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What is an SMS Survey?

SMS survey is a feedback collection methodology that gives high response rates and actionable data from your customers. With almost a decade since the entry of smartphones, the world is literally at our fingertips. It wasn't long before people had to log-in to their desktop for completing an online survey. However, the smartest companies have evolved from this point. Sharing surveys via SMS is not only smart but also a fast way to capture data. Pick the best SMS survey tool that helps you collect data on the move. Anywhere, anytime, at the convenience of your customers

According to stats by Forbes, Salesforce, and CTIA respectively,

B2B showed 197% increase in SMS marketing during 2015-2017

SMS has an open rate of 98% while email has just about 20%

It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message

Employ a great SMS survey software to,


Craft engaging SMS surveys and collect quality feedback


Text your respondents the feedback survey


Analyze the SMS survey data and gather insights


Set up a plan of action to enhance business growth

SurveySparrow as your SMS Survey Software

Here are some pointers that'll help you choose the right SMS survey software for collecting feedback from your customers.

Choose your SMS provider

Share SMS surveys easily by bringing in your SMS provider. SurveySparrow’s Target feature helps you connect with your SMS provider to share text surveys. Refer to the API documentation of the provider and create a Target in SurveySparrow. Choose your provider and send your SMS survey as an alternative to our default one.

Choose your own SMS provider using Target feature.
Choose your own SMS provider to share SMS surveys

Craft engaging, conversational surveys

Pick an SMS survey software that helps you create engaging, conversational surveys. SurveySparrow's conversational forms and chat surveys bring you up to 40% higher survey response rates. Design with surveys themes and style it with CSS. Throw in diverse question types to collect meaningful data.

Build conversational surveys that engages with your audience.
Create conversational SMS surveys

White-label and brand surveys

Brand your feedback surveys using white-label features like custom domain and CSS customization. It is essential to let customers feel safe to take the survey link and give their feedback. Branding the URL with your company domain immensely impacts the open rates. Make surveys truly your own. Reflect your brand persona.

White-label and brand your surveys and build trust with your audience.
White-label and brand your SMS surveys

Customize and share SMS surveys

Share surveys via text. Make the text message clear, crisp, and to-the-point. Add the content, test it with a sample number, and then share it. You can choose your audience from any list or share it directly. Test and try different times to optimize the survey share time.

Share your SMS survey at different times and find what's the right time to share surveys.
Customize, test, and then share your SMS surveys easily

Track performance & gain insights

The SMS survey tool you opt for must not only help you collect the feedback data easily but analyze the responses as well. Capture real-time data and track survey performance using SurveySparrow's reporting module. Schedule reports to your inbox automatically to view responses. Filter responses with Reports Filters and cross-tabulate them using Compare feature.

Assess the SMS survey data and gain in-depth conclusions.
Track survey performance and gain insights

Mobile-friendly & multi-device compatible

SMS surveys will become a failure if the online survey software you opt for doesn't offer mobile-friendly surveys. Therefore, when a user accesses the survey from their phone, they get terrible user experience. Scrolling left & right back & forth would easily make them abandon the surveys. SurveySparrow's mobile-first surveys and multi-device compatible surveys will let your customers give feedback at any time.

Pick an SMS survey tool that has mobile-friendly surveys.
SMS surveys that are compatible across any device

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When to use SMS surveys?

Employing SMS surveys in the following scenarios would bring meaningful data and impactful insights. Here are the popular use-cases of SMS surveys.

Retail store feedback

Once your customers shop from your retail store, you can instantly send them an SMS survey to measure the experience they had. Since the shopping experience is still fresh in their minds, you can expect quality feedback on your way. Here's a Retail Store Template to get started.

Resort or restaurant feedback

Find out the dining experience gusts had at your restaurant or the stay at your resort. Find out the shortcoming and improve. Garner more positive reviews from your clients and stand out from your competitors for an exceptional experience.

Candidate experience feedback

Once you conduct an interview, collecting feedback from candidates can help you improve the experience in the future. With positive experience, the good word about your organization spreads, making way for exceptional talent.

Entertainment hotspots feedback

Collect feedback from attendees for an event, patrons from movie theatres, or guests at a concert with a quick SMS survey. Host a better event in the future and improve the overall experience for clients.

Flight experience feedback

Get feedback from your guests about their flight experience. A quick SMS survey after landing and baggage collection will help you gauge their happiness and take steps to improve it.

Delivery experience feedback

Find out how your customers liked the delivery experience and their level of satisfaction. Was the attitude of the delivery executive good? Was the parcel delivered without any breakage? Find out and improve.

What are the Benefits of SMS Surveys?

SMS surveys bring in a multitude of advantages. Let's have a look at the six best aspects of using the SMS form of survey sharing. According to reports by Forbes, "95% of your audience OPEN and READ your text messages within 3 mins" That's as fast as you can go when you employ SMS as your data collection tool. Set a personalized text message, insert the link to your surveys, and see the responses pouring in.

Better Reach

People carry their smartphones with them always. This makes the reach of SMS surveys unparalleled. Respondents receive the notification, read your text, and they take the survey. While people can miss out on reading emails, especially if they land up in the Spam folder, an SMS survey poses no such trouble.

Most Convenient

SMS surveys are one of the most flexible forms of sharing online surveys. The respondents can pick a time of their choice to answer the surveys; if they are on the subway or during a tea break. As a result, your SMS surveys receive increased response rates.

Boost Customer Engagement

SMS surveys help to enhance the engagement you have with your audience. Online survey software these days comes with various features that allow personalizing messages. As a result, respondents are gently urged to take & finish the surveys.

Cost-effective Alternative

Without a doubt, SMS surveys are a cost-effective alternative to other forms of survey share option. Texts may come up to a few pennies and gets you high open rates & actual results, while costly marketing campaigns only promise you the same result.

Easily Deliverable

Once you get the contact details of your respondents, administering the SMS survey to them is very simple. Once you customize the text message, add the survey link, and test it, it is good to go!

SMS surveys: Things to consider

Tip #1: Keep it short & crisp

Ensure your text message surveys are short and to the point. Making it long will result in survey fatigue.

Tip #2: Test before sharing

Always test your SMS survey before sharing it with your respondents. You can enter a test number with SurveySparrow's online survey maker, cross-check, verify, and blast.

Tip #3: Share at different times

Feel free to experiment by sending the SMS survey at various times during a day and different days during the week. Try sending the surveys at different times and track the performance in each case. Maybe Tuesday afternoon works better than Thursday evening. Test and find out.

Tip #4: Personalize SMS surveys

Give a touch of personalization into your surveys. Greet respondents with their name, pipe questions and add custom params and variables to create smart surveys.

Tip #5: Choose mobile-friendly SMS survey tool

Pick an SMS survey platform that offers surveys that are compatible with mobile devices. Your SMS marketing will hit a dead end otherwise. Provide respondents the flexibility to take the survey at their convenience.

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