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T-shirt Order Form Template FAQs

How can you use this t-shirt order form template?

This t-shirt order form template can collect orders for t-shirts, formal shirts, tops trousers, for your e-commerce store. Just click on the “Use this template” button, log in to SurveySparrow and see this template inside our order form builder.

Use our builder to customize this form. You can add more questions based on the type of your store. Use picture choice questions to depict your designs.

And, as already mentioned above, you can embed the form on your website right away! And integration with Stripe enables you to collect online payments.

Why should you create a t-shirt order form with us?

If you’ve to scale up your t-shirt orders for your business, there’s no other way than to go online. But, with SurveySparrow, it doesn’t stop online. This form can be shared with your potential customers in multiple ways.

A sharable link that can be easily shared through any message-sharing app. We also generate an SMS link.

There’s also a QR code generated for every order form you create! Display this QR code anywhere and your customers are just a scan away!

You can also embed this in the emails. Use this form to cruise up your email conversion leads.

Is this t-shirt order form customizable?

Yes. 100% customizable. Our builder has a library of question types using which you can make this order form interesting. You can also use emojis and videos to engage your customers and give them an amazon buying experience.

Our order form builder is also integrated with a vast Unsplash image library where you’ll find pictures for all your needs. The builder is also integrated with GIPHY. Use GIFs to add fun to the t-shirt ordering process.

The form also comes with white-label features. You can add your logo, personalized background, and font style and replace SurveySparrow branding with yours! The builder also has an advanced CSS editor, using which you can customize every form element.

Can this t-shirt order form be used on any device?

Yes. This clothing order form template can be used on any device. The form gets adjusted to any screen size without going haywire. Be it mobile, tab, laptop, desktop, or an offline kiosk, collect orders from anywhere. Also, more than 70% of e-commerce customers come from mobile devices! So, you know what to do.

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