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Employee Exit Clearance Form Template

This employee exit clearance form template will help the HR department ensure that an employee leaving the company has completed all necessary tasks and returned all company property before departure. With this completely customizable template, employee exit processes will be a piece of cake!

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Reasons to use our Employee Exit Clearance Form Template

Ease the employee exit process with our Employee Exit Clearance Form Template

With this employee exit clearance form in place, you can easily bid goodbye to complicated exits and unending paperwork. Human resources and admins can easily sit back and relax while employees fill out their details and hand over the forms to you for the finishing touches. With its amazing features, this form is all you need for the smooth functioning of your workplace.

Advanced Question Types

Collecting important details doesn’t have to be hard, not anymore, at least! Tailor the perfect exit clearance form for employees with a wide range of question types. Apart from in-built contact forms, make use of matrix question types to gather multiple data about the employee’s device, work phone, handover process, desk keys, ID card status, and more. Choose from a checkbox, radio button, text field, or more. You can also collect the signatures of the employee, supervisor, director, or anyone else easily with the signature type question. The data type question also helps you keep track of the exit process.


Flexibility is the new trend in workplaces. Adapt flexibility even with your employee exit processes easily through device-friendly form sharing. Allow your employees to view and fill their exit clearance forms from the device of their choice. Be it from their work laptop, personal computer, tablet, or even smartphone, SurveySparrow has you well-connected to your employees, literally!
Employees can complete the forms in the office, at home, or while traveling. This helps you enhance response and completion rates, at the same time helping you with adequate documentation.


Making a normal employee exit clearance form is easy. But making it beautiful is even easier with SurveySparrow’s customization capabilities. You can pick a theme from the vast gallery or create one right from scratch. You can mix and match colors and find your favorite. You can also change the form’s button colors, fonts, and more. Add videos or image backgrounds if you want and make them more lively. Make the forms more personalized by using conditional logic. You can also code your exit forms to perfection by making use of CSS customizations.

Multiple Share Options

Why share your employee company exit clearance forms in just one way when you can circulate them through many channels? Say hello to omnichannel sharing, wherein you can share your forms easily through SMS, email, QR codes, and more. Apart from the integration capabilities, you also get to distribute your forms through other applications like your HRM. You can also share your exit forms by circulating a URL to the employee. Connect with them through your employee portal and achieve form sharing effortlessly. Choose one channel or combine the power of all channels and ease exit processes.


Have you ever wanted your forms to be yours truly? Retaining and reflecting your identity to the last pixel? Well, you have it easy with end-to-end white labeling. This lets you customize your exit forms to match your brand or organization’s identity. You can incorporate your company’s fonts, logo, and color palettes inside the form. Look at the employee exit clearance form sample we’ve created for you, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. You can even use favicons and host the form on your custom domain. This way, you can nurture employee confidence and stand out.

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