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Online T-shirt Order Form Template

Amidst your tight schedule, collecting & managing orders can be quite a pain. Well, with an Online T-shirt Order Form Template, you’ve one worry less. Embed the form on your website, collect details & orders from your patrons swiftly. Use this for clothing, apparel stores online.

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Features of Online T-shirt Order Form Template

Streamline T-shirt Orders with this Template


Benefits of using this Online T-shirt Order Form Template


Multiple Pages or Sections

User-Friendly Experience: Breaking the form into multiple pages or sections enhances user experience by preventing information overload. Users can focus on a specific set of questions at a time, making the form more digestible.

Step-by-Step Guidance: Each page or section can represent a step in the order process, guiding users through the required information in a structured manner. This step-by-step approach minimizes confusion and improves completion rates. Multiple sections can be created for placing the order, checking the order status, saving payment information, and thereafter for exchanges and returns.

Skip/Display Logic

Customized Experience: Skip logic allows you to tailor the form based on user responses. For example, if a customer selects a certain T-shirt size, irrelevant questions about other sizes can be skipped, providing a personalized experience.

Reduced Clutter: Users only see questions that are relevant to them, reducing the visual clutter on the form. This not only improves the user experience but also increases the likelihood of users completing the form.

Stripe Integration

Secure Online Payments: Stripe integration enables seamless and secure online payments directly through the form. Customers can enter their payment details, and the integration with Stripe processes the transaction securely.

CRM Integration

Efficient Customer Management: CRM integration ensures that customer information is automatically updated. This includes details such as contact information, order history, and preferences. This automation reduces manual data entry and keeps customer records accurate and up-to-date.

Targeted Marketing: Integrated CRM data with HubSpot can be utilized for targeted marketing efforts. Businesses can leverage customer insights to create personalized marketing campaigns, improving customer engagement and fostering loyalty.

Ticket Management

Order Tracking: The ticket management feature can be used for order tracking. Customers can submit tickets to inquire about their order status, and the business can use the ticketing system to efficiently manage and respond to these inquiries.

Issue Resolution: In the context of exchanges or returns, the ticketing system helps manage customer issues in an organized way. Customers can submit tickets detailing their concerns, and the business can use the system to track, prioritize, and resolve these issues effectively.


Online T-shirt Order Form Template FAQs


How can you use this template?

This T-shirt order form template can collect orders for T-shirts, formal shirts, tops, and trousers for your e-commerce store. Simply click the “Use this template” button, log in to SurveySparrow, and you’ll find this template in our order form builder.

Use our builder to customize this form. You can add more questions based on your store’s specific needs. Utilize picture choice questions to showcase your designs.

As mentioned above, you can embed the form on your website right away, and integration with Stripe enables you to collect online payments.

Why should you create a T-shirt order form with us?

If you need to scale up your T-shirt orders for your business, there’s no better way than going online. With SurveySparrow, it doesn’t stop at being online. This form can be shared with your potential customers in multiple ways.

Shareable links can be easily distributed through any messaging app, and we also generate an SMS link for your convenience.

For each order form you create, a QR code is generated! Display this QR code anywhere, and your customers are just a scan away from placing an order.

You can also embed this form in emails to boost your email conversion leads.

Is this form customizable?

Yes, it’s 100% customizable. Our builder offers a library of question types that allow you to make this order form more engaging. You can also use emojis and videos to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Our order form builder is integrated with a vast Unsplash image library, where you’ll find pictures for all your needs. Additionally, the builder is connected to GIPHY, allowing you to add fun and creativity to the T-shirt ordering process with GIFs.

The form also comes with white-label features. You can add your logo, personalize the background, and choose your preferred font style, replacing SurveySparrow branding with your own. The builder even includes an advanced CSS editor, which enables you to customize every form element.

Can this form be used on any device?

Yes, this online t-shirt order form is compatible with any device. The form adjusts to fit any screen size without any issues. Whether it’s a mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop, or even an offline kiosk, you can collect orders from anywhere. It’s worth noting that more than 70% of e-commerce customers come from mobile devices, so you’re on the right track!

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