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ROI Calculator

Return On Investment (ROI) is considered the easiest way to calculate the potential of a business. This ROI calculator helps you calculate your rate of return effortlessly. You can enter the value of revenue and cost to calculate ROI. Also, calculate your appropriate ROI by editing the formula. This calculator can be used to measure the return on investment of any business venture.

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How to Calculate ROI instantly?

Measure business potential instantly by calculating ROI using our ROI calculator

Who can use an ROI calculator?

Educational Sector

Educational Institutions continuously grow by launching new programs that benefit students. They allocate resources by staying mindful of the costs of implementing new initiatives and the benefits they would bring. Thus, calculating ROI helps them plan the best ways to improve students' performance.

Retail Sector

Retail businesses must renovate their stores often, keep up with market trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. They can use the ROI calculator to calculate the return on investment value in percentage and decide on strategies to enhance the shopping experience.

Healthcare Provider

Hospitals and Clinics assess the value of new medical equipment purchased by calculating ROI. Healthcare institutions analyze details on improved patient outcomes and enhanced operational efficiency and hence make informed decisions.

E-Commerce Industry

New product launches and innovative strategies help the E-Commerce industry endure longer in this competitive world. With an ROI calculator, E-Commerce companies can compare the costs of development, marketing, and distribution against revenue. This determines whether the product should be scaled up or continued.

The Benefits of the ROI Calculator

Mobile-Friendly Design

Compatibility with all devices, including smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. The mobile responsive design especially allows users to perform calculations anywhere, anytime. This feature assists in financial analysis and enhances convenience.

Multi-Currency Support

This ROI calculator template can fill in revenue and cost details in a few countries’ currencies. This feature greatly benefits businesses operating globally by ensuring exact financial analysis irrespective of inflation issues.

Conversational UI

SurveySparrow has a conversational and user-friendly interface that simplifies use. This feature allows users with less technical knowledge to use this template and benefit from it efficiently. Thus, this intuitive interface attracts a broader audience.

How To Use ROI Calculator Template


Since the platform provides complete customization options, industries can tailor everything from questions to font style, color, respective currencies, and themes to match their brand’s identity. Yes! You heard it right. Use our CSS customization to redefine your template appearance. Also, opting for the white labeling feature with a custom domain enhances trust.


Once you customize your template, the next step is to connect with the apps to automate the workflow. Integrate with MailChimp for effective mail communication, Google Sheets for data collection, and Zapier, the third-party tool that integrates with your existing apps.


Our platform offers multiple sharing options: email, phone, QR code, social media, Whatsapp, or a shareable link. These options enhance the user’s convenience and generate ROI in just one click.


Next comes the analysis process, which helps industries determine ROI and devise new marketing strategies accordingly. Utilize SurveySparrow’s advanced analytics with an executive dashboard that breaks down data into charts, graphs, etc. You could also export it into PDF format for further analysis.


SurveySparrow is a one-stop solution for refining experiences through interactive surveys. With it, you can create any visually stunning and engaging survey. You can also integrate with your favorite tools, analyze your responses, understand the business’ growth potential, and assist in continually evolving.

The ROI calculator template, with on-point details, measures how industries can enhance product launches, keep up with market trends, rebuild new strategies, and thus increase ROI steadily. SurveySparrow’s advanced analytics and features help industries analyze financial status thoroughly and take better initiatives.

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