Features for Presenter Feedback Form Template

More Features of the Presenter Feedback Form Template

This form template gathers feedback and suggestions to provide you with detailed insight. Apart from that, it comes with many other features to make things easier for you.

Share at Ease

This feature lets you share your speaker evaluation form directly to your attendees via daily communication platforms such as Telegram, Slack and many others. You can even share the form via email, SMS or weblinks. This feature helps you to send the survey to a wide network of people in a single share.

Mailchimp Integration

SurveySparrow’s integration with MailChimp allows you to collect the audience’s contact information once they finish the form. You can utilize this audience contacts list for future workshops and even email them the workshop evaluation form for subsequent events. This aids in the creation of an audience list and simplifies the process for scheduling new workshops.

White Labeling

A workshop evaluation survey template with a brand logo in it looks more engaging for the attendees and it also establishes a trustworthy relationship with the workshop attendees. You can customize the template with your own ideas by using our CSS tool.

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