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Equipment Maintenance Request Form Template

This equipment maintenance request form template can be used in organizations to allow employees to place requests for periodic maintenance of equipment. The form is easy to fill and requests can be smoothly processed using our platform.

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Features of Equipment Maintenance Request Form Template

Manage Equipment Maintenance Requests hassle free!


Use Cases: Equipment Maintenance Request Form Template


Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

Efficiently manage the upkeep of medical equipment by utilizing this form. Healthcare professionals can swiftly submit requests for maintenance or calibration of critical devices, ensuring uninterrupted patient care. The form’s tailored features allow attachment of equipment specifications, enabling technicians to quickly assess and address issues. Additionally, a priority level selection aids in managing urgent requests for life-saving equipment, optimizing patient safety and medical services.

Manufacturing Industry

Streamline equipment maintenance in manufacturing plants using this form. Production line operators can promptly report machinery malfunctions for timely repair, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The form’s integration with equipment databases assists technicians in accessing historical maintenance data, leading to more informed decisions. Customizable checkboxes for specific machine parts needing attention enhance precision in addressing issues, resulting in a smoother manufacturing process.

Educational Institutions

Facilitate maintenance coordination across educational campuses with this form. Faculty members and administrators can easily log requests for repair or servicing of classroom equipment such as projectors, computers, and lab instruments. The form’s dropdown menu for selecting the affected department aids in routing requests to the relevant technicians swiftly. Integration with academic calendars allows scheduling maintenance during breaks, minimizing disruptions to teaching and learning activities.

Hospitality and Hotel Management

Enhance guest experiences in hotels and resorts by utilizing this form for maintenance requests. Hotel staff can promptly report issues with in-room amenities, such as air conditioning, TV, or plumbing. The form’s photo upload feature lets staff visually convey the problem, aiding technicians in preparing with the necessary tools and parts. An estimated time-to-fix field empowers guest services to provide accurate updates to guests, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout their stay.


How to use this maintenance request form template



Customize the form to match your organization’s branding by adjusting colors, fonts, and backgrounds. Utilize white-labeling to create a professional and consistent appearance in line with your brand guidelines. Create an informative welcome page for your equipment maintenance form. Set the tone, explain the purpose, and provide any necessary instructions or guidelines to ensure smooth form completion. Customize the thank you page to express appreciation and provide information about the next steps or contact details for further assistance. Tailor your form with the 20+ available question types to gather specific maintenance-related information effectively.


Seamlessly integrate your equipment maintenance form with Google Sheets. This integration automatically collects and updates responses in a Google Sheets document, making it easy for you to manage and track maintenance requests and reports. Alternatively, you can integrate your form with Excel Online for data storage and analysis. If you use HubSpot for customer relationship management (CRM) or other business processes, you can integrate with HubSpot to seamlessly incorporate equipment maintenance data into your workflow, improving efficiency and collaboration.


Make it easy for users to access your form by sharing it through various channels. Options include sharing a unique link, sending via SMS, email, or embedding the form on your website. Utilize shortcodes to embed it inline or as a popup, enhancing accessibility and user engagement. Generate a QR code for your form, allowing users to quickly access and complete maintenance requests or reports.


Easily export collected maintenance data to CSV files for further analysis, reporting, or sharing with your maintenance teams or stakeholders. Use our dashboard features to gain insights from your maintenance data. Use filters and widgets to customize the view, analyze trends, and track key performance indicators related to your equipment maintenance process.


Benefits of Maintenance Request Form Template


Conversational Features

The template provides a conversational and interactive experience for users. Incorporate emojis, GIFs, and interactive messages to make the form-filling process more engaging and enjoyable. This approach enhances user engagement and encourages more comprehensive and accurate maintenance requests.

Brand-Friendly and White Labeling

Customize the maintenance request form to align with your organization’s brand identity. Easily adjust colors, fonts, button styles, and form backgrounds to create a professional and trustworthy appearance that reflects your brand guidelines. Surveysparrow supports custom domains and white-labeling, ensuring seamless integration with your brand. Additionally, access a library of free images from Unsplash to enhance the form’s visual appeal and relevance.

Multiple Sharing Options

Surveysparrow offers a range of sharing options to ensure that maintenance requests are easily accessible. Share through popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and SMS for instant communication. Distribute the form via a unique link, making it accessible on various platforms. Generate QR codes for quick access to the maintenance form. Embed the form on your website, either inline or as a popup using shortcodes. This versatility ensures that users can submit maintenance requests in a way that suits their preferences.

Flexible Form Structure with Sections

Customize the form by adding sections within it. This feature allows you to organize maintenance requests efficiently and present them in a structured manner. You can tailor the form to collect specific information about equipment issues and streamline your maintenance processes.

Two Formats for User Convenience

Surveysparrow caters to user preferences by offering two formats for the maintenance form:

Conversational Format: Present one question at a time on a single screen, creating a smooth and engaging flow for users.

Single Page Form: Alternatively, offer the maintenance form as a single-page format, allowing users to view and complete all questions at once. This format is ideal for those who prefer a comprehensive view and streamlined submission process.

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