Features of Employee 360 Review Template

More Features of Employee 360 Review Template

Improve the teams performance and collect employee peer feedback by using this employee 360 review template. Conduct employee assessments seamlessly using our 360 assessment tool and help your employees grow faster.

Google Sheet Integration

Export all your employee 360 feedback template data directly into google spreadsheet using this integration. Once you sync your data with google sheets you can generate insight reports on the employee performance. All you need to do is just turn on the integration on your template tab.

Send Reminders

Remind the respondents to fill the form incase its not filled or left incomplete. You can schedule reminder mails according to your own time interval. Reminding them to complete the template will greatly boost the template completion rate.

White Labeling

Design 360 peer review template with your own themes, fonts and colors using our builder. Add brand logo into the template and establish trust with employees. Generate a URL of your own with the company’s name in it and make it easily accessible to employees.

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