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Athira Unnikrishnan

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28 November 2023

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Y’all hear the excitement in the air? Oh! Yes, we do too! Dreamforce 2019 is round the corner and we can’t keep calm! One of the biggest tech events is all decked up to take on the world by storm and woo a force of think tanks to innovate, share, explore and realize dreams over a cuppa! We are going to paint the finest picture of the event. Here’s an article that has the answers to all your questions concerning Dreamforce 2019. We bet you are gonna register yourself for this biggie after reading through.

Why’s everyone going gaga over Dreamforce?

So, here’s addressing the inevitable question that’s popping into your minds. What’s all the noise about?

Dreamforce is a 4-day annual tech conference conducted by Salesforce. Every year Dreamforce brings together the entire Salesforce community consisting of important stakeholders, partners, employees and customers under the roof of constructive education. The participants are from all around the globe irrespective of the industry, size of the company and the roles they play. Dreamforce offers a platform to educate, innovate, explore, network, share and connect over technology.

2500 sessions, 170,000 technical experts from 103 countries and still counting…Dreamforce is not just good but GREAT! It is nothing less than a huge festival of technology. You get in touch with not just the latest developments in Salesforce but also the most recent innovations that are going to empower the future.

This year’s not going to be any different! Wait ….it is! It’s going to be even better! The organizers have planned 2700 power-packed sessions to walk you through path-breaking methodologies that will give a major boost to your career. To keynotes of thought leaders like Marc Benioff and Keith Block that pack a punch, to connecting with trailblazers to awe-inspiring workshops and sessions by 50+ visionary speakers, the conference has everything that can provide you a ‘next-level’ experience.

Education coupled with entertainment is nothing less than a dream and that’s exactly what Dreamforce is all about. After an interesting yet weary day of networking, spice-up the day by treating yourself to parties, cocktail bars, band performances, you just need to name it. Well, talking of bands, Metallica’s performance for Dreamforce 2018 was quite a humdinger and with that as a benchmark, you can expect something bigger this time (wait for the official announcement for this year’s headliner in Twitter)!

Meet the SparrowTribe!

Pssst.. there’s more. And boy are we excited! Our team from SurveySparrow will be present at Dreamforce 2019!  Let’s meet over coffee. Sip the well-brewed concoction while we walk you through the fundamentals of our integration with Salesforce to effectively deploy surveys to manage customer experience.

When and Where is Dreamforce 2019?

The magnum opus of Salesforce is usually a September – October event, but this year Dreamforce will be conducted from the 19th to 22nd of November, 2019. A great add-on to the beautiful Californian Winter I would say! As is the tradition, this year too, the tech-driven conference will take place in the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Who can attend Dreamforce 2019?

Organizations to individuals (customers, partners, employees, etc.) of the Salesforce Community looking for a boost through productive learning, hands-on experience with the latest innovations, inspiring sessions with successful entrepreneurs and technical experts, or networking can definitely attend the event.

Why should you attend Dreamforce 2019?

4 days spent in Dreamforce is going to be an investment for your career. Here’s why.

  • A heck of an opportunity to learn: With over 2700 sessions held by experts, pre-conference boot camps, demos, workshops, and partner solutions, you are in for a real learning experience.
  • Growing networks around the world: Dreamforce is the perfect ground to meet and share ideas which in turn leads to new partnerships, collaborations and of course, brand new customers. Even after the conference you can connect virtually, learn and share knowledge.
  • Stats say it all: According to the participants who’ve attended the past events of Dreamforce, they’ve had an impressive increase in customer retention, productivity, integration, etc. Have a look at the stats:
  1.           20% more in customer retention
  2.           32% more in employee productivity
  3.           38% more in sales productivity
  4.           58% more in quicker IT integration
  • Philanthropy: To date, Salesforce has raised around $73 million to uplift communities. Charity has always been on the priority list of Dreamforce and attending it is an opportunity for you as well to lend hope to the deprived.

Want to be part of this extravaganza of think tanks?

Dreamforce 2019 is all set to welcome you but are you ready to set off for a Californian trip to soak in the powerful innovations of the Salesforce community? Well, then run along register yourself!

Dreamforce is one of the best annual tech-fest in the world.

How to register for Dreamforce 2019?

The registration for Dreamforce 2019  is open. Firstly, you will need a Salesforce account to register. A conference registration pass would cost you $2299.You may be eligible for discounts as well depending on the organization. For now, the full conference registration passes are at the brink of being sold out. But worry not, you can still register with special codes. The whole world’s in a frenzy to get their hands on the pass and you better make some super-fast moves!

Dreamforce Expo

Probably you didn’t make it to the registration in time or the pass rates are a bit too steep for you, what do you do? Cancel the plan? NO! Keep dreaming and grab the Dreamforce Expo pass from here!

