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Product Packaging Design Questionnaire Template

Features of Product Packaging Design Questionnaire

More Features of Product Packaging Design Questionnaire

Come up with the right story for your clients’ brands by designing the right product packaging. Use features of SurveySparrow to customize this product packaging design questionnaire the way you want.

Bundle of Question Types

Our builder lets you add various question types in your packaging design questionnaire. Add multiple choice questions to understand the gender of the customers. Use type-in question type to understand the client preference regarding the product’s packaging.

Conversational UI

Conversate with your customers through the questionnaire. You can add various emojis, gifs and short messages in the questionnaire to make it engaging for the customers. This feature lets the customer fill the questionnaire with engagement and proper clarity.

Multiple Sharing Option

Share the questionnaire for product packaging on multiple channels. You can share it vis SMS, Embed in mail and share web link on multiple communication platforms. Generate a short URL with your company’s name and share it with the respondents.

Mobile SDK

Embed the form in your own native android or ios applications. This feature makes the form easily accessible to the customers and also helps the designers to gain insights on the packaging products at a faster rate.

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