Features of This Weekly Team Update Template

More Features of Weekly Team Update Template

This weekly team update template will assist you in running updates in a simple yet effective manner! Let’s look at some of the other features listed below.

Library of Question Types

You can incorporate a variety of question types into your team update template using our builder. You can use multiple choice, picture-based, rating, and other question types. Create it to perform power-ups, share kudos, respond to icebreakers, and more.

Display/Skip Logic

Make it clear and concise. Avoid asking irrelevant questions and use the Display/Skip logic to bypass unnecessary information—show or hide questions based on previous responses.

Notification via email

It is always challenging to take the follow-ups. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. With this feature, managers can stay updated through email notifications, which will eliminate the time-consuming task of constantly checking the dashboard.

Share at Ease

This feature allows you to share your staff update template with your employees directly via platforms such as Slack and others. The form can be distributed via email, SMS, or web links. QR code generation is also available for your respondents’ convenience.

Multi-Device Friendly

The mobile-first flexibility templates from SurveySparrow are highlighted for survey access on the go. These are eye-pleasing in all screen sizes and can be viewed on any device: laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet!

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