Features of Employee ID Card Application Form

More Features of Employee ID Card Application Form

Streamline your employee id card application process using SurveySparrow. Apart from a conversational application form, the features help you to simplify the process.

Multi-Platform Survey Share

Employees can receive your application for new identity card via SMS with a friendly personalized message, numerous unique web links, social sharing, and QR code generation.

Comprehensive Contact Form

In this ID card format for employee, you can also collect contact information from your students, which covers all data such as name, email address, residential address, employee id, phone number, and so on. You may also customize the contact form according to your needs..

Accept Signatures

If you need to collect signatures from your employees, use signature type question in your employee id form. Employees can respond to this question type by uploading, drawing, or typing their signatures.

Capture Picture

Employee ID cards must include photographs. Use our photo capture option, allowing your employees to click and upload photos as they complete the form. As a result, no time is wasted uploading or physically submitting the image.

Embed the form

If you have an employee management website/app, you can embed your employee ID card application form into it. You only need to generate the code, copy it, and paste it. Yes! It is that simple.

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