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School Uniform Order Form Template

Features of School Uniform Order Form Template

More Features of School Uniform Order Form Template

Why spend time accepting and managing school uniform orders manually? Instead, choose a hassle-free, paperless way of accepting orders. Use this ordering form template from SurveySparrow to not just receive orders but also manage it with just a few clicks. This template from our box is equipped with features to benefit your business.

Accept Payments

One of the most useful types of questions – the Payment question type lets you accept payments in one go while the order is being placed. This school uniform order form template enables you to accept Stripe integrated payments. It uses a secure https connection to keep all your data safe. And all the transactions are directly handled by Stripe.

Personalized Form

A personalized form builds trust between the vendor and the customer, especially when there’s payment involved. So, this uniform order form for shirts and other items from school uniform sets allows you to add customized parameters, variables and expressions to make it as personalized as possible.

Send Reminders

This school uniform shirt order form template is smart enough to send automated reminders to your customers. Design the form, set a deadline to accept orders and relax. This form template will automatically send reminders via email and SMSes to all your customers who missed ordering and to those who’ve partially filled it or whose payment is pending.

Recurring Form

The form is required every year, and we understand how troublesome it will be for you to create the form every year. Hence, this form is designed to recur itself. All you have to do is design it once and set the time of recurrence. It will automatically carry out itself at the said time without you being bothered.

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