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Flower Order Form Template

Features of this Flower Order Form Template

Manage Flower Orders better with SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is not limited only to the features shown above. There are many other features that make this flower order form template a go-to order form for any floral business. We have listed a few of them below.

QR Code

Your floral business will boost if you can generate more orders. And, to get more orders, one of the factors is to make it easy for customers to place orders. With SurveySparrow, you can generate a unique QR code for your flower shop order form and display it on both your online and offline stores. Customers can simply scan the code and place orders. You can also generate different QR codes for different stores and track orders.

Flower Order Chatbot

Another way to make an order place easy is by having an order in chat format. Convert this classic floral order form into a chat and embed it on your website or app. Collect orders through a chat. Customize this into the wedding flower order form as well.

Picture Choice Question Type

With picture choice question types, you can display all your products giving an exact picture. Display different types of bouquets you can offer along with their costs. Transform this floral order form template into an online flower store.

Interactive Messages

Make this floral order template conversational and keep your customers engaged til they complete their orders using interactive messages. Start and end the order form with greetings for the day. Give an amazing order-placing experience to your customers and have higher retention.

Integrate with Sheets

Maintain and track all your order details through a sheet by simply toggling the Google Sheet Integration. All the details will be recorded in the sheet and you can access it right from the integration tab.

Device Friendly

This florist order form template is responsive on any screen size. Your customers can place orders on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or devices of any screen size. Its design will get aligned based on the screen size giving your customers a seamless order-placing experience.


Use Cases: Flower Order Form Template


Flower Shops or delivery services

Flower shops can use the template to simplify the process of taking orders from customers. Customers can fill out the form to specify the type of flowers, quantity, delivery date, and any customization requests. Businesses offering online flower delivery services can use the template to gather customer orders. Flower shops can create temporary order forms for specific promotions or seasonal offers to encourage customers to place orders for special arrangements or discounts.

Subscription Flower Services

Flower subscription services can use this template to allow B2B clients to customize their repeat flower requirements. This would be very helpful for businesses that serve people, like hotels, resorts, and hospitals. The recurring feature lets flower subscription services get orders from the same customers over and over again. They can also find out their exact delivery schedules and preferences. These services can also extend this form to companies for regular corporate gifting services. They can create gift packages that the companies may choose from or provide completely customized offerings.

Event Planning

Event planners and organizers can customize the template to collect flower arrangement orders for weddings, parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. Planners of community events like flower festivals, garden shows, or fundraisers can get orders for buying flowers in bulk using this form. Wedding planners can use the template to understand the setting theme, scale, locations, and duration to order flowers for various wedding-related events like the wedding ceremony, reception, or bridal party. Non-profit organizations can tweak it to collect orders for flowers as part of a fundraising campaign, with proceeds going toward a charitable cause.

Market Research

Flower wholesalers or distributors can use the template to collect market research data, including customer preferences, to inform their product offerings and marketing strategies. The advantage is that they would be able to easily analyze this data using advanced analytics, dashboards, and regular reports. Segmenting the market or understanding seasonality in buying behavior would become easier using the template.

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