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Post Purchase Survey Template

This post-purchase survey template will help you understand what impresses and motivates customers to share shopping experiences with your brand. Whether you’re an online business or an offline store, send this survey after product delivery to heighten customer satisfaction.

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Why use our Post-Purchase Survey Template?

Enhance buying experience with this Post-Purchase Survey Template

Using your post-purchase questions wisely just got easier, thanks to these wise features. Never miss a chance to charm your fans and boost retention and loyalty.

Customer Journey Map

Closely watch and compare each of your customer’s interactions with your brand. Get a visual idea of how your product has catered to their needs over a period of time. Correlate different aspects of your product like quality, customer support, checkout experience, and more. Build your brand to make it shopper-ready always. Find areas of improvement and initiate fixes before a customer churns. Clear picture, better relations!

Multi-Sharing Options

QR codes at your stores, SMS after online payments, website pop-ups after purchase – there’s more than one way to get your customer’s feedback. Flaunt uniqueness by sharing different URLs each time. Mail your customers or even interact on social media platforms to gauge experiences. Deliver convenience at their fingertips by sharing your post-purchase questionnaires on the preferred channel easily and hassle-free.

Matrix Questions

The one super cool and effective way to measure customer experience over different aspects while sticking to the same scale! With matrix questions, you’ll always know the exact emotion that guides a customer – extremely satisfied, least satisfied, or somewhere in between. Know exactly where you impress your shopper and where you need to improvise. Complicated post-purchase questions conveyed in a simple, precise manner!

Voice Transcription

No longer type responses to open-ended questions! Get your customers to record their opinions, from likes and dislikes to suggestions. Impress your clientele by facilitating real-time transcription of the recorded voice. While they talk and submit, all you do is read and act. A complete makeover to the traditional text questions, thanks to voice transcription.

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