You can still experience the grandeur of Dreamforce without paying an arm and a leg because the pass for Dreamforce Expo is absolutely free! This is indeed a golden opportunity for Trailblazers who didn’t get a full conference pass to network with the vast community of Salesforce. Here’s what Dreamforce Expo offers you:

  • A chance to experience Product Keynotes.
  • Learn more about state-of-the-art solutions of Salesforce.
  • Participate in the largest Cloud Expo in the world.
  • A plethora of networking opportunities with fellow Trailblazers.
  • Groove to some stirring performances by local bands in the Dreampark.

Note that you will be able to attend selected events conducted on Thursday and Friday only.

Registration for Non-Profits

You get entitled to a discount for your registration fee if you are a full-time employee associated with a registered non-profit organization, be it a K-12 school, college or network. Yes, you will have to undergo certain verification procedures to acquire the discounted rate.

Dream Quest – Complete and Donate

Dreamforce Quest is all about providing a personalized Dreamforce Journey as per the role you opt for. Be it marketing, sales or developing, whatever be your role, they have a dedicated quest for you. With every Trail/quest you complete, you win a Trailhead Badge and some goodies too. But above all, you do your bit to deliver equal access to education and opportunities across communities because, with each quest you unlock, a small sum goes for the cause.

Pre-conference Bootcamp – Never-ending Opportunities to Learn

Dreamforce organizers are relentlessly trying to deliver learning opportunities for Trailblazers. The Pre-conference Bootcamp is a 3-day event that will be held from November 16 to November 18, 2019. The Trailhead Experts will be providing you with thorough knowledge sessions of Salesforce solutions. What’s more? You can get a Salesforce Certification for half the normal price at the event! Here’s a glance at the various courses offered at the camp:

  • Administrator: In this course, you will be walked through the fundamentals of administering Salesforce.
  • Advanced Administrator: In this course, you will be given hands-on training to take your administrator game a notch higher. Learn to troubleshoot data, produce complex reports and automate sophisticated business procedures.
  • Platform Developer: Experienced programmers will be trained to create solutions using the Salesforce language- Apex.
  • Coding for Admins: The course will help administrators to build a robust foundation in developing business logic by employing the object-oriented programming language of Salesforce, Apex.
  • Lightning Web Components: Lightning Web Components is a JavaScript Programming Model deployed to build web applications and interfaces. The course will train you in creating the same and using it in enterprise applications.
  • System Architect: This course will provide you with learning sessions of two main domains of system architect which are integration and identity.
  • Application Architect: The track addresses two domains of application architecture; data architecture and management, and sharing and visibility.
  • Declarative Platform App Builder: The course will help you learn more about the Salesforce suite of tools for declarative development.

Dreamforce brings in a huge number of trailblazers every year.

How to make the most of every minute in Dreamforce 2019?

Plan it out! Dreamforce gives you no shortage of options! Evidently, there’s a lot happening in this 4-day technical extravaganza and it is quite impossible for you to attend every session, workshop or why even parties. Well, chances are that you get overwhelmed by the sessions and people entering in thousands. Naturally, you would be in a dilemma. ‘What to attend?’ ‘Where to go?’ Here’s what you should do. Make a foolproof Dreamforce 2019 planner.

So, we’ve got a few points as well to help create an unforgettable experience at Dreamforce 2019.

  • Set Goals: Make a rough list of your prime goals and then create a plan by prioritizing the opportunities that will help reach it.
  • Packing Tips: Make sure you carry your smartphone with all the required apps, a fully charged power bank, a USB charger, business cards, and printed schedules.
  • Salesforce Events App: Downloading the Events App of Salesforce can largely benefit your Dreamforce 2019 plans. From maps to session schedules, the app has it all. It allows you to filter as per your requirements and create a personalized list of programs.
  • Check the Venues: Sessions will be conducted in various hotels in the area. You will have to travel a short distance to attend different sessions. Do make a point to check the distance between hotels before booking sessions. You don’t want to miss any booked events.
  • Manage time: You need to be there at the venue for your registered session at least 15-20 minutes earlier. Keep a track of the time and then book your sessions. Be extra cautious when it comes to successive sessions.
  • Save time for networking: You don’t have to attend every session possible because they will be available on video post-event. You should keep some time entirely committed to networking. Customer Expo is an excellent platform to find new people, products and networks. Remember dynamic networking means collaborations, integrations, partnerships and a brighter future.

Winding Up!

Dreamforce 2018 was a dead-on success! The talks of top CEOs on the Future of Retail, Healthcare and financial services, discussions held by Tristan Harris, Co-Founder of The Center for Humane Technology, session on artificial intelligence by Salesforce’s Chief Scientist, Richard Socher, the extended partnership of Google and Salesforce and the grand launch of Customer 360 and Einstein Voice , were the highlights that inspired techies world-wide. The Outfierce Party and the performances by Metallica and Janet Jackson delivered some kickass moments.

But the thing that outshone them all was the money collected for philanthropy, over 18 million dollars! Dreamforce 2018 had proved that it’s not all about education and fun alone but is essentially about making the world a better place for everyone. And now brace yourselves, for Dreamforce 2019 is about to prove it once again with an extra punch!

Well, that’s all folks. See ya in San Francisco!

Athira Unnikrishnan

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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