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Online quiz maker

Create your own quiz that feels more like a friendly conversation—improve quiz completion rates and deliver a truly interactive experience.

free online quiz maker

Our quiz creator lets you create all kinds of quizzes

Personality quiz

Associate a certain personality with each answer. Show different outcomes based on that personality.

Assessment quiz

Assessment quizzes allow you to teach your audience while they take your quiz.

Scored quiz

Associate a score with every answer. Show different outcomes based on the score.

Why use SurveySparrow's online quiz maker?

SurveySparrow makes a quiz truly fun to take. Its conversational approach puts people at ease and helps them finish faster. Take the conversational way to boost your quiz responses and create a pleasant experience for your quiz takers.

Boost quiz responses. Deliver a truly interactive experience

SurveySparrow lets you ask one question at a time. You also get to use pictures, GIFs, videos, and emojis as answer options or backgrounds. These factors help make your quiz a fun conversation and help you hold their attention long enough to complete the quiz.

conversational quizzes

Protect your unique, memorable brand identity

Easily inject your quizzes with your brand personality and voice. Add your own brand colors, logos, fonts, and other brand assets. Also, serve quizzes from your own domain and add your own email ID, custom HTML, CSS, etc.

customize quiz to match brand

Easily create and share a quiz

Our simple drag-and-drop interface and readymade templates enable anyone to create even complex quizzes with ease! It should be easy to create an online quiz using our tool even if you’ve never created a quiz before!

Our quiz maker integrates with your favorite tools

Send your leads to Mailchimp, Aweber, or Hubspot. Segment Hubspot or Mailchimp contacts based on quiz responses. Track quiz performance with Google Analytics. Automatically reward quiz takers upon completion with Rybbon. Sync your quiz data with your spreadsheets via Google Sheets

How to make an online quiz with our quiz builder

Our no-code quiz maker lets marketers and business executives create an online quiz in no time!

Step 1: Start, your way

Use a quiz template—add your own information and call it done. or start from scratch—simply drag and drop questions.

Step 2: Customize and make it your own

Add or swap text, pictures, GIFs, videos, emojis, and icons. Adjust the colors, fonts, and more to perfectly fit your brand.

Step 3: Embed or share your quiz

Embed it on your website or share it on popular social media platforms. You can also share it via a web link, QR code, SMS, or Email.

Templates for our online quiz maker

Start with one of our beautifully designed quiz templates.

Vocabulary quiz

Test your students’ English vocabulary with this quiz template

Geography quiz

This template tests knowledge on a variety of geographical topics

Personality quiz

Conduct your own personality test with this template

Employee engagement quiz

Gather honest feedback from your employees with this template

Trivia quiz

This template lets you build your own fun trivia game on a variety of topics

Multiple choice quiz

Use this template to create a quiz with multiple-choice questions

Everything you need to create engaging quizzes!

Automated scoring

Our quiz maker calculates the scores for each respondent automatically. All you have to do is simply assign the points.

Answer piping

Use your respondents’ previous answers in your questions with piping. One important use of piping is that it allows you to address people by the name they give.

Branching logic

Jump to a relevant question or part of the quiz based on the answer. Make sure respondents answer only those questions that are relevant to them.

Customized end results

Show personalized results based on the score. Show one page for the high score, one for the low, and so on.

Ask all kinds of questions

Ask a wide range of questions, from multiple-choice, picture choice questions, yes or no questions, to opinion-scale and rating questions.

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