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Customer Loss Survey Template

Customer Loss Survey Template helps you understand customer pain points and optimize your company’s sales process efficiently. The template has lost customer survey questions that help you ascertain the reasons behind customer churn or deal loss, and conquer future sales opportunities!

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Features of this customer loss survey template.

Know the reasons of churn and take right action!


Use SurveySparrow to understand the reason behind your customers leaving


Analytics with Dashboards

User-Friendly Interface: It offers an intuitive visual dashboard interface where businesses can access and analyze survey data effortlessly.

Key Metrics: The dashboard may present key metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and other relevant indicators to provide a quick overview of customer sentiment.

Trend Analysis: Businesses can use the analytics feature to track trends over time, identifying patterns and changes in customer feedback.

Conversational Interface

Layouts and Fonts: It provides businesses with a range of customization options for survey layouts and fonts, allowing them to align the survey design with their brand identity.

Pictures and Videos: Including pictures and videos in surveys can enhance the visual appeal and engagement level, making it enjoyable for respondents to answer questions.

Use variables for personalization: Businesses can leverage variables to personalize survey content based on respondent information (e.g., their name collected in the contact form question can be used in the follow up question or thank you page simply by tagging the variable “name”), creating a more personalized and relevant experience.

Customer Journey Map

Visual Representation: This feature provides businesses with a visual representation of the customer experience, including touchpoints, interactions, and feedback stages.

Identification of Pain Points: By mapping the customer journey, businesses can identify specific pain points or areas where customers may have faced challenges or dissatisfaction, leading to churn.

Automatic Sharing

Scheduled Sharing: Businesses may have the option to schedule automated sharing at specific intervals, ensuring that stakeholders receive timely updates on customer feedback.

Up-to-Date Information: With scheduled sharing, stakeholders are equipped with the latest customer feedback on a regular basis. This enables real-time decision-making and allows businesses to respond promptly to emerging trends or issues identified in the survey results.

Seamless Integration: This feature may be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows and collaboration tools, making it easy for stakeholders to access and discuss survey results within the context of their daily work.

Interactive and smart questions

Smiley Ratings: Smiley ratings provide an engaging way for customers to express their sentiments, offering a quick and visual method of feedback.

Picture Questions: Including picture questions allows for more nuanced feedback, especially when visual elements are essential to understanding customer perceptions.

Skip/Display Logic: Skip and display logic features ensure that respondents only encounter questions that are relevant to their previous responses, reducing survey fatigue and improving data accuracy.


Use Cases: Customer Loss Survey Template


E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce thrives on customer loyalty. As competition intensifies, platforms are in dire need of understanding reasons for attrition. Are customers dissatisfied with the product range? Perhaps, shipping costs or delivery times are deterrents? Or maybe the website’s user interface isn’t as intuitive as competitors? By deploying the Template, online retailers can receive granular feedback. This not only provides a clearer picture of their weak points but also enables tailoring strategies for retention. By acting on genuine feedback, platforms can optimize user experience, adjust pricing models, or improve their product portfolio. Customer insights pave the way for impactful changes that ensure customers stay and shop.

Subscription-Based Services

Consistency is the name of the game for subscription services. Whether it’s a music streaming service, a magazine subscription, or cloud storage, maintaining continuous engagement is key. But when subscribers drop out, it’s crucial to understand why. Are they seeking better content elsewhere? Are the subscription costs too high? Or perhaps they found a competitor offering a better deal? The survey template serves as a tool to dive deep into these questions. With precise feedback, services can redesign packages, enhance their offerings, or adjust pricing to ensure they stay ahead of competitors and keep subscribers hooked.

Financial Institutions

The financial world is built on trust and value. When customers choose to close accounts or switch banks, it’s often indicative of deeper issues. Maybe they found better interest rates elsewhere, or perhaps the digital banking experience was subpar. It could also be tied to in-branch services or dissatisfaction with loan terms. Employing the Template, banks and credit unions can identify the root causes behind such shifts. Addressing these reasons directly can lead to improved customer service, better product offerings, and enhanced digital experiences—ensuring clients feel valued and stay loyal.

Hospitality Industry

Repeat customers form the backbone of the hospitality sector. When hotels or resorts notice a dip in recurring bookings, it rings alarm bells. Did the guest have a poor experience during their stay? Were there better deals available at competitors? Or perhaps the amenities offered didn’t meet expectations? The Template offers an opportunity to tap into these concerns. By understanding the core issues, hotels can enhance their service quality, introduce value-driven packages, or revamp their amenities. Feedback-driven action ensures that guests not only return but also spread positive word-of-mouth.

How to Use Customer Loss Survey Template



SurveySparrow platform has a lot of customization options. Tailor every single question that you are going to ask the lost customer. To be authentic, modify the font color, style, and themes according to your brand. Yes, you can tailor everything and determine the correct reason for the churn rate.


Our various integration options simplify your task. For instance, Hubspot CRM is used for ticket management, Google Sheets Integration is used for data collection, MailChimp is used for running email campaigns, and Zapier is a third-party tool that integrates with any of your existing apps.


The platform has multiple sharing options. They include sharing via email, mobile, QR code, SMS, shareable link, etc. These convenient sharing options help you reach out to your lost customer in any mode.


Once all the data has been collected, the analysis process can be more accessible. SurveySparrow platform has advanced analytical features, including an executive dashboard that breaks down the data into charts, graphs, etc. You can also export the data into PDF format for further analysis

FAQs about the customer loss template


Can I customize the Customer Loss Survey template to match our brand’s look and feel?

Yes! SurveySparrow provides customization options for templates, allowing businesses to align the survey’s appearance with their brand identity.

Where can I find the Customer Loss Survey template in SurveySparrow?

Users may find this template in the Resources Section of the website under Templates.

Is there a specific package or module that includes the Customer Loss Survey template?

There are various customer experience modules in the SurveySparrow form builder. Under “Customer Experience Survey” within “New Survey”.

How does the template make it easy for customers to fill out the survey?

The use of interactive questions and layouts helps make the survey interactive. It makes data collection like a conversation.

What features are available to help analyze the results of the Customer Loss Survey?

Businesses can easily analyse the collected data through dashboards which contain visual representations of the survey data.

Can customers easily fill out this survey on their mobile devices?

Yes, this survey has a responsive design and can be filled out on multiple devices, including mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

How can I share the Customer Loss Survey with my target audience?

It can be shared in multiple ways, including email embed or inline embed on the website, through social media, or through personalised SMS.

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