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Competition Entry Form Template

Customize this competition entry form template and use it for collecting entries for any kind of contest. The template comes with features that help you make the registration process simple and engaging, improve data management, and organize competitions hassle-free.

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Why use this Competition Entry Form Template?

Collect & manage your competition entries with this beautiful form


Benefits of this contest entry form template


Multiple Sharing Options

Improve your competition reach, and give better accessibility to applicants by sharing the form through multiple ways. A direct form link, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, QR Code, and webpage embed. Use any of the options to share the form with your participants.

Translate in 130+ languages

With an in-built Google translator, make the form accessible to a global audience by translating it into almost every language. Once you select the option, the builder will automatically translate it for you, and then you can manually tweak the language based on your needs.

Collect contact information

With the contact form question type, collect all contact details about the participant at a single place. You can add, remove, or make changes to the existing fields. The form supports, phone numbers, email IDs, text, and numbers.


Use Cases of this Competition Entry Form Template


Art and Photography Contests

While organizing an art or photography contest where artists or photographers can submit their work, this template would be particularly useful. The entry form may include fields for the participant’s details, a brief description of the artwork or photograph, and a field for uploading their artwork in any type of digital format. Organizers can easily review and categorize submissions, making the judging process more straightforward. This use case is popular among art schools, galleries, and community organizations.

Template Suggestion: Art Submission Form Template

Writing Competitions

Hosting a writing competition, such as a short story or poetry contest, would become easier using this template. The entry form can collect the author’s name, contact details, the title of the work, the written piece itself (text upload or attachment), and any necessary disclaimers or copyright declarations. This template simplifies the submission process for writers and streamlines the process for judges or editorial teams.

Sports Tournaments and Leagues

The template can be used to organize sports competitions, such as soccer tournaments or local leagues. The form can be used to capture team or player details, contact information, team rosters, and waivers or consent forms. It will help simplify the registration process and ensure all participants provide the necessary information and agree to the tournament rules.

Business Pitch Competitions or Science Fairs and Expos

It can be used as one of the steps while running a business pitch competition or startup contest. The entry form can gather information about the participating businesses, including company name, founder details, business plan, and video pitches. Judges can easily access, analyze, and evaluate the submissions, allowing for a fair and structured competition. Business people can later use this information to make wiser investment decisions regarding these startups. This template could also be used to simplify the registration process for a science fair or exhibition where students or researchers present their projects. It would help ensure that all projects are submitted with the necessary details.


3 Steps to use this competition entry form


Step 1: Customize

Using our drag-and-drop builder, arrange the order of fields, add sections, edit the texts, and change the font based on your needs. Use the inbuilt Unsplash library of images to set the form theme to suit your contest type.

Step 2: Integrate

Connect the form with tools like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and many others to simplify the workflow and make the process easy. With Google Sheets, you can collect all entries in a single sheet. And, with Mailchimp, you can send newsletters to the participants

Step 3: Share

Share the form with your audience to collect contest entries. Send them through emails, display QR codes on banners and pamphlets, and embed the form on your website.


How SurveySparrow can help improve competition entry processes


Audience lists

Categories according to respondents demographic information can be created using this form. This data can help understand the regionality and seasonality of entries according to different areas. This would help event organizers plan better every time.

Multilingual forms

This form can be filled out by participants in their own language, helping them overcome any cultural barriers that may come in between showcasing their talent. This will help participants to be more involved and the organizations to have more entries.

Stripe integration

Organizers will be able to accept payments for competitions in advance by using the Stripe integration in their entry forms. This can also be used to collect a security deposit, which will be refunded after the event ends. This would ensure both the organizer and the participant are ethical and careful in their practices.

Agreement and Signature

The form may include a question asking the participants to certify that the information they provided was true and accurate. They would also be able to sign for this information digitally by drawing their signature while filling out this form or by uploading it.

Fill this form on the go

The form can be made available in any format on any device. It can be used to make registrations or entries online or offline through a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or kiosk installed at a designated spot during the campaigning of the event.

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