Features of Conference Registration Form Template

More Features of Conference Registration Form Template

Use a variety of themes, bright colors, and font styles to make your conference registration form stand out. Advanced CSS editor also makes it simple to update and customize this template. Conversational user interfaces improve user experience.

Display/Skip Logic

Make this registration form for conference concise using display/skip logic to your questions. Refrain from asking irrelevant questions. Enable logics to show or hide questions based on previous responses. Since the respondents won’t be bored, you get better completion rates.

Send Reminders

You can reduce your follow-up efforts by including automated reminders with this conference registration template. Simply enter your criteria, and this template will notify those who have not completed or have only partially completed the form.

Multilingual Survey

Allow your audience to respond in the language they are most familiar with. SurveySparrow supports over 50 languages, and you can translate responses into your native language as soon as you receive them. Create on conference registration form and use google translate feature to automatically translate in more than 50 languages.

Notification via email

Don’t be concerned about constantly checking the dashboard to see how many online conference registrations you’ve got. This is where Email Notification comes in: you will receive an instant email notification whenever someone fills out one of your forms. So relax and keep your chin up.

Embed the form

Do you have a website for your conference? We also have features for it! You can integrate your form into your website using the inline embed feature. You only need to generate the code, copy it, and paste it. Yes! It really is that simple.

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