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Giveaway Entry Form Template

Features of Giveaway Entry Form Template

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Who can use this Giveaway Entry Form Template?


Retail Businesses

Retail stores can launch a product giveaway to increase customer engagement and collect valuable feedback on shopping preferences or product desires. Participants fill out the form to enter the giveaway, providing insights on their shopping behaviors and preferences, helping retailers tailor their offerings and marketing strategies.

Event Planners & Organizers

Event organizers can use this form to promote upcoming events, offering free tickets or exclusive access as prizes. This not only boosts event visibility but also gathers attendee preferences and demographics, enabling organizers to tailor events to their audience’s interests and improve future event planning.

Food and Beverage Companies

Restaurants or food brands can run giveaways to promote new menu items or products. Entrants submit their contact information and perhaps answer a few questions about their dining preferences or favorite flavors. This data aids in understanding customer taste trends and can be used for targeted marketing campaigns.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions or e-learning platforms can offer scholarships, free courses, or educational materials as giveaways to attract students. Through entry forms, they collect information on educational interests, study preferences, and feedback on courses offered, helping them to align their educational content with student needs.

Health and Wellness Brands

Fitness centers, wellness apps, or health food companies can conduct giveaways for memberships, subscriptions, or health food baskets. The entry form can gather information on health goals, dietary preferences, and fitness habits, assisting companies in customizing their offerings and identifying potential new services or products.

Non-Profit Organizations

NGOs can use giveaways to increase awareness and support for their causes. Prizes might include branded merchandise or exclusive experiences related to their mission. Entry forms can help collect supporter information and preferences, facilitating more effective communication and engagement strategies.

Tech and Gadgets

Tech companies can launch giveaways for new devices or software subscriptions to create buzz and collect user feedback. The entry form serves as a tool to gather consumer tech preferences, usage patterns, and feedback on existing products, guiding product development and marketing efforts.

Travel and Tourism Businesses

Travel agencies or hospitality businesses can offer vacation packages or staycation deals as giveaways. Entry forms can capture travel preferences, desired destinations, and travel behaviors, enabling businesses to tailor their travel packages and marketing messages to match consumer interests.

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Benefits of this Giveaway Entry Form Template


No-Code Webpage Embedding

You can seamlessly integrate the form into your website without needing any programming skills. Simply copy a shortcode from SurveySparrow and paste it into your webpage’s code where you want the form to appear. This flexibility allows you to embed the form either as a popup or directly within the page content.

Customizable Design

With white-labeling capabilities, you’re in control of the form’s appearance. Whether you prefer using high-quality images from the built-in Unsplash library or wish to personalize it further with your own photos or videos as the background, the template lets you add your unique style effortlessly.

Effortless Lucky Draws

Organizing lucky draws is straightforward. You can download all entry data in CSV format, which then can be used to conduct online draws. This feature simplifies the process of selecting giveaway winners.

Email Integration

Keep the engagement going even after your contest ends. With Mailchimp integration, you can easily create a contact list from your giveaway entrants. This enables you to send out email newsletters, discount coupons, and more, maintaining a connection with participants and potentially driving further interactions with your brand.


How to use this Giveaway Entry Form Template? [4 Steps]


Step 1. Customize Your Form

Start by personalizing the template to match your brand. Edit background colors, fonts, and even add a video background to make your form more engaging. Customize the welcome and thank you pages to greet participants and acknowledge their entry. Add or remove fields to collect exactly the information you need. Use the AI wing feature to creatively rephrase entry fields, ensuring clarity and engagement. For more sophisticated branding needs, apply CSS for advanced customization.

Step 2. Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Enhance your giveaway’s effectiveness by integrating with popular third-party apps like Google Sheets and Mailchimp. Organize and manage your data efficiently by automatically syncing entries to a Google Sheet. Use Mailchimp to seamlessly send newsletters and campaign information to participants, keeping them engaged and informed about your brand.

Step 3. Share Your Form

Spread the word about your giveaway through multiple sharing options. Share the form via direct links, SMS, email, social media platforms, webpage embeds, and QR codes. This variety ensures you can reach your audience wherever they are, maximizing participation and engagement.

Step 4. Check Responses in the Dashboard

Monitor your giveaway’s performance directly from the dashboard. View and analyze responses in real-time. Export data to CSV for further analysis or presentations. Utilize filters and widgets within the dashboard to gain insights into participant demographics, preferences, and behavior, helping you refine future marketing strategies and engagements.




Are giveaways effective for marketing?

Yes, giveaways are highly effective for marketing. They can increase brand awareness, engage the audience, and attract new customers.

Do giveaways always require entry fees?

Legitimate giveaways typically do not require entry fees. Beware of scams asking for fees; genuine giveaways are often used for marketing purposes.

What information can I collect in a giveaway entry form?

Common information includes names, email addresses, and sometimes additional details like preferences. Ensure it aligns with your marketing goals.

How can I ensure a fair giveaway selection process?

Use transparent and random selection methods. Online tools and platforms can help automate this process, ensuring fairness.

Are there legal considerations for running giveaways?

Yes, legalities vary by location. It’s crucial to understand and comply with local laws regarding giveaways, including disclosure requirements and eligibility.

How can I promote my giveaway?

Leverage social media, email marketing, and collaboration with influencers to maximize exposure. Clearly communicate entry requirements and deadlines.

Can I run giveaways for Non-Monetary prizes?

Absolutely. Giveaways can involve various prizes, including products, services, or experiences, depending on your audience and goals.

What’s the ideal for a giveaway?

A typical duration is 1-4 weeks. It’s long enough to build excitement but not too long to lose participants’ interest.

How can I prevent fraudulent entries?

Implement entry restrictions, such as one entry per person. Use captchas or other verification methods to ensure the integrity of the entries.

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