Making Data-collection Actionable: SurveySparrow Partners with Zapier

October 4, 2018

SurveySparrow, a budding & promising survey platform, has announced partnering with the web automation giant Zapier to provide instant app integration. The app integrations facilitate automating tasks and creating efficient workflows methodically.

With Zapier Integration, SurveySparrow users can take abundant advantage of connecting their favorite applications with the survey software. Being customer centric and feedback focused is the direct reflection of this collaboration. One can move survey data about, spike up collecting leads, follow-up and engage with customers- the possibilities see no limit. SurveySparrow can be integrated with a host of applications in the Zapier space, and one can witness automation and channelized task flow happening at its finest.  “SurveySparrow is all about taking the ‘boring’ out of surveys.” – Shihab Muahammed, CEO and founder of SurveySparrow. “With Zapier, we can now integrate with over a 1000 apps and make the collected survey data even more actionable”, he added. Irrespective of the size, any business can function and prosper if the resource allocation is done spot-on. Misallocation of assets and under-utilization of resources ultimately leads to the business taking a leap backward. for every step taken forward. With a gateway like Zapier, it’s simple to focus on business growth and expansion, brainstorm new strategies, devise new marketing campaigns and everything else that needs the human touch and hand over the baton to smart tools that’ll automate all the chores for you. About SurveySparrowSurveySparrow is an online survey platform that creates conversational surveys. With Conversational User Interface (CUI), SurveySparrow let users create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience. Founded in October 2017 by Freshdesk (now Freshworks) veteran Shihab Muhammed, SurveySparrow is the world’s first survey software to offer both a conversational and form-like output, increasing the survey completion rate by 40%. About ZapierZapier is a web automation tool that allows businesses to connect a multitude of apps that they use every day. With 1000+ apps in its space, Zapier lets one create workflows that automate regular tasks and enhance productivity.  For more information, please visit