Features of Employee Empowerment Survey

Simplify Feedback with Employee Empowerment Survey

Well, we’re loaded with features that’ll support the growth of your organization. Want to know about them? Here they are!

Real – Time Reporting

Our Employee Empowerment Survey Template empowered with real-time reporting feature that stores the responses soon after the submit is hit! Therefore, saving the time and effort to manually save the data.

Ask Relevant Questions

That’s true! This employee empowerment survey questionnaire relieves your employees from going through each and every question. Add logic to your question and display/skip questions that are relevant to the respondent’s previous answers. It’s that simple!

Converse Your Way

Let your employees loosen up when they’re filing out the survey. And this can only happen when you converse with them in a friendly way. So, we’ve built this template using a conversational tone that makes your employees comfortable and let them open-up and be honest while they respond.

Voice Recording Feature

Of course everyone prefers talking to typing, right? So, just turn on the voice transcription feature while you’re building the questionnaire. This enables the microphone button and you’re employees can click on the button and speak instead of typing long sentences. Interesting, isn’t it?

See it, to believe it.

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