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Speaker Evaluation Form Template

Features of this Speaker Evaluation Form Template

More Features of Speaker Evaluation Form Template

Kickstart a feedback loop using this speaker evaluation form template after every conference, workshop, or webinar. Ask relevant questions pertaining to your requirement and based on the form responses you can develop, revise and improve the ability of the speaker. You can also use the features of SurveySparrow to track and analyze the responses.

Mailchimp Integration

This integration of SurveySparrow with MailChimp allows you to collect the audience’s contact information once they complete the form. You can use this list of audience contacts for future workshops and solicit speaker feedback from them. This aids in the improvement of the speaker as the same set of people will review them and based on the feedback more sessions can be conducted.

Interactive UI

Engage attendees for giving feedback by making the feedback form conversational. Make the form interactive by scripting each question in the right tone. Our builder has been integrated with GIPHY and Unsplash library. Find relevant ones and make the form interesting.

Share at Ease

The form can be shared on a variety of communication platforms, such as Slack, and Microsoft Teams. This comes handy if it is being shared with your employees for a session held in your organization. You can also circulate the speaker presentation evaluation form to your audiences through email, SMS, or web links.

White Labeling

Add a brand logo to the form to make it appear more legitimate. You can also design your own URL with the company name and send it to candidates. You can use our CSS tool to alter the speaker evaluation form to your company’s specifications. This feature makes the form look totally unique while yet maintaining the brand’s identity.

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