deliver exactly what was expected and more from you.

Using the example above, if the mobile phone claimed 4,000 hours in the battery, the device should be able to do that. And if not, you should inquire into it and resolve the issues.

This product survey question needs a follow-up question in case you need to go deep and find out what exactly has caused the mishap.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the product based on the following criteria?

With this question, you are going to list out certain features and characteristics for your customers to rate. The Likert scale question type gives you very specific and actionable data.

You get to measure each feature separately and compare it. You would be able to identify the features that are loved and accepted and also the ones that have not successfully earned good grades.

With this, you would be able to either launch the next product accordingly. Or you would recognize which feature to be highlighted more in the marketing.

For example, when Mi launched MiA2, they took on MiA1’s dual-camera. In MiA2 they removed the headphone jockey since it was a new trend and they might have wanted to get into the first row.

But that backfired and realizing this, they next launched the product, MiA2 Lite, with audio jockey – as well as almost all the other features of MiA2 – to put out the fire.

Anybody can create and send a survey. But a survey done without preparation and objectives to fulfill is going to bring you back a heap of irrelevant data. 

Category #2: Regarding Comparison to Your Competitor

5. What would you likely use as an alternative to our product if it was no longer available?

You want to know who your biggest competitor is.

Well, this product survey question will definitely take you to the answer you were looking for (and get ready to be surprised!). This product survey question helps you to identify your real competitor – according to the customers.

Then, you can form an exclusive list of the topmost companies that you need to watch out for.

Always be on the lookout for these companies and their products if you don’t want to be outwitted. Their products might be very similar to yours. It is your job to always distinguish yourself as the premier one to successfully retain the customers.

6. What other options did you consider before choosing our product?

This is another version of the previous product survey question. It is always good to know the products that the customers believe to be your substitute in competition.

The odds will be favoring you if you decide to leverage the feedback to improve your product in a consistent manner. This would assure your customers that you are still the better option amongst all.

It wouldn’t matter if you have the best customer agents posted in the most exquisite showroom available. If your product fails to perform, you fade away.

Category #3: Regarding The Features They Like About Your Product

7. What is the best feature that you have received from this product?

Your products are loaded with different features meant to cater to many functions and tasks. This product survey question will help you identify the most loved feature of all.

Knowing this can help you to improve and nourish this particular feature – just like the example I explained before of MiA2. They understood that the dual camera in their product is a hit and decided to leverage maximum results from it.

Knowing where your strength lies would definitely help you to go in the right way. Only then you will know how to use that strength for your benefit.

8. Which of the  3 features is your favorite for our product?

This again is a product survey question aimed at collecting data regarding the best features showcased in your product.

This is vital for SaaS companies. You would get to know how the customers are interacting with your products.

In fact, you might get surprised to see the features you considered secondary topping the list.

Rather than guessing and depending on intuitions, it is wise to do a market research and find out how their needs are going to change.

Category #4: Regarding Features That You Missed

9. What are the three features that you think we are missing?

If you want to retain your customers and reduce customer churn, you need to give your customers a very personalized customer experience.

This means you have to ensure that the customers are going through a seamless and pleasant experience. Loyal customers are hard to mould. And even then with one mistake on your part, they would leave you for your competition without hesitation.

A study revealed that 33% of Americans would consider switching companies after just one instance of poor service.

As important it is to understand your strengths, it is important to realize where your weakness lies too so that you can rectify it. This product survey question would encourage the customer to tell you where your weakness lies.

10. What problem would you like to bring to our attention?

This product survey question opens up an opportunity to find out what exactly is craved by your customer. It would help you to find the feature that needs improvement.

Customers love it when they get to know that you do care about their satisfaction and experience. You have a better chance of turning them into loyal customers.

These kinds of questions give them the feeling that their opinion matters, and they would definitely use up that chance.

Category #5: Regarding Features To Increase Satisfaction

11. How could we improve to better meet your needs?

Find ways to make your customer happier and happier. Do not let them wander away into your competitor’s door looking for the features that are not provided by you.

This product survey question helps you to identify the features and areas that need improvement. You would recognize where you have fallen short in meeting the customers’ expectations.

See this as a golden opportunity to improve the experience. Everything that leads to turning the customers into loyal customers should be and must be encouraged. And this question reveals the roadmap to it.

12. What would be the one thing that you would like to change in the product?

With this product survey question, you require data on just one change that the customers want to see in your product.

It is not about the missing features. Rather you consider your customers’ specific needs regarding the products you already have.

The whole aim for the entire process is customer retention; and you would fail terribly at it if you are not willing to be sensitive towards what your customers want.

Focus and consider all the frequent propositions made by your customers. And if you waste too much time acting on those insights, you will have to pay a high cost.

Why Should You Conduct Product Surveys?

According to NewVoiceMedia’s “Serial Switchers” report, US companies lost more than 75 billion dollars annually owing to poor customer service.

The same study also found out that more than half of the customers switch companies just because they had to endure bad customer experiences.

These numbers tell you how important customer satisfaction surveys are. Even then many of the companies do not put in the adequate amount of effort to pull off well-organized and effective customer satisfaction surveys.

You need to know the pulse of your target audience. You need to develop powerful insights into their buying patterns to maintain your future steps to fall along with it. And if you wish for those insights, you need a survey that gets it for you.

Creating and updating customer profiles according to the data collected will be benefiting you in the longer run. Customer satisfaction surveys are key to finding out the needs and expectations of your customers.

Why Use These Product Survey Questions?

Anybody can create and send a survey. But a survey done without preparation and objectives to fulfill is going to bring you back a heap of irrelevant data. It would be like searching for a needle in the haystack to sort out the required information from that chaos.

You need a definite plan and then divide the survey into different areas that you need information from.

The product and services that are provided are the bread and butter of your company. So it is of utmost importance for you to give a product that helps your customers for various purposes.

Rather than guessing and depending on intuitions, it is wise to do market research and find out how their needs are going to change.

Imagine you have designed and deployed the most amazing product ever. With your product survey questionnaire template, you need to find out:

  • The performance of the product
  • The satisfaction level of your customers
  • How different it is from your competitors
  • Why your customers like your product
  • Why they like your competitors’ or what you are missing
  • What other features you need to add to make the customers happier

You can get the answers to all these, and more, with free templates from our experts.  Sign up to get access.

Wrapping Up!

Every business wants to acquire new customers and keep its existing customers. The only way to do this is to understand the target audience.

Who they are, and what they want, are the two questions that are going to help you in the process. The deeper the knowledge is, the better you can develop accurate insights that will guide you.

You should also find answers for how you are different from your competitors and also why would your customers continue buying from you. You should ask these questions to yourself if you want to establish a smooth and happy experience for your customers.

Additionally, with the help of product surveys, your product managers can identify the factors that can lead to success. But only if the product survey questions are as powerful and effective as it is meant to be.

It is not always about what your questions were, it is about how you asked.

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