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What is an Online Quiz Creator?

Online quiz creator is a tool that helps you create a quiz online and challenge anyone around the globe with a simple click and share. While paper quizzes are time-consuming and have a constraint as far as the list of challengers is concerned, an online quiz creator helps you reach out to a mass audience, at one go. Twice the reach, half the efforts! Thus, a free printable quiz maker will help you create a quiz online, print it, and then distribute it.

Video surveys for interactive quizzes

With SurveySparrow’s online quiz creator, you can build interactive quizzes using conversational forms, chat-like quizzes, or video surveys. With one question at a time, the quiz creator collects answers, scores it automatically, and displays it for you in the dashboard. Here we have created a sample quiz for you using video surveys.

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Add questions, set scores, and design quizzes


Share quiz via online channels or take a print-out and distribute


Track answers real-time and analyze performance in a dashboard


Evalue respondents easily with the auto-score feature of quiz creators

SurveySparrow as your Online Quiz Creator

Corporate training program or classroom evaluation, SurveySparrow’s free quiz creator, will help you evaluate your audience quickly. We’re listing some of the features that’ll help you kick-start your quiz program in a matter of seconds.

Create a quiz online

SurveySparrow offers video surveys, chat surveys, and conversational forms, to help you create a quiz online that’s visually captivating and engaging. Build a smart quiz by using conditional logic branching features like skip logic and display logic. Pipe messages based on the score and tell respondents how well they are doing with this online quiz creator.

Create engaging, personalized quizzes using the best online quiz maker.
Create engaging, personalized quiz online

Auto-score answers

You can enable the auto-score feature and let the quiz creator software evaluate you. The tool adds up the scores and displays it on the Thank-you page. Based on the score, you can create more than one Thank-you page, maybe one for passing, another for fail, and another for improvement!

Auto-score answers and personalize Thank-you pages.
Score and evaluate answers automatically and customize Thank-you page

Share quizzes in multiple languages

Your challengers can be from across the world. Therefore, ensure you round-in on a quiz maker software that offers multilingual quizzes. You can create a quiz online with a base language, say English, and then add any language of your choice. Download an excel sheet that contains all survey questions, translate it, and upload it back. The respondents can choose their language using a drop-down option while taking the quiz.

Let challengers take the quiz on any device.
Create and share multi-lingual quizzes

Track your quiz real-time

With SurveySparrow’s online quiz creator software, you can track answers in real-time and analyze quiz performance. The dashboard creates reports instantly, and you can view the data question-wise, and the distribution using graphs and pie-charts. Cross-tabulate responses with Compare features and apply Advanced Reports Filters for cleaner data.

Share quizzes in any language.
Track your quiz and analyze performance

Download quiz results in PDF, Excel, SPSS

Export your quiz reports in PDF, Excel, or SPSS format and take your analysis offline. You can schedule the same reports to your inbox at any time of your choice. Customize reports using Compare feature, Reports Filters, and save that as a View, easy to peruse at any time.

Track results real-time and analyzer answers.
Export results of your quiz for offline analysis

Make the quiz any-device-compatible

It’s a smart move to choose a quiz creator that helps you create multi-device compatible quizzes. Consequently, your challengers can take the quiz on any device- desktop, smartphone, and tablet. Provide unmatched flexibility to challengers and get more responses.

Export results of the quiz in PDF or Excel format.
Let challengers take quiz through any device
Integrate with your day-to-day applications easily.

Integrate with any
day-to-day app of yours

Create workflows using webhooks.


Connect different apps using API


Integrate different applications using Zapier.


Create efficient workflows and execute tasks.


What are the benefits of Online Quiz Creator?

Listed below are some of the best things about using a quiz creator software while running challenges. Once you read them out, it’s only a matter of time until you round-in on the best online quiz creator. And, the good news is you’re already in the right place!


Lessen your efforts, saves time

Using a quiz creator software will help you create a quiz online in a matter of minutes, and get started with your challenge in no time. This is against manually doing all those chores- printing, distributing, collecting back, evaluating, and then analyzing their performance. A quiz creator can handle all of this.


Reduce the chances of error

Humans err. It’s universal. However, you can marginalize those chances of mistake by employing an online quiz creator. The evaluation is spot on, the analysis perfect. You can peruse the reports according to any criteria and filter answers with ease.


Distribute a quiz easily

The distribution of quiz papers is a Herculean task when the audience is broad. It’s both time-consuming and effort-intensive. On the other hand, using a quiz creator software will help you reach out to your audience via multiple options- emails, social media, SMS, weblinks, QR code, and more! Make use of these share options to distribute a quiz with a click!


Personalize the experience

The best quiz creator software has all the necessary features to personalize the quiz experience for your challengers. A cheering GIF for the right answer, a message midway to let them know about their performance, are some of the things that’ll make the experience memorable for your respondents.


Auto-evaluate & create reports

A quiz creator will auto-score the answers given by respondents and present custom-reports for your perusal. While the reports show a consolidated report, you can also apply Advanced Filters to analyze channel-wise data. Opt for an omnichannel online quiz creator tool like SurveySparrow, now!

Who can use an Online Quiz Creator?

Teachers, professors, faculties

To run a classroom quiz and assessment tests, teachers can make use of an online quiz creator. The software will score answers, evaluate the students, and give you a detailed view of the performance of your class.

Corporate trainers and evaluators

As a corporate trainer, you can evaluate employees of an organization to evaluate and assess their domain knowledge. Send the assessment quiz at one go through corporate emails or using a unique web link. Evaluate performance department-wise as well.

Social media experts

Keep your social media account lively with polls and pop quizzes, and understand the pulse of your audience. Engage with your audience using interactive and conversational quizzes and multiply follower count steadily. Trace your customers’ persona using social media questionnaires.

Digital Marketers

Collect lead information through engaging quizzes while running event-based marketing campaigns. For instance, run a vocabulary quiz contest on National Grammar Day or Halloween Quiz in October and generate leads.


Market researchers can employ an online quiz creator to uncover valuable data about a target market and consumer behavior. Also, academic researchers and statisticians can validate their thesis with real-world data using a quiz creator as well.

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