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Giveaway Entry Form Template

Features of Giveaway Entry Form Template

More features of Giveaway Entry Form Template

This SurveySparrow giveaway entry form template serves as a tool for gathering necessary information from your respondents. You can also choose from a variety of integrations to randomly select winners from the entries without bias, making your job easier.

Contact Forms

You may require a set of contact information in this entry form for giveaway template. Rather than asking each one individually, use the Contact Form feature to collect all of them at once, such as email, delivery address, phone number, and so on. Simply ask what you would ask in five steps in just one step.

Coherent Forms Share

Gain as many entries as possible using this giveaway form. Your customers can access this form through a variety of channels, including SMS with a personalized welcome message, a variety of unique sharing web links, and QR codes. You can also request that they share it with their friends and family to increase audience reach as well as product and brand awareness.

Variety of Themes

Make your form more appealing by using a variety of themes, vibrant colors, and font styles. CSS also simplifies the process of updating and customizing everything. Create invites in the exact format you want, and it’s a nice bonus if you can include multiple thank-you pages in your form.

Embed Forms

Do you have a website/blog/youtube vlog for your products/services? Yes? That’s fantastic! Embed the enter to win forms template anywhere on your website/blog/vlog to make your customers aware of the giveaway event and make it easy for them to access.

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