An Indian state was hit with the worst flood of a century and several NGOs saved them. Now, a startup from the very state is giving back with free software to NGOs across the world.

October 24, 2018

Two months ago, Kerala, a tiny state in India was hit by the worst floods of the century. The massive floods claimed over 400 lives and cost billions worth damage. As the state is limping back to normal, SurveySparrow, a startup hailing from there is giving back to NGOs everywhere with free premium accounts.

The SurveySparrow team was on the ground when the floods hit them. As Kerala was reeling from the blow, they’ve witnessed how NGOs stepped in– to rescue and rebuild a state that was neck-deep in water. Grateful to everyone who chipped in to save the state and its people, the startup is delighted to give back.

“The floods were a terrible time! Everywhere we looked, one of our own was rescuing or being rescued. The entire state came together to help–volunteering at relief camps, sourcing food and clothes, collecting money, donating to the disaster fund, and even taking to social media as makeshift control rooms; everyone helped”, said Shihab Muhammed, Founder & CEO of SurveySparrow.

Kerala sunk, swam, and survived in the end, but it took efforts from all quarters. Shihab explains why they decided to give back with their own data collection software.

“During the floods, we’ve realized how data was often scattered all over the place. We saw NGO Facebook pages flooding with desperate rescue calls. There wasn’t much coordinated data collection at all. We intend to fix that. We want to give back to those who had our backs. We are giving away our best efforts because we owe them nothing less,” he added.

This Thanksgiving season, the young startup is giving away their survey platform to NGOs who have a data collection need– Premium Accounts for an entire year covered of all costs! Around a year has passed since their launch, and the SurveySparrow team cannot find a more fitting way to say ‘thank you’ to the whole nice world around them.