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Target Market Analysis Survey Template

Features of Target Market Analysis Template

Conduct target market research seamlessly with this Target Market Analysis Template!

Instead of beating around the bush, ask direct questions to your clients and get all the information you require on their target market. The features that come with this template when used appropriately can get you amazing results. Read along to understand how you can use them.

Multilingual Survey

What could be more better if your clients could answer in their own language! Amazing right? This template supports more than 50 languages and comes with in-built google translator, thus ensuring you get your information with better clarity.

Voice Recording Feature

Give your clients the comfort of recording their answers instead of typing them out. Turn on the voice transcription feature while you design your survey. This will enable the microphone button for your client and they can record their answers.

Embedded Survey

Embed your survey on emails and avoid any delay in getting the responses. You can embed the entire survey on the mail in just a few clicks. Generate the embed code once you’re done building the template. Then, copy and paste the embed code to your destination. That’s it!

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