Features of Professional Development Survey Template

More Features of Professional Development Survey Template

Customize this professional development survey template with our builder. Share it through multiple channels with your employees, and analyze the inputs using our dashboard features. Let’s see a few more features of SurveySparrow that will make the process seamless.

Question Types Library

A comprehensive library of question types help you to build a professional development questionnaire you want. Use rank based questions, multiple choice questions, smiley rating questions, matrix type questions and many other types to collect the type of responses you want. With different types of questions, you get better quality data to work on.

Sentiment Analysis

Enable sentiment analysis for open ended questions. In the dashboard, the word cloud gives you an exact understanding of employee sentiments. The word cloud highlights the most repeated words in the answers typed by employees.

Journey Chart

With a journey chart, you can track employee ratings overtime. Know if your professional development training programs are working well and if not, what changes need to be made.

Executive Dashboard

Create separate dashboards for managers and HR. Use widgets, charts, and graphs to slice & dice the data. Give multiple access to the dashboard and come up with collaborative decisions. Unravel hidden open spots. With repeated survey and data analysis understand the professional development needs of your employees

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