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Best Online Survey Tool

When feedback is critical to your business, settle for nothing but the best online survey tool

Best Online Survey Tool Lifecycle

Best Online Survey Tool helps you build surveys that are engaging, personalized and offers refreshing experience.

Craft out engaging online surveys with relevant questions

Best Online Survey Tool helps you circulate your surveys far and wide across various platforms.

Share online surveys across various channels and get maximum responses

Best Online Survey Tool helps you uncover crucial data about your business and identify potential blindspots.

From the online survey data, gather crucial insights to improve business

Best Online Survey Tool helps you build and scale winning strategies to steer your company towards success.

Modify and plan your next course of action based on online survey results

Best Online Survey Tool: Overview

Before the entry of online survey tools , paper questionnaires, postal mail surveys, telephonic surveys and, one-to-one interviews ruled the feedback collection market. Businesses relied on these techniques even though they were cumbersome, time-consuming, effort-intensive, and the surefire way to lighten the wallet. However, a paradigm shift came about following the entry of some of the best online survey tools in the market. Companies went ‘online’ for surveying, and bid adieu to the stack of paper surveys that awaited long-drawn evaluation.

An online survey conducted with the help of the best online survey tool brings actionable feedback. Consequently, the insights serve in improving customer service, business's growth, customer experience, and much more!

What are the benefits of using the Best Online Survey Tool?

The best online survey tools usually have solutions for almost any kind of survey that businesses require. When executed correctly, surveys can alter the entire working of firms resulting in a huge ROI, growth, and success. The best online survey tools are potent to give you directions to steer your business with its results. Let’s see how:

Quick Surveys

The time needed to create, send, and evaluate an online survey is significantly less when compared to the traditional methods. When you choose the best online survey tool to work with, rest assured, it's a smart move. Paper questionnaires and postal mails take their sweet time to present you with survey data. On the contrary, the best online survey tools get the job done in no time.

Easy for Respondents

Employing the best online survey tools for data collection make it easy not only for the creator but also for the respondent. Surveys created using the best online survey tools are highly engaging, visually appealing, and refreshing. Consequently, surveys undergo a pleasant change from the infamy its known for. These days, people actually prefer answering online surveys using the best online survey tool instead of getting on a telephone or being a part of focus groups.

Boosts Branding

Making use of the best online survey tool to ask for customer feedback is also helpful in promoting your brand. The best online survey tools transfer the reins when it comes to designing your surveys; the fonts, colors, layout, and more! In this manner, you can draft surveys that compliment your brand and familiarize your audience with your logo, color, and your style!

Flexibility & Convenience

A lot of flexibility comes from using the best online survey tool. Respondents can complete the survey anywhere, anytime as they wish. Consequently, this directly translates into higher survey response rates. Be it a lazy Sunday or a freaky Friday, in the comfort of a recliner or hopping cabs, your audience can utilize mobile surveys to the fullest using the best online survey tools.

What are the features that make the Best Online Survey Tool?

The potential features that the best online survey tool can have are numerous. Therefore, picking the right tool is extremely important for achieving the desired results for your surveys. From getting product feedback and sending out market research surveys, voice of customer tool, 360 feedback survey, and much more the best online survey tool comes to your aid for it all. Let’s find out the must-have features that one can look for in the best online survey tools.

The best online survey tool comes with an elegant interface that helps to engage with your audience.
An captivating UI helps to engage the audience better
Captivating Interface

It is no easy task to obtain feedback from your customers. Therefore, the aversion people have towards filling surveys comes as no surprise. However, with the best online survey tool, you can change this perception without difficulty. Craft online surveys that complement your brand and offer a refreshing experience. Pick out the best online survey tool out there and strike the right cord with your audience, from the beginning.

