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Employee Pulse Surveys: Fast fashion or a sustainable choice?

Employee engagement surveys have always been a part of organizations but the latest trend is employee pulse surveys. They serve varied purposes but most of them have one thing in common. They are short and sent in more frequently. They are means to gauge the feel of the workplace related to processes and working conditions.

Who can send it?

Really, anyone who is accountable for resources. It may look like more of an HR practice; however, a manager can also send in the pulse surveys.

How is this different from an Employee Engagement Surveys?

Definitely. Annual and bi-annual surveys are more comprehensive and provide a long-term health report of the organization. It deals with not just one, but various subjects all concise into one form. An employee usually takes a good deal out of their work schedule to fill it up. However, a pulse survey may feel more random but is all directed at understanding one aspect at a time. For example, the difference between getting an annual health check-up to getting your blood sugar levels tested. While both help in making changes, the second one helps in keeping up with the health goals for the year.

But what are the uses of pulse surveys?

Well. There are many. In fact, slowly but steadily organizations are realizing the power of keeping their employees happy and content. Hence, attention to detail is key in every process where employees are involved and affected. That means proper implementation and its effects on the workplace are also being monitored more frequently. Problems often arise out of nowhere and waiting for one annual survey to talk about it makes the problem bigger and the practice futile. This is where pulse surveys come into the picture.

They can be used in accessing feedback on various processes such as:
1) New initiative/processes survey
2) Diversity and inclusion survey
3) Onboarding experience feedback
4) New hire survey
5) Training feedback
6) Role and goal alignment survey
7) Exit interview survey
8) Manager feedback
9) Work-life balance survey
10) Workplace culture feedback

So, it’s all boils down to talent retention?

Exactly. When you show that you want to listen to your employees, the care is reciprocated. They will know that you mean it and if need be, you will go the extra mile to make the required changes to make their workplace better. It strengthens the employee-employer bond and makes way for them to a more fulfilling journey in the organization. A pulse survey gives your employees power and makes them feel more important in the organization.

Let your employee pulse survey make way for a better, brighter future in employee relationships in your organization, because, as the great author and salesman, Zig Ziglar puts it,

“You don’t build a business—you build people—and then people build the business.”

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