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80+ Change Management Survey Questions


19 September 2022

4 min read

Change management surveys help you streamline your company’s change process. Use this article’s change management survey questions to survey your employees during a change project.

80+ Change Management Survey Questions for Employees

Here are the best survey questions to ask your employees about organizational change:

  1. I believe organizational change is good for the business.
  2. Management keeps us informed about the changes before making them.
  3. Changes are aligned with our company’s goals.
  4. The reasons for change are communicated clearly.
  5. My manager is supportive of the change.
  6. Is this change needed?
  7. Is there an appropriate level of transparency regarding changes in our organization?
  8. I’m fully aware of how the changes will affect me.
  9. What should we stop, and what should we continue doing?
  10. I feel confident about delivering the change.
  11. What is the one thing about the change you would like more explanation on?
  12. I have been told how the changes will affect my team and me.
  13. What is the one thing you would do to bring about organizational change?
  14. What is your take on the recent changes implemented?
  15. How long have you been associated with this organization?
  16. Please select your department.
  17. Please select your designation.
  18. Are you happy with the changes implemented?
  19. Do you have a clear idea of what the change is?
  20. How would you ensure that everyone involved is well-informed about the change?

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Other Change Management Survey Questions

  1. Do you know why the change is happening?
  2. Do you know how the change will be implemented?
  3. What are your high-level goals, and when do you want to achieve them?
  4. Why is the change occurring now?
  5. What are some commonly used change models in change management?
  6. Who are the change agents?
  7. Is your culture capable of coping with this change?
  8. How adaptable is your workplace culture?
  9. Are you reinforcing the necessity of this change to key stakeholders?
  10. Who is leading the people’s side of change management?
  11. How much time do change projects take?
  12. How can you avoid future mistakes?
  13. I’m aware that the company is about to implement the change.
  14. I’m aware that the managers are trying to make plans for the future.
  15. Where do you want to go?
  16. I want to change the way we work.
  17. The company is considering our values while implementing changes.
  18. I believe in the future of the change project.
  19. I understand the changes projected in the new plan.
  20. There’s a real need for the changes outlined in the change plan.

Change Adoption Survey Questions

  1. I always know what is expected of me in this work.
  2. I know where to find out more about the present changes.
  3. Are the change goals realistic?
  4. I feel supported during the change.
  5. I have access to resources while working.
  6. Are the change goals believable?
  7. I have sufficient skills and knowledge to complete my tasks.
  8. I see my prior experience as an advantage in handling the new situation.
  9. What key performance indicators do you use when working on a change project?
  10. I see changes happening as a result of new decisions.
  11. I think that reorganization helped me perform my duties better than before.
  12. What can the organization do to make the process smoother?
  13. I understand the key objectives and outcomes of the project.
  14. My manager shows a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities to make this project a success.
  15. I understand the impact this project will have on my team and me.
  16. I understand why this project is taking place now.
  17. My manager encourages me to get involved in the project.
  18. I feel listened to with regards to my views on this project.
  19. I will actively support this project.
  20. My peers speak positively about this project.
  21. I’m confident this project will succeed.
  22. Does the team understand the scale of the change?
  23. Is there an established sense of urgency for the need for this change?

Change Readiness Survey Questions

  1. Can the achievements and progress be measured?
  2. Is there a plan to deal with the technical challenges of the change?
  3. Are the right systems in place to support the change?
  4. Is the discussion focused on the conceptual side of change?
  5. Is the management team on board and ready to support the change?
  6. Are people’s concerns being heard and responded to?
  7. Do the employees have trust in the team?
  8. Have managers been given the information to understand the reasons for the change?
  9. Do people understand what they will gain and lose in this change?
  10. Does the organization have the right talent to make this change?
  11. Have people overcome their resistance to the change initiative?
  12. Will the management team fully roll up their sleeves and get fully involved?
  13. Have people been given reasons to be engaged with the change?
  14. Have barriers that derail change been identified with a plan to remove them?
  15. Is there a passionate and engaged change team in place?
  16. Have people’s fears been addressed in tangible ways?
  17. Can people be held accountable for making or not making the change?
  18. Have management resistance and doubt been eliminated?

Final Thoughts

Change management surveys help you gain insights into your organization’s change readiness and help you overcome barriers to organizational change.

When done right, these surveys can help you build a change management strategy attuned to the needs and preferences of your employees. We hope this article will help you create an effective change management questionnaire.

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