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If you are into sales, we know that you prioritize sales productivity above everything else. In a fast-paced environment like that of sales, it’s tough to find enough time to meet all the requirements and targets.
Phone calls, follow-ups, Emails, Meetings, and Negotiations! Trying to squeeze out just another drop of productivity from your day, sure can turn dreary. “Once you are more efficient in sales, you can make more sales.” Here are the 5 strategies to help you drive sales productivity in your business.

1. Prospect to know quickly
Make sure that you are spending your time only on your most valued prospects. Studies note that around 25 to 50% of all forecasted deals end in no-decision. “Spend time with qualified customers who need what you have.” Chasing weak prospects will only make you waste your valuable time on ‘zombie leads.’

2. Prep for tomorrow before you leave today
Before wrapping up your day at work, be sure to plan and prepare what you are going to do the next day. This helps to keep your mind clean and calm the next day. You already know what you need to do. You have a clear picture of your to-do task list. The prospects to call, the emails to be sent, the follow-ups to be made and more.

3. Block your schedule
Blocking your schedule or calendar again helps to have clarity. You can better plan your day to make it as productive as it can be. Allot one hour for prospecting, one hour to send emails, one hour to follow up and so on. Stick to your calendar.

4. Use your sales technology
Embracing technology and automation can boost productivity drastically. Identify ways to use CRM tools to achieve your purpose. “A CRM system is a salesperson’s best friend.” Using sales technology the right way can help you ramp up the entire sales process. Make it tell you things such as the best approaches or promising prospects.

5. Take ownership to improve your sales tech stack
A salesperson who demands and gets things done wins. It’s as simple as that. How do you start taking ownership of your sales tech stack? It begins with you saying, “This is exactly how I want the prospects to be; this is exactly how I want my CRM to be associated with.” Start asking the people who support you, be it a Net Promoter Score software or survey software, and you will see how powerful your sales tech stack becomes.

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