Why use this Wedding Cake Order Form Template?

More Features of Wedding Cake Order Form Template

Make placing orders interactive via this form. You can use the features of SurveySparrow to keep a track of orders and also you can take the feedback from the customers.

Multiple Question Types

Add several types of questions to our wedding cake order form by question type library in the builder. You can use picture type questions to know your customers’ preference for a wedding cake. Use payment question type for customers to enter their payment details. Collect the information you need through contact form question type.

Rybbon Integration

Rybbon’s integration with SurveySparrow allows you to send the respondents presents or prizes the moment they complete the online wedding cake order. Manage your rewards and discounts conveniently, and attract more customers to your bakery. Send prizes to their email and make it simple for them to claim it.

Device Friendly

Turning on your laptop all the time to only fill the form is a very time consuming task. This cake order form is responsive to any screen. You can fill the form on laptop, smartphones, or tablets. Using this feature the respondents will get easy access to the form and they will lead to an increase in the response rate.

Stripe Integrations

This order form can be linked with the stripe application. With this integration, you can accept credit or debit card payments for cake orders directly through the form. All you have to do is enable the integration on your tab and make the wedding cake order process easier by allowing responders to complete all of the processes at once.

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