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Craft interactive surveys using academic research software.

Craft academic research surveys to collect research data

Distribute surveys across multiple channels.

Utilize multiple platforms to share surveys and gather data

Study research data using academic research software.

Gain inestimable insights from academic research survey data

Present your research findings based on the insights drawn.

Present your academic research findings with detailed reports

Academic Research Software: Overview

Academic Research finds a significant spot in the curriculum of any academic course. Students carry out studies, gather and evaluate data to uncover in-depth knowledge about a specific topic and draw-up conclusions about the same. Not just students, even faculties and professional researchers conduct studies to stay up to date with a particular field. Once the data is collected, analyzed, and studied the consolidated findings are entered in a thesis or research paper.

There are various methodologies to conduct academic research like online databases, research-specific search engines, library resources, and conducting online surveys. All the methods apart from online surveys offer secondary data ie. Data already collected by a third-party. Academic research surveys, on the other hand, are efficient tools in gathering primary data in hand. This helps to validate your findings with real-world data. Thus an academic research software comes in handy to draft research surveys, profile your target audience, share it with them, analyze the data, and draw conclusions.

Do You Need An Academic Research Software

Academic research is a great source to get profound knowledge about a specific topic(s). An academic research software can tremendously help in your research work. Here’s how!

Validate Research Using Solid Data

An academic research software helps you to gather data from target audience which enables you to substantiate your thesis with real-world, primary data.

Go Beyond Textbook

Academic research allows you to gain new knowledge about a specific topic and explore territories beyond the textbooks and reference materials. This exposes the researcher to current trends, developments in existing theories, or formulation of entirely new ones, to name a few. Academic research software is adept in ensuring your research work taste immense success.

Get Profiled Audience

The research questionnaires you make requires to be sent to the right audience if you want to get accurate data. However, this is no simple task; when you opt for an academic research software that offers an online audience panel, it is simple to get an audience, belonging to various demographics. Ask the right people, the right questions, to get the correct answers.

Acquaint With Current Softwares & Technology

As a research work is in progress, the individual comes upon the latest trends and technologies. Employing such research tools helps to develop the skill set and optimize the research efforts with ease.

Must-have Features Of Academic Research Software

Are you looking for academic research software to spearhead your research purpose? We give you the following must-have features which any academic research software must provide!

Build engaging surveys using the best academic research software.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Build Stunning, Smart & Personalized Surveys

The academic research software you opt for must enable to draft surveys that are visually-appealing, relevant, and offers a personalized experience to respondents. Don’t bore your audience with a dull survey that’s packed with numerous questions. Instead, keep it short and crisp. Ask what’s relevant using smart logic branching feature. Make surveys personalized to engage with your audience better. This will reflect in the completion rates.

Get the right answers by asking the right people.
Target the right respondents using Online Audience Panel
Profiled Online Panel Audience

To get the answers you were looking for, you must ensure that it is asked to the right people. Thus, identifying the audience is very important. An academic research software that offers a panel audience is the best bet to get the correct respondents for your research work. The research software provides you with a panel of audience who are pre-screened and qualified and who belongs to diverse demographics.

Send surveys across various sharing platforms to boost their reach.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share Surveys

If you wish to get high-quality data and impressive completion rates, drafting the perfect survey wouldn’t suffice. One must ensure that these surveys reach the target audience via diverse sharing platforms; be it email surveys, social media, web links, SMS surveys, embedded surveys, to name a few. More the channels the academic research software offers, the better it is. Make sure that the surveys receive extensive reach and visibility.

Gather profound insights using academic research software.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Obtain Rich Insights

A great academic research software not only helps to create & design surveys, send it to respondents, collect the data but also to analyze it to gather rich conclusions and profound insights. Slice and dice the data using the help of the platform to gain new perspectives and identify blind spots that were missed before. The software helps you refine the raw research data into polished information so that your research works becomes credible.

SurveySparrow As your Academic Research Software

Wish to find out how SurveySparrow is the finest academic research software that can fuel your research works till the finish line? Find out how!

Elegant Multi-UI Platform

SurveySparrow’s academic research software has not dual interfaces for the users to choose from. Start conversing with your respondents using chat-like surveys or conversational forms and get staggering survey completion rates. With survey themes, you can design and create stunning surveys- the reins are entirely in your hands!

Conditional Logic Branching

With skip logic and display logic, you can pose only what’s relevant to your audience and skip the rest. In this manner, you can avoid bombarding respondents with irrelevant questions and survey abandonment. Employ features like question piping to ensure a high degree of personalization for surveys.

Share Options

SurveySparrow’s academic research software is keen to assure that the surveys you make get the best visibility and reach your target audience efficiently. SurveySparrow holds many sharing channels such as,

  • Email surveys
  • Embed option
  • Web links
  • Social media
  • SMS option
Strong Reporting System

SurveySparrow’s academic research software comes with a robust reporting module that turns the raw data into refined information. The software is equipped with a dashboard that renders detailed reports, and the advanced filters present breaks down the data into an easily readable format. Gather rich conclusions and gain profound insights thus. Research works such as market research and academic research surely finds a strong analysis module useful!

Online Audience Panel

SurveySparrow’s academic research software provides an online panel of audience, belonging to diverse demographics and backgrounds. Find the right audience for your research work and get the correct answers using SurveySparrow.

Kick-start your academic research work with SurveySparrow’s academic research software. Collect reliable, primary data directly from your respondents and gain rich insights to validate your research. Make your thesis work credible!

Happy Researching!

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