Get instant feedback from your audience, while they are on the move, with SMS survey.

SMS Survey

Pocket feedback from your audience efficiently through mobile devices using smart SMS survey.

Craft engaging SMS survey and get quick feedback.

Craft engaging SMS surveys and collect quality feedback

Share SMS survey with your target audience.

Send your SMS surveys to target audience

Study SMS survey data and gain rich insights from it.

Study the SMS survey data and gather insights

Devise strategies and plans based on the SMS survey insights.

Set up a plan of action to enhance business growth

What is SMS Survey

SMS surveys have redefined the concept of survey share methodologies. With almost a decade since the entry of smartphones, the world has literally come at the fingertips of people, now. Alarms, calendar, camera, payments… smartphones have taken over the role of all these components overnight. SMS surveys were born out of the sheer determination to get actionable feedback from an audience and getting high online survey completion rates as well. Before, people had to log-in to their desktop for taking a survey. However, with SMS survey, all that they need now is a smartphone. Talk about convenience at its best. Therefore, we can rightly conclude that SMS surveys have become the swiftest & most straightforward way to survey an audience.

What are the Benefits of SMS Surveys

SMS surveys bring in a multitude of advantages. Let’s have a look at the six best aspects of using SMS form of survey sharing. Instant Data Capture According to reports by Forbes, "95% of your audience OPEN and READ your text messages within 3 mins." That’s as fast as you can go when it comes to data collection. Set a personalized text message, insert the link to your surveys, and see the responses pouring in.

Better Reach

People carry their smartphones with them always. This makes the reach of SMS surveys unparalleled. Respondents receive the notification, read your text, and they take the survey. While people can miss out on reading emails, especially if they land up in the Spam folder, SMS survey poses no such trouble.

Most Convenient

SMS surveys are one of the most flexible forms of sharing online surveys. The respondents can pick a time of their choice to answer the surveys; if they are on the subway or during a tea break. As a result, your online surveys receive increased responses rates.

Boost Customer Engagement

SMS surveys help to enhance the engagement you have with your audience. Online survey software these days come with various features that helps to personalize messages. As a result, respondents are gently urged to take & finish the surveys.

Cost-effective Alternative

Without a doubt, SMS surveys are a cost-effective alternative to other forms of the online survey share option. Texts may come up to a few pennies and gets you high open rates & actual results, while costly marketing campaigns only promise you the same result.

Easily Deliverable

Once you get the contact details of your respondents, administering SMS survey to them is very simple. Once you customize the text message, add the survey link, and test it, it is good to go!

How To Choose an SMS Survey Tool

If you wish your SMS surveys to taste success, it is necessary that you have the right tool by your side. However, how do you differentiate an average tool from a great one? Here are some features we have rounded in on to help you out.

Build conversational surveys that engages with your audience.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Create Interactive Surveys

The SMS survey tool you round in, must be adept in helping you create engaging surveys that fetch appropriate responses from the audience. The tool should help you design surveys that match the persona of your brand and must include a host of diverse question types that cater to various needs and requirements. In addition, the SMS survey must consist of a clear call to action strip which urges respondents to click the link to take the online survey.

Share your SMS survey at different times and find what's the right time to share surveys.
Test-send SMS Survey multiple times and find the right time
Share & Test SMS Survey

Once you draft your online survey, the next step is to share it via SMS. Make the text message clear, crisp, and to-the-point. Feel free to experiment by sending the SMS survey at various time and days. Consequently, you will find out that specific time and certain days are more suited to get the best results. Once you identify the right time & date, it’s only a matter of administering the survey. Track your survey performance to better completion rates.

Pick an SMS survey tool that has mobile-friendly surveys.
Ensure your SMS Surveys are mobile-friendly
Mobile Compatibility

SMS surveys will become a failure if the survey tool you opt for doesn’t offer device-compatible surveys. Therefore, when a user accesses the survey from their phone, they get a terrible user experience; scrolling left & right, back & forth would easily make them abandon the surveys. Hence, you must make mobile-compatible SMS surveys which provide a great user experience to respondents.

Assess the SMS survey data and gain in-depth conclusions.
Advanced reporting system to gather rich insights
Analyze Responses

The SMS survey tool you opt for must not only help you collect the feedback data easily but analyze the responses as well. When survey takers enter the responses, it is immediately captured in the dashboard of the tool and converted into detailed reports & charts. One can gather in-depth insights and gain solid conclusions from this data. These insights can be used to make better business decisions and make amends to boost growth.

SurveySparrow as Your SMS Survey Tool

Get the best out of SMS surveys using SurveySparrow’s best-in-class features. Wish to know what they are? Read away and find out.

Conversational Dual-UI

You may have heard of conversational survey tools, but have you heard about one that offers two interfaces instead of one? SurveySparrow is one such tool. With chat-like surveys and conversational forms, you can start conversing with your audience and get response rates and feedback like never before.

Mobile-first Online Surveys

SurveySparrow offers mobile-first online surveys that make SMS surveys an instant winner. The online surveys you create with SurveySparrow is friendly across any device- be it a tablet, desktop, or smartphones.

Audience Management

SurveySparrow comes with the audience management feature that helps you to group your audience into various categories. Say you are sending your online surveys to different departments in an organization. With the audience management feature, you can group the respondents and then share the surveys department wise. Hence, send bulk SMS surveys at a go!

Tap Deep Insights

SurveySparrow comes with a robust dashboard that helps you uncover crucial insights from the survey data. While you sit back and relax, the SMS survey tool does all the work for you and presents detailed-reports and charts. As soon as the respondents give responses, it is captured, drilled down and presented to you!

Free Survey Templates

SurveySparrow has a vibrant collection of the most popular survey templates. Be it for any purpose like market research, customer satisfaction, employee feedback, event feedback… our template gallery has them all. Browse and pick your template!

SMS surveys are a swift way of collecting feedback and data from an audience. Get started with your SMS surveys, right away!

Happy Texting!

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