360 Feedback Tool helps to collect and analyze all-encompassing view about employee performance.

360 Feedback Tool

Build an all-round performance management system with our 360 Degree Feedback Tool

360 Feedback Tool Life Cycle

Build online surveys easily with 360 feedback tool.

Craft interactive online surveys to collect quality feedback

Share your online surveys via various channels using 360 feedback tool.

Maximize the reach of online surveys via multiple channels

Dissect survey data to the granular level using 360 feedback tool.

Examine and study the survey data to gather crucial insights

Plan and implement strategies based on insights yielded using 360 feedback tool.

Take actionable plan of action from the survey insights gained

What is a 360 Feedback Tool?

Organizations, big or small, are increasingly adopting and incorporating the 360-degree feedback system in their firms. So what makes this system a popular element in companies worldwide?

A 360-degree feedback is a process where employees receive feedback reviews from a variety of people such as supervisors, peers, co-workers, reporting staff and the likes. Traditional employee pulse surveys includes performance evaluation from the supervisor alone. However, with 360 feedback, an employee gets reviews from all the people he interacts with frequently.

What does 360-degree Feedback Help You Achieve?

Having a 360 feedback tool comes in with a host of advantages which is indicative of its popularity.

Increase self-awareness

360 feedback tool brings feedback that is well-rounded and covers multiple sources. These sources, that include supervisors, peers, colleagues, etc., throws light on many factors that weren't easy to spot. Consequently, employees can work towards bettering their performances and skills.

Develop skilled employees

With a 360 feedback tool, you can tap ideas on how to enhance the overall development of employees. As a result, you can plan out training programs that improves the skills & abilities of employees. Once you know what needs to be rectified, the next step is just implementing it effectively.

Cultivate team development

A 360 feedback tool collects feedback from not just managers, but peers and colleagues as well. This makes them more accountable for the input they provide leading to transparent communication and interaction. When the employees develop such an environment, it ultimately results in a strong team functioning together as a single unit. When every team member is welcome to receiving feedback, the resulting collaboration is impeccable.

Personal & organizational growth

A 360 feedback tool points out insights which help an individual understand the areas where they excel and the ones where they must focus on improving. When an actionable plan of action is set in place and then meticulously implemented, you can assure the growth and development of the employees. When the workforce consists of productive employees, it ultimately results in the growth of the organization.

What are the features of a great 360 Feedback Tool?

Here is a list of features which makes a 360 feedback tool worth the money. Look out for these features when you zero-in on the 360 feedback tool for your organization:

Build engaging surveys that has an appealing interface using 360 feedback tool.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Build Engaging Surveys

The means of collecting feedback review from the employees of an organization is through online surveys. Therefore, it is imperative that the 360 feedback tool you choose helps to craft engaging and interactive surveys. An interactive 360 feedback survey motivates the respondents to take and complete it till the end thereby spiking the completion rates. When you don’t thrust boring surveys at your employees, you can also visibly notice the increased quality of responses.

Spike your survey response rates using reminder emails of the 360 feedback tool.
Send reminder emails to partial and non-respondents
Reminder Emails

Very often, the survey completion rates are miserable which is very disappointing. While making surveys engaging is a proven solution to tackle this issue, yet another means to improve the numbers is by scheduling reminder emails. The 360 feedback tool sends these emails which gently urge the respondents to take & complete the survey. In this manner, you can avoid missing out the feedback of any of your employees, even the frequent travelers.

Automate the online surveys you share periodically with the 360 feedback tool.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Recurring Surveys

A 360-degree feedback system is not a one-time process. It must be implemented continually to yield the desired results. Why must you spend time on routine tasks that you can automate? It's merely a waste of efforts. Therefore, opt for a 360 feedback tool that offers the feature to schedule and automates sending periodic surveys. What you need to do from your end is to configure the time and frequency of sharing the surveys. The 360 feedback tool takes care of the rest.

