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Hotel Maintenance Request Form Template

Features of Hotel Maintenance Request Form Template

Accept and track repair requests easily with this Hotel Maintenance Request Form Template

Still not convinced? Well, we’ve got more features that’ll definitely impress you! Read along to know more.

Picture Capture

Isn’t it a great idea to receive maintenance requests with the pictures of the issues? Yes, you can do that with this template. The photo capture question type lets your respondent click a picture immediately as and when they fill the form. This ensures that you get a clear idea of the issue and you don’t have to spend time to receive the image either!

Signed Forms

It becomes easier when the reportee of an issue signs the form in order to track the request. We’ve ensured that as well! This template comes with the Signature question type. Add it to your request form and let your staff sign the form. Your staff can either draw, upload or type their signature.

Sort Your Data

Track your previous repair requests, when they were addressed, if the maintenance were properly in one go. How? Well use the cross tabulation feature to compare and contrast your previous responses. While the advanced report filters lets you sort your data based on the time period, question, answers and more. This enables you to analyze if your maintenance team is doing a good job and you can also track your maintenance expenses!

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