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What is an Online Survey Maker?

Online Survey Maker is a tool that helps you to build web forms quickly. A webform is the online, HTML version of any fill-up paper form you use. It allows users to enter any information and are crucial data collection points. With the aid of a web designer and developer, you can design and create web forms just the way you want. However, a free online survey maker helps you to avoid the dependencies and create and use online forms. With no programming skills needed, anyone can get started with creating his or her first form using just a few clicks and ticks.

Defining a free online survey maker,

An Online Survey Maker is a software that helps you to create surveys without any coding, design it with branding, and collect insightful data.


Create visually stunning surveys with high response rates


Distribute surveys & intently monitor the feedback received


Uncover valuable insights and conclude from survey responses


Chart-out a plan of action based on the insights gained and improve

Surveys & feedback have become part and parcel of businesses worldwide ever since the importance of listening to the voice of the customers has received widespread attention. Companies have taken it upon themselves to provide the best experience to their users by continually evolving and improving using customer feedback. When it comes to collecting feedback, an online survey maker has replaced all the traditional counterparts and has proved to be the best data collection tools out there.

SurveySparrow as your Online Survey Maker

Ensure you pick a survey maker platform that’s capable of catering to any requirement of yours; be it collecting feedback from customers or employees. SurveySparrow’s online survey maker can be used in the following ways.

Here’s how SurveySparrow is the best survey maker for your business. This list also gives you a fair idea of the must-have features for any online survey maker.

Elevate customer experience

Collect actionable feedback about your product & services from your customers with SurveySparrow’s online survey maker. Embed as a widget in your app, or deploy as a chatbot in your website. You can also share email surveys to customers at periodic intervals, fully-automated. Online shopping questionnaire, guest satisfaction survey, restaurant feedback, are some of the popular templates.

Create engaging surveys that brings feedback and understand your customers better.

Improve employee experience

After creating your survey, themes to make it stunning. You can choose from SurveySparrow’s custom library or go ahead and make one of your own. This free online survey maker lets you design every tiny detail of your web form- from color, font, background, and appearance. Add that extra sprinkle of magic by using CSS styling to make the form indeed the way you want.

Improve employee experience with pulse surveys and set up a great work culture.

Capture website feedback & leads

Improve website experience, capture lead info, and provide support by embedding chatbots on your website using an online survey maker. Understand what the visitors liked the best, what was hard to locate, and assist them with any queries. Simply copy-paste the widget code on your website; no coding required.

Embed webforms on your website and collect feedback and lead info.

Manage event registration & feedback

Find out how your event fared using post-event feedback surveys and know delegates’ expectations better. SurveySparrow’s offline survey app helps you collect data offline during your event. Besides, handle your pre-event registrations effortlessly using online registration forms and event-planning forms.

Manage event registrations and collect post-event feedback.

Improve healthcare experience

Gauge the quality of healthcare you provide at your medical institution using patient feedback forms. Make appointment-fixes online; easy for your patients and more comfortable for you. Improve the working environment for your doctors & staff, address their concerns, and enrich your medical institution.

Improve patient experience by collecting feedback and streamlining appointments.

Accept payments & application forms

Accept payments securely through your online surveys using SurveySparrow’s online survey maker. As all the data is encrypted, you needn’t worry about any leak or fraud. Finding it hard to manage orders? Get a T-shirt order form to help customers place orders and pay successfully. With a quick survey maker, handle applications forms efficiently, for instance, rental application form, KYC forms, etc.

Kick-start your data collection using custom-made survey templates.

Send out quizzes & invitations

Got a quiz coming up? Or a party? Set the questions, assign scores for the right answer, and use Expressions to compute the result. If needed, you can also take the printouts with SurveySparrow’s printable survey maker. Also, customize the Thank You page based on the points scored by respondents. Here’s a geography quiz and vocabulary quiz to tease your GK!

Send our quizzes and invitations to your audience with an online survey maker.

Conduct research work

Validate your thesis and research work with real-world insights by surveying a target audience specific to your study. Identify the right audience, prepare a questionnaire about your research, and collect data. Using the best online survey maker will help you analyze the data in-depth, and the report-ready dashboard will help you peruse data at once, and help you gain rich insights from it.

Conduct research work and validate your thesis with an online survey maker.

What’s more?

How to choose the best Online Survey Maker?

Having the best online survey maker is more of a necessity than an option now! Thus it is imperative that you round-in on the best that gives a seamless survey experience. Here are some pointers for the same.


Engaging, personalized online surveys

Create engaging, personalized surveys that bring high responses rates using an online survey maker. Features of the survey maker platform, like question piping, contact params, custom params, and variables will help you introduce a high degree of personalization into your online surveys.


Conditional logic branching

Create smart surveys that ask only the relevant questions and sips the rest using the conditional logic branching feature. SurveySparrow’s online survey maker brings you Skip Logic and Display logic for this very purpose. Make your surveys relevant and crisp.


Multiple survey share options

Share surveys in many ways like emails, social media, QR codes, weblinks, Embed option, SMS, and more. Ensure you round in on the best online survey maker that helps you reach out to your audience in multiple ways and ensure higher response rates.


Dashboard & reports

Analyze data and gain inestimable insights using the best online survey maker. SurveySparrow’s reporting module helps you track responses, study instant-reports, represent it graphically, and schedule the reports automatically to your response. Filter using Advanced Reports Filters and cross-tabulate responses with Compare feature.


Support & assistance

Resolve your queries and problems at once with a support team that’s always available. It’s wise to pick a platform that has excellent support. With SurveySparrow’s survey maker, you can rest assured. We have round-the-clock dedicated customer support for any and all of your questions.



Ensure you choose a survey maker platform that comes with flexible pricing plans and suits your requirements. SurveySparrow comes with plans that cater to businesses of all sizes- startup to enterprises.

What are the benefits of using Online Survey Maker?

Ease of use

A great survey maker boasts of advanced features, but working with it can’t get any easier. Easily understood by anyone, you can get started with your very first online survey in no time, and on your own. No coding required.

Real-time data capture & analysis

Every survey has an objective. The whole purpose of sending out a survey is to collect data. When traditional techniques take an excruciating amount of time to furnish you with this data, a survey maker does the job in a blink. A quick survey maker lets you collect all the info needed and process it into refined information that you can use.

Light on the wallet

All traditional methods of feedback collection drill a big hole through your wallet. This isn’t the case when you opt for a survey maker. Purchasing the survey maker is the only investment you require, but in the case of a free online survey maker, even that isn’t needed.

Quality of Responses

The conversational nature of surveys, the degree of personalization, and the sleek design ensure higher response rates for your surveys. With diverse and complex question types like the matric type, you can get more data without making your survey unnecessarily long.


The freedom to create surveys that fit your requirements, the flexibility for your audience to take the survey anytime, anywhere they wish, customizing & personalizing surveys for each respondent, and so on are some of the advantages which only an online survey maker can offer!

Reach & visibility

While it requires one call after another to get feedback with telephonic interviews, distributing through one paper survey after another, all it takes is a click of a button to send surveys to a mass audience with a free survey maker. The reach of surveys when you employ a simple survey maker is umpteen times more compared to a telephonic interview or a postal questionnaire.

Design & branding

Online survey maker gives you complete freedom to design your surveys to suit any business requirements and boost your brand. Pick the color, fonts, and layout to complement your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience with your custom logo.

Online & Offline

A survey maker helps you collect data both online and offline. In the offline mode, you can employ an offline survey app to collect data. The point is simple. Never halt your data collection.

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