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Marketing Plan Checklist Template

Features of Marketing Plan Checklist Template

More Features of Marketing Plan Checklist Template

Want a plan for marketing your product or services, make use of this marketing checklist template to keep a track of activities being undertaken. You can also make use of the various integrations of SurveySparrow to track your marketing plan. Integration

Sync your template with to have a plan of your work schedule plotted on the board. The board contains three columns that can be used to keep a track of go to market plan checklist. The three columns of are Work to do, Work in Progress, Work to be reviewed, and Work completed. You can set the names of the columns based on your requirements.

Multiple Sharing Options

This checklist template is a shareable form and can be shared on multiple platforms such as telegram, slack, Microsoft teams, and many others. You can also share the form via email, SMS or weblinks. You can create an URL of your own with the company’s name in it and share it with respondents.

Google Sheet Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with google sheet integration lets you sync up all the data collected through the form into a google spreadsheet. You can make a clear marketing checklist by collecting all the responses in a spreadsheet. You can use the data collected to generate reports regarding the strategic plan of marketing.

Case Management

Create cases based on the responses received and form a strategic marketing plan based on it. Use the cases created to understand the market demands and plan the strategy accordingly. Based on the cases you can examine the marketing checklists executions.

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