Why use this Logo Design Questionnaire Template?

Some Q&A about Logo Design and this Questionnaire.

What is a logo?

A logo is essential for every business. A logo differentiates you from your competitors in the industry and instantly conveys a message about the quality and nature of your brand, which in turn develops a perception in the minds of your customers.

What are the different types of logos?

  • Lettermark

A lettermark logo is an abbreviation of a company’s name using the first letter of each word, otherwise known as an initialism. The letters are pronounced separately, for example, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

  • Wordmark

Wordmark designs consist of an organization’s name alone, and it has no accompanying symbol.

  • Pictorial

A pictorial logo is the opposite of the aforementioned typographic marks and consists of an icon or graphic of a recognizable item or object alone, with no accompanying text.

  • Abstract

An abstract logo is like a pictorial logo, using a stand-alone icon or graphic symbol for an organization. It does not comprise of a recognizable object but is instead an impressionistic symbol exclusive to that company’s identity.

  • Mascot

A mascot logo uses a character or spokesperson who represents the face of the brand. Depending on the business and its target audience, the style and inspiration for this mascot can vary from a completely fictitious character, to a real person who is an icon of the company, for example the founder.

  • Combination

The most commonly used logo is the combination logo. This comprises a typographic mark (lettermark or wordmark) alongside a pictorial element (symbol, abstract or mascot). These components can be stacked side by side, on top of one another or even mixed together.

  • Emblem

An emblem is a specific type of combination where a font is displayed inside a symbol or an icon. These are often more traditional in appearance and are very common with schools, organisations and government agencies.

If it isn’t apparent already, let me tell you why a logo is important, in detail.

A great logo sets a business apart, creates intrigue and curiosity. In order to effectively create a logo, you must understand what makes that business unique and where they are at in terms of their brand development. It really pays to work on the brand first or in conjunction with logo development because the brand values will lead to the development of your perfect logo.

Seems important, doesn’t it?

You must wonder what a logo questionnaire is and why do we need it? Well, we’ve got you covered!

What is a logo design questionnaire?

A logo design questionnaire is a series of questions to your clients to understand their logo preferences and give you an indication of how to work with them. The scope of the project will become clearer with the answers to this questionnaire.

You may be working with them to establish a new logo or refreshing an old one or you may need to work with them on their overall brand.
A typical initial logo assessment asks about:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Audience and clients
  • Products and services
  • Competitors
  • Design preferences
  • Unique selling proposition (what makes them different)
  • Budget

So, this is where we at SurveySparrow, come in and make your lives easier.
We give you the option of using the foremost method of collecting all types of information– A Survey powered with multiple question types and opinions scales. You can customize your survey according to your needs and make use of the comprehensive and exhaustive database automatically generated by us to take effective and efficient decisions with respect to your customer’s needs and requirements with respect to their logo design and delighting the customers by giving them the design of their dreams.

Try out our Logo Design Questionnaire Template and make your logo designing process much more effective, today!

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