Ask what's relevant to your audience by using Conditional Logic Branching in your surveys.
Create smart surveys with Conditional Logic Branching
Conditional Logic Branching

When you choose online survey software to work with, conditional branching is one feature that you must look out for. The best online survey tools offer logic branching feature which poses only relevant questions to respondents. This evaluation is based on the previous answers which a respondent gives. Therefore, it helps to bring a level of personalization in your surveys. Guess what? Your customers would absolutely love it!

Collect more data by using different question types in your online surveys.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Host of Question Types

Does the online survey tool that you want to use support diverse question types? If not then it isn’t the best online survey tool. What you ask and how you ask is extremely important for achieving the desired results for your survey. Hence you must look for questions types like star rating, scale rating, MCQs, image choice types, matrix type, rank order, and more in the best online tool you have zeroed-in.

Get rich insights from the best online survey tool's reporting module.
Analyze the data and get in-depth insights
Report Creation & Insights

A survey is run so that one can collect valuable data and insights from the survey results. The traditional methods took a huge chunk of time for analysis. However, with the best survey tool, one can get detailed reports and insights instantly. The best online survey tool instantly captures the responses, stores it in the database, and furnishes reports that are ready for perusal. Study the data and gather inestimable insights. Find out the areas of improvement and take immediate measures.

Create your survey in minutes by choosing a template from the diverse collection.
A host of popular templates to pick from
Free Survey Templates

The best online survey tool has in its kitty, the most popular survey templates from different domains. Consequently, it is easier for the survey creator to draft and design surveys in a matter of minutes. There’s no time spent on research- the best online survey tool does it all for you! Browse through the rich collection of survey templates, take your pick, and create your survey in minutes. Be it NPS survey, customer feedback survey, or employee satisfaction survey.

What makes SurveySparrow the Best Online Survey Tool?

As we have been reiterating, using the best online survey tool is in your business’ best interests. This is due to the plethora of advantages it offers. While there are many tools available today, not all of them can be considered as the best online survey tool. Let’s find out why SurveySparrow falls under the list of best online survey tools.

Dual Survey Experience

A good online survey tool offers a decent interface; the best online survey tool provides not one but two survey experiences. Yes, SurveySparrow has chat-like surveys and conversational forms that's one of a kind. Surely, SurveySparrow ticks the box of a great interface under best online tools checklist. Create a survey in a blink with SurveySparrow!

Recurring Surveys

The best online survey tools take maximum work out of your plate and bring automation wherever possible. Imagine what a waste of time and efforts it is when you have to send out the same online surveys over and over again. Isn't it a chore by itself? SurveySparrow’s recurring surveys allows you to automate sending surveys periodically. Just configure the survey settings initially, the best online survey tool takes it from there.

Advanced Reporting Module

Best online survey tool can filter out valuable information from raw data and present you with refined insights. With a rich module that gives a 360-degree view of your survey performance & results, SurveySparrow easily wins the title of best online survey tools when it comes to data analysis.

App Integrations

A business employs multiple tools to coordinate different sectors and run it smoothly. Thus it is essential to pick the best online survey tool that can integrate with the existing applications and provide a smooth workflow. SurveySparrow’s is the best online survey tool that helps you integrate, automate all your tasks and innovate with impact. Connect with your favorite apps using Zapier Integration, webhooks, and API!

Track Survey Responses

SurveySparrow’s best online survey tool offers multiple channels to share your surveys. Be it email surveys, social media, web links, embedded option, SMS share and such, the best online survey tool leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your online surveys enjoy maximum reach and visibility. You can also track and find out which channel has fetched you maximum responses. Therefore, you can leverage this information to prepare better strategies.

Having the best online survey tool by your side is a boon for any business; from a budding startup to a fully functional MNC. The best online survey tool you pick must be an all-rounder- a market research software, voice of customer tool, customer feedback software, NPS tool, and more!

Employing data collection tools is the easiest and the best way to ensure your company improves contineously and then sees the horizon of success. So get started with designing your survey with SurveySparrow and create surveys easily- both online and offline. Our offline survey app ensures you have an uninterrupted feedback collection even in the absence of internet.

Happy Surveying!

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