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Clothing Order Form Template

Features of Clothing Order Form Template

More Features of Clothing Order Form Template

The features of SurveySparrow widens the usability of this clothing order form. Instead of only displaying the apparels and collecting orders, you can manage payments, track orders, trigger feedback surveys, and do many things.

Logic Branching

Use the logic branching to make your apparel order form more relevant and easy to order. Set criteria to skip or display a question to your customer based on the choices they made thus sparing your customers from going through the entire form unnecessarily and expediting the process of accepting orders.

Interactive UI

With its minimal and interactive UI, this template can be used as order forms for small businesses. Make your form more appealing to your customers. Add gifs, emojis and short messages. Configure the color palettes, font size and add image or video background to keep the survey more engaging for the customers.

White Labeling

Without a brand logo, the clothing form appears incomplete. A brand logo makes the survey more enticing to customers and signifies the authenticity of the survey. You can customize the template with your brand colors, fonts, images and even use your own URL to make the form uniquely yours.

Google Sheets and MS Excel Integration

This template from SurveySparrow lets you export all the response data directly into a google spreadsheet or MS Excel Worksheet. Once you have linked the form with the google sheets, you can update them in real time. Use these reports to place clothing inventory orders at ease!

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