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Clothing Order Form Template

This Clothing Order Form Template is designed for small apparel business owners. You can easily display the latest fashion apparel in the form and manage customer orders effortlessly.  This form makes the order collection and payment process simple.

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Features of Clothing Order Form Template

Not only clothing order, collect feedback as well!


Benefits of this Clothing Order Form Template


Picture Choice Questions

Enhance customer experience by showcasing apparel options visually, simplifying the ordering process. Customers can easily select their desired items with a quick glance at the images provided, leading to more accurate and satisfying orders.

Multiple Formats

Tailor the form’s layout to suit your preferences – whether you prefer a step-by-step approach with one question per screen for a guided experience, or a single-page format for a quicker ordering process, this template offers flexibility to meet your needs.

Skip/Display Logic

Customize the order form to dynamically adapt based on customer responses, ensuring that each shopper receives a personalized experience. By asking relevant questions based on previous answers, you can streamline the ordering process and provide tailored recommendations.

Webpage Embed

Seamlessly integrate the order form into your website without the need for complex coding. By utilizing a shortcode, you can effortlessly embed the form as an inline element or a popup, enhancing user accessibility and convenience.

Collect Feedback

Gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction and shopping experiences by including simple rating questions at the end of shopping process. Utilize the dashboard to analyze feedback trends, identify areas for improvement, and offer a curated selection of apparel choices that align with customer preferences.


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Who can use this Clothing Order Form Template?


Clothing Stores & Boutiques

Streamline your ordering process for both regular stock and custom orders. Picture-based selection and skip logic make it easy for customers to find what they want and provide accurate details, leading to faster processing and fewer errors.

Event Organizers

Planning a fundraiser or selling event merchandise? This template allows you to collect personalized orders with ease. Offer a variety of clothing options and sizes, and gather participant information efficiently.

Schools & Universities

Managing uniform or spirit wear orders for a large student body can be chaotic. The template help you organize the process. Students or parents can easily select their sizes and styles, reducing confusion and ensuring everyone gets the right gear.

Sports Teams & Clubs

Outfit your team in style with a custom clothing order form. Players and coaches can choose their preferred clothing items and sizes directly through the form. This simplifies order collection and ensures everyone has the team apparel they need.

Non-Profit Organizations

Raising awareness and funds with branded t-shirts or merchandise? The template make the process smooth. Supporters can easily select their size and contribute to your cause, all through a user-friendly online form.


Template Suggestion: Online T-shirt Order Form Template


How to use this Clothing Order Form Template


Step 1: Customization

Customize the template to design a comprehensive form showcasing a variety of clothing items for sale. Include sections for item names, sizes, colors, quantities, and prices, using different types of questions. You can collect shipping addresses and preferred delivery methods through specially designed question formats.

Step 2: Integration

Connect the form to data management tools like Excel Online or Google Sheets. This integration updates stock levels in real-time as orders are placed, helping to prevent overselling or excess stock.

Step 3: Sharing

Use the form link to promote new clothing items, special deals, and exclusive offers on social media and other online platforms. This not only attracts potential customers but also drives sales. Send targeted emails to your subscriber list or contacts, including the form link and highlighting new arrivals or promotions.

Step 4: Results

Utilize the provided Executive Dashboard to efficiently process and fulfill orders from the form. Ensure accurate selections and timely deliveries. Analyze order data to spot popular items, sizes, or trends using graphical representations like bar and line charts. This analysis assists in guiding inventory restocking and future product selections.

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