Features of Equipment Maintenance Request Form Template

More Features of Equipment Maintenance Request Form Template

Simplify the process of placing requests for equipment maintenance for your employees. Use SurveySparrow to make your maintenance request form interactive, easily accessible and automate the equipment maintenance program.

Multiple Sharing Options

With our easy-to-use sharing feature, you can share your forms with your employees in a variety of ways. Generate a unique sharing link for the repair request form and share it via SMS or email. You can also customize every element of the email, and with just a short code embed it into your email. Display a QR code as well.

Case Management

Use case management feature to create cases based on the requests. Prioritize urgent maintenance tasks by assigning cases right away! The engineers will get emails to their account for every communication on the platform.

Conversational UI

Placing a request is not just filling a form anymore. Make it an engaging experience by using interactive features of SurveySparrow. Use pictures, emojis, gifs, in your service request form and make it more fun. Communicate better using conversational messages.

Use the Form Offline

Install the maintenance service request form on a kiosk, or tablet and use it internally. No need for an internet connection. Employees or workers can place requests through the kiosk and the engineers can be intimated through internal access network.

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