Features of Construction Incident Report Form Template

More Features of Construction Incident Report Form Template

Streamline incident reporting process and take quick actions to resolve issues at construction sites. The features of SurveySparrow transform this form template into a tool to record incidents and maintain safety on construction sites.

Multiple Sharing Options

The multiple sharing features of SurveySparrow gives you flexibility when it comes to sharing the form. You can share this jobsite accident report form through email, SMS, social share, and many others options. You can also place a QR code at the site and workers can scan it to report an incident. Embed it on a web page, or in your app using the mobile SDK feature.

White Labeling

Customize every element of the form to suit your brand. Right from adding your company name on the welcome screen to adjusting the background colors as you want. You can also use your company name in the URL using a custom URL feature. The builder also has a CSS editor to help you code your own background.

Picture Upload/Capture Image

Let the reporters upload the picture or videos of the incident right away. They can either upload an already taken picture or they can also take the picture at that very instant. A video of the site during or after the incident definitely gives you a clearer idea and prevents confusion in any form.

Google Sheet Integration

Every time an incident is reported, the details will be recorded in a google sheet. Just toggle on the integration and you can access the sheet in the integration tab. Segment the information based on types of incidents and track if site safety standards are met. Use the data the way you want to generate construction incident or accident report.


Use this incident report form template on the device of any screen size. Your employees or site workers can report incident through smartphones, tablet or device or any screen size. You need to only share the form, and need not worry about what device they are using to fill it.

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