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What is a 360-degree feedback survey?

360 feedback survey

360 degree feedback is a feedback methodology where an employee is evaluated by multiple entities like managers, peers, clients, and colleagues. As the name suggests, it gives an all-encompassing view of employee’s performance and team performance.


It typically consists of open-ended review questions that evaluate a set of competencies that are essential for the growth and development of both the organization as a whole and employees. 


A 360-degree questionnaire is one of the simplest yet easiest ways to evaluate your employees and understand their level of involvement with the company, their rapport with their team members, and their overall performance in their role. 


Since it involves views from multiple sources, it is easier for the HR team and key stakeholders to understand the underlying causes behind problems. 


A 360-degree questionnaire is one of the simplest yet easiest ways to evaluate your employees and understand their level of involvement with the company, their rapport with their team members, and their overall performance in their role.  Since it involves views from multiple sources, it is easier for the HR team and key stakeholders to understand the underlying causes behind problems.


So, here’s how SurveySparrow’s 360 review system works in simple terms.


Build custom surveys

Use our pre-build 360° feedback assessment based on competencies or customize questions that suit your needs.  


Invite peers & create custom roles

Configure participants and roles as peer, reportee, manager, or create custom roles. Set cut-off dates, report generation, language, and more. Share invites to all evaluators with pre-built onboarding email templates. 


Create personalized dashboards to suit your team

Personalize your dashboards either to reflect your team’s or individual employees’ performance . Slice and dice the data the way you want with charts and graphs.  


Automate assessments & track progress of evaluations

The intuitive employee portal allows you to track the progress of individual assessments and automate email reminders for incomplete evaluations.


Switching to online feedback software that captures data efficiently and analyzes it in-detail helps businesses to fast-track their decision-making process and devising strategies. Besides, identifying your target audience is crucial to obtain the right data.  


What are the different types of 360 feedback?

Depending upon the purpose and whom it is sent, 360 assessments can be classified into two.


1. Leadership development program for managers

Here, the subject of the evaluation is the manager or the department leader. Evaluators can be both inside the organization like reportees, leadership team and outside the organization like vendors and customers.


Sharing a 360 assessment for managers helps a company understand the administrative capabilities, actions and behaviors of team leaders. The survey typically includes questions on aspects like goal setting, task allocation, consulting team before important decisions, and alignment with the company’s mission.


2. Periodic performance appraisal for employees

Here, the subject of the evaluation is any employee in the company. Evaluators are mostly inside the organization like peers and managers.


Sharing a 360 assessment for peers helps a company to evaluate the employee from the point of view of their colleagues, direct reports, and team members. The questionnaire typically includes questions along the aspects of task completion, teamwork, employee engagement, mentorship, and feedback acceptance.


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What are the benefits of a 360 Feedback?



Foster continuous improvement

Collect feedback from a variety of sources like supervisor, peers, colleagues, customers, and vendors . Therefore, it is possible to identify the best traits of your employees along with the areas of improvement. Get a complete picture of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses. With this, you can develop an action plan based on the feedback received. 


Enhance teamwork and performance

A 360-degree review helps team members to function with each other more effectively. An anonymous feedback system makes the workforce more accountable as they share their views with each other. As a result, a well-planned 360 review enhances team performance and communication.


Improve employees’ self awareness

360 results helps employees’ understand their core strengths and key challenges for improving continually. Self-awareness helps employees to develop and enhance their skills. An adept, skilled workforce has a higher chance of meeting the goals of the company and hitting milestones, one after another.


Uncover blind spots

Once you analyze your results, it is easy for you to uncover the blind spots that are slowing down progress and resolve bottlenecks that’s piling up tasks. It also builds a culture that’s rich in openness and accountability, both of which are crucial to the success of an organization.


Balanced performance review

Traditional performance management is ineffective as they’re from a single rater, their manager. If the employee and manager share a good rapport then reviews can be biased. With the best 360 review tools reviews go beyond a single leader. There are multiple raters like peers, manager, direct reports and leadership. This allows you to receive constructive feedback. 


Implement learning & development programs

The feedback questionnaires have been built through academic research. This way you can get employee feedback on your employee’s competency and skill set.  When participating in a 360-degree review,  employees get to know their competencies. Employing such reviews helps to discover the latest trends, and implement new learning and development programs, and maximize your  organization’s knowledge power. 


