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What is Performance Management?

Performance management software enables organizations to understand how well their employees perform and their productivity. Most companies conduct performance reviews to understand the skill of their workforce and also to conduct appraisals based on the same. Conducting performance reviews or employee 360 assessments helps companies to align their workforce with the goals, mission, and vision of the organization.


Create employee 360 feedback survey for performance review


Invite employees to take part in the performance review process


Generate custom performance reports for each employee


Have 1:1 with your employees for personal development

Performance Management Software is a platform that helps Managers or relevant stakeholders to track the performance, understand the core strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate employees. These insights help them to re-align to meet goals & achieve KPIs.

Performance Management Software is a platform that helps Managers or relevant stakeholders to track the performance, understand the core strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate employees. These insights help them to re-align to meet goals & achieve KPIs.

Performance management software makes it easy to combine feedback from multiple sources into an easily understandable format for reviewers to get comprehensive knowledge. This can be the contributing factor for deciding compensation, achieving task objectives, prompting hiring decisions, and understanding career trajectory.

Key areas evaluated for 360 Employee Reviews

With SurveySparrow’s performance management software, you can evaluate your employees with respect to the following core area. The rating is usually done on a scale of 1-5, and the survey is broken down into multiple sections. Each section covers all aspects of the particular skills, namely:

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • Team skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Creativity skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Organizational Alignment skills

SurveySparrow as Your Performance Management Software

Performance management helps a company to identify the hiccups and blindspots that hinder employees from performing their best and identify the scope of improvement for the same. It allows employees to align with the overall mission and vision of the organization. SurveySparrow’s performance management software comes with many features that help you get a 360 degree picture of their performance.

Track assessment status with Portal

Track the status of completion in the dedicated employee portal for performance management. Evaluators, Mangers, and the Reviewee can see the trend of assessment completion using filters such as self-assessed, partially evaluated, evaluation complete, report pending, report ready. Share reminder emails to the non-responders and nudge them gently for completing it.

Create engaging, personalized webforms and understand your customers better.
Track 360 assesments & review in employee portal

Invite employees with easy contact import

Import the details of your employees easily into the performance management software. Use CSV for mass imports, or you can integrate using Active Directory or LDAP. You can view all the employee details such as their email ID, the type of evaluation that’s assigned to them, and the likes. These reviews can be peer, manager, reportee, or even self-evaluation. Once configured, you can simply select the employees and share them at one go. Approvers can accept/reject the reports.

Style your webforms using themes and CSS with a free online form builder.
Invite employees easily using contact import options

Generate custom employee reports

Based on the comprehensive evaluation, SurveySparrow’s performance review management software generates custom reports for each employee under evaluation. These reports contain the Strengths, Weaknesses, Blind Spots, and Hidden Strengths of an employee and also a dedicated section, the Personal Development Plan, where mentors can add their comments to help them grow. Get an overview as well as a get down to the nitty-gritty details using this employee review software.

Share your webforms across different channels.
Study custom reports specially created for each employee

Get started instantly with 360 survey

Waste no time in drafting a 360 evaluation survey form. You can go ahead and use our custom template and make any tweak you desire. The survey covers every aspect of 360 performance reviews such as leadership, communication, team skills, organization capabilities, interpersonal skills, creativity, and alignment with the company. You can use these templates for employee or leadership assessments.

Analyze data in-depth using dashboard and detailed reports.
Use 360 feedback survey readily or tweak as needed

Conduct performance-backed fair appraisals

Conduct appraisal cycles that justify and congratulate the effort and contribution of an employee. Use employee review software and collect omnidirectional feedback. Empower your employees and help them to perform better. Build a better work culture that thrives with productivity. Allocate all your resources smartly.

Kick-start your data collection using custom-made survey templates.
Conduct fair & just appraisals backed by reviews

Set-up performance management system for my team, now!

What's more along with Performance Management Software?

Measure employee performance and empower them to grow and maximize productivity & output. However, as an HR & admin, how is SurveySparrow going to help your organization along with performance evaluation & management?


Enable SSO for your organization

Set-up SSO or single sign-on for your organization and use organizational credentials to log in to your performance evaluation software. No more sticky notes to remind creds for all your tools.


Measure eNPS easily

Understand employee loyalty using NPS. You can share it via email or set-up a bot in Slack. In both, you can automate the process and send it quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.


Automate & set-up employee bots

Set-up employee bots in Slack & Microsft teams to conduct daily standups and weekly reflections. Keep track of employee tasks and remove any hurdles they face.


Create subaccounts & teams

For the different departments, you can set-up a subaccount each and then manage each more efficiently. All relevant stakeholders can handle all these subaccounts under a single parent and.


Automate employee pulse surveys

Configure employee surveys and share them periodically. Understand their problems and resolve them quickly. Empower them to do their best.


Station new-hire & exit feedback

Collect feedback from the people who join your company and the ones who leave. Use exit feedback to improve the functioning and check-ins to enhance the onboarding.

Benefits of Employee Reviews & 360 Performance Management

Having a performance review system in your organization may seem a daunting task at first. However, with the right software by your side, the process becomes action efficient and helps your company steepen the growth curve.

Increased employee productivity

Provide all essential resources for your employees to do their best. Use performance management software to stay in touch with their pulse and resolve issues, if any, at the very beginning.

Heightened self-awareness

Employee 360 evaluation helps an organization & its employees to know their strengths and weaknesses. This will enable employees to function better and grow along with the company.

Better work culture

Improve the work culture using the inputs from your employees. Make it a happy place when employees can learn, grow, and thrive.

Optimal resource allocation

Based on the strengths of your employees, allocate resources optimally for maximum output.

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