Gather crucial insights about your employees with the 360 feedback tool.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Analyze Results

The must-have feature of any 360 feedback tool is providing rich insights from the feedback. This is a crucial step; otherwise, the whole point of collecting the 360-degree feedback would prove to be counterproductive. A tool that offers accurate reports and rich insights helps to uncover trends & patterns. Above all, it also helps to gain new perspectives which aids organizations to plan out effective training programs for employees.

Opt for a 360 feedback tool that offers multi-device capability feature.
Take surveys anytime, with a desktop, tab, or mobile
Multi-device Capability

The very fundamentals of collecting feedback have changed with the entry of online survey software. Bid farewell the days of paper surveys and postal questionnaires. Now online survey tools come with utmost flexibility where respondents can take the survey at their convenience, anytime they wish. They needn’t mandatorily have a desktop to take the survey- a tablet or smartphone will do the job. Therefore, opt for a 360 feedback tool that offers multi-device capability.

What are the benefits of 360 Feedback Tool?

Are you wondering if it’s truly wise to invest in 360 feedback tool to asses the employees of your organization? We bring you the benefits of employing a 360 feedback tool to conduct employee evaluation.

Simplified data collection

360 feedback tool simplifies the process of data collection. With an efficient tool, you can quickly create a survey, share it with employees, and most importantly analyze the data. Imagine if you had to do the same with the traditional methods of feedback collection like paper surveys. The 360 feedback tool helps to collect well-rounded feedback about the performance of employees from their managers, peers, colleagues, and clients. Consequently, you can quickly get an accurate picture of how adept employees of your company are.

Identify blind spots

With a 360 feedback tool, you can analyze the feedback in order to gain rich insights about the overall behavior and performance of employees. While regular employee surveys give only the viewpoint of managers, 360 feedback tool brings you the perspective of various members of your organization. Consequently, you can uncover blind spots that aren't readily visible. As a result, you can train and motivate employees to develop themselves and contribute to the growth of the company.

Reduced employee turnover

360 feedback tools open doors to insights that contribute to the enhancement of both the employees and the organization. Consequently, employees become actively engaged in meeting the goals of the organization in addition to their personal goals. Employees stick with an organization that listens to their voice and values their opinions. As a result, the organization has lesser employee turnover rates.

All-encompassing view

360 feedback tool helps one get an all-encompassing look about the performance and behavior of the employees in an organization. Consequently, you get a complete idea about the strengths and weaknesses of employees and their interactions with the others in the company. Get an accurate picture with the help of 360 feedback tool.

How is SurveySparrow the best 360 Feedback Tool?

Implementing a sound 360 feedback system is a walk in the park if you have a great 360 feedback tool by your side. Read more to find out why SurveySparrow is the best 360 feedback tool you can pocket!

Dual-UI platform

SurveySparrow is the world’s first multi-format survey tool that offers chat-like surveys and conversational forms as well. Wondering why conversations are relevant? With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow’s 360 feedback tool provides a whopping 40% hike in survey completion rates.

Create engaging surveys

Tailor-make the perfect survey meeting your requirements using diverse question types, logic branching feature, and much more! Share your surveys across various channels like email surveys, web links, social media, SMS option and such for maximum response rates.

Insights & Analysis

With our rich dashboard, gather detailed reports to obtain new perspectives and identify blind spots. Take the appropriate actionable measures to boost the growth of employees and the organization.

Recurring Surveys

The recurring feature helps you to send out periodic surveys automatically. Configure the survey settings just once, and leave the rest to us! Why waste time and efforts on something you can automate with SurveySparrow’s 360 feedback tool?

Integration with other tools

The best survey tool must be able to join hands & blend in with the already existing tools the enterprise is using. SurveySparrow’s 360 feedback tool offers Zapier integration and webhooks to allow easy integration with third-party applications.

Survey Templates

The 360 feedback tool you pick must provide a collection of the most sought-after templates. This will help you create your surveys in no time. Be it customer satisfaction, market research, customer feedback, NPS survey, or employee engagement, SurveySparrow covers it all!

Having a 360-degree feedback system can do wonders for your organization. With the best 360 feedback tool by your side, this is no Herculean Task! Therefore, get started with building an impeccable feedback system to enhance your organization's growth and success.

Happy Surveying!

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