Go beyond 360 feedback survey

With a powerful tool your organization can gain new knowledge about a specific topic and explore territories beyond the textbooks and reference materials. Our employee experience management platform helps you to automate onboarding, check on employees’ pulse, conduct eNPS, and schedule exit surveys. Managers and leaders can focus on human intensive tasks and accelerate your data-driven decisions.


What makes SurveySparrow the ideal solution for your next 360-degree appraisal review?



Be it a half yearly performance appraisal process or a leadership assessment use SurveySparrow to quickly set up your process and start collecting constructive employee feedback.


Here are some of the features that will kick-start your 360 appraisal review in a matter of seconds.


Get started in minutes with pre-built 360 review survey

Create engaging 360 reviews forms using the conversational forms or chat-like interface. The pre-built 360 questionnaire empowers you to implement your performance appraisal system in just 5 minutes. 


Using custom params, piping, variables, and contact params, make your questionnaire highly personalized and engaging. With an assorted mix of question types, you can customize your forms based on department or team. 


It’s a good practice to opt for a best 360 survey software that offers mobile-friendly, multi-device compatible surveys to make it easier for you to share review questions and collect reviews. 


Single Sign-On for your company

You can easily log-in with your organization’s credentials with the SSO feature. Avoid juggling multiple credentials while using your everyday applications. Securely handle your account with your organization’s verified credentials. 


Powerful reporting for in-depth analysis

Once you receive feedback the next step is to analyze the data to uncover important insights. You can perform a thorough analysis using advanced filters, cross-tabulation, and easily export the data using PDF & SPSS for further analysis and performance management. You can automatically generate individual employees’ reports or team-wise reports using the report scheduling feature


Accelerate your performance review

Using traditional performance management tools, you cannot deep-dive into your survey results. Managers and leaders cannot help employees. With a powerful tool you can streamline your entire performance appraisal process. 


You can access areas of improvement, anonymous feedback from direct reports helps you get employee feedback, uncover blindspots, and get a complete picture of every employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and create a personalized growth and development plan.


Multiple sub-accounts for management

Create and manage multiple accounts for different departments like HR, Engineering, and Marketing. All under a single parent account. All the key stakeholders can access the sub-accounts from the parent one. Within each sub-account, you can manage who should view and access by using teams, user management, and folders.


Automate your performance appraisal

Since 360 review isn’t a one time deal, it is best to find a software that helps to automate the entire performance appraisal process. Configure when and how frequently you wish to send out your surveys- for instance, quarterly or bi-annually. 




How do I create a 360 employee review?

With a flexible tool like SurveySparrow, you can set up your 360 assessment can be set up within minutes. Create a SurveySparrow account and select 360 assessment. You can customize your survey questions or go ahead and share it with your participants. You can learn more about it here.


What are the advantages of 360-degree review?

Having a proper 360 feedback process shows that you care for your employees. This in turn will lead to increased employee satisfaction and increased employee retention rate. From an employee’s perspective, they know how their contributions are recognized by their peers and managers. Identifying blindspots will help them to improve their technical and interpersonal skills. 


We’re a small 10 member business or I am not a manager, should I try this tool?

Absolutely. Our nimble software was built to enable any human who wanted to collect quality feedback and build high-performing teams. No matter what your team size is, you can customize your questionnaire for your needs and start collecting feedback. 


How can I share the survey results?

You can quickly share your results with anyone with a password protected link. You can even configure to automatically generate the reports when any evaluators fill up their  responses and share it with all your employees and admin. 


Where can I get sample questions for my 360 questionnaire?

SurveySparrow comes with a ready-to-use questionnaire that is built by our industry experts and people champions. This sample 360 questionnaire is built with the best open-ended review questions based on the industry standards and employee competencies. Please read this blog for sample questions and get inspired to customize your questionnaire the way you want. 


Can we collect anonymous feedback?

Yes. You can configure your responses to be anonymous. Once this is done all the responses and comments by the evaluators will be anonymous. 


Do you have any performance feedback email samples?

We do have the entire email sequence configured in SurveySparrow. Right from onboarding participants and nominating evaluators to reminder emails, approve evaluators, and review report emails – all are ready for you to use in our app. You can even customize everything from top to bottom like sender email id, header, and footer. 

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