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What is a Free Survey Creator?

Free Survey Creator is an online survey software that helps you create surveys from scratch, design it to match your brand’s style, share it with multiple channels, collect data, and gain rich insights from it. Feedback is essential, especially when you are transacting with people. If you need people to engage with your brand, choose your product over competitors, and avail your services, it is necessary to keep up with the customer pulse and market weather. The best way to know both is by collecting feedback and data.

Here are the four easy steps to collect feedback using a free survey creator.


Create a survey that’s conversational and logically smart


Distribute your surveys across different channels like email, SMS, social media


Study the data collected and gain rich insights using survey creator


Strategize and make informed business decisions based on insights

SurveySparrow’s free survey creator helps you create an engaging survey and enables you to collect essential data for your business. It can function as a multi-purpose data collection tool, an online quiz maker to conduct assessments, an employee engagement platform for your employees, a survey bot for your website & app, an email survey tool for your campaigns, NPS software for your brand, and more. Here are some of the best features of SurveySparrow’s online survey maker.

SurveySparrow as your Free Survey Creator

SurveySparrow’s free survey creator comes with a multitude of features that makes it the best online form builder.

Create engaging, smart surveys

SurveySparrow offers five types of surveys; chat surveys, conversational forms, NPS surveys, Offline surveys, and 360 feedback surveys. The conversational style helps you get more than 40% increased response rates. Personalization features like question piping, contact & custom params, makes it more human while conditional logic branching like Skip & Display logic creates smart surveys. White-label surveys and maintain brand identity.

Create smart surveys that engages with your respondents.
Create conversational surveys and get higher response rates

Design & themes-style to match brand

Design surveys the way just you want using Survey Themes. Customize every aspect of your surveys, the fonts, color palette, buttons, and more. Choose a theme from our themes gallery or create one of your own. Add an image or gradient as the background or embed a video and create video surveys. Style the surveys to pixel perfection using CSS.

Create a survey theme of your own or choose from themes gallery.
Design with themes and pixel-perfect surveys

Share it via multiple channels

Share surveys across many channels and get maximum visibility and reach. Share as email surveys & SMS surveys or distribute it through web links, social media, QR code. Use email embed code to share surveys through any marketing tool or use Slack channel to improve employee pulse. You can also switch to kiosk mode in our offline survey app for remote data collection.

Share surveys across email, SMS, social media, and via weblinks and embed code.
Share surveys across multiple channels

Gain productive insights from data

Analyze the data using SurveySparrow’s robust reporting module. Filter responses based on questions, answers, degree of completeness, and more. Cross-tabulate responses using Compare feature, and understand their inter-relation. Export data in PDF, Excel, SPSS formats for offline perusal. Schedule reports to your inbox at any preferred time—insights at your fingertips.

Gain rich insights with SurveySparrow’s free survey creator.
Gain rich insights from survey data

Automate all recurring surveys

Automate your feedback collection process using a free survey creator. Configure the time, date, day, and frequency of sharing surveys. SurveySparrow’s recurring surveys takes care of the rest. Share reminder emails to partial and non-responders and increase completion rates. Customize your emails and make t match your brand’s tone.

Automate data collection with Recurring feature.
Automate your periodic surveys with Recurring feature

Integrate with any application

Extend capabilities with integrations, API, webhooks, and connect with your everyday applications. Some of the useful business workflows which you can set up with SurveySparrow’s survey creator include- triggering surveys when a ticket is closed in your help desk software, adding new respondent details in your subscriber list, updating your customer-facing team when a customer gives a low rating, etc.

Integrate with any application using API, webhooks, and Zapier.
Integrate survey creator with your everyday application

Free Survey Templates collection

SurveySparrow’s easy survey creator comes with a host of free survey templates that you can readily use for any requirement. Be it, customer satisfaction, online shopping, guest satisfaction feedback, lead generation, website feedback, or more! Tweak the survey and use or create one on your own. Use the diverse question types we have like matrix, rank order, opinion scale, contact form to get data.

Get started with our Free Survey Templates.
Get started with free survey templates

Get me started with the best Free Survey Creator!

Who can use a Free Survey Creator?

Customer-facing teams

Customer-facing teams can use a free survey creator to trigger relational and transactional surveys to measure customer experience. They can measure CSAT, CES, customer onboarding experience, and measure brand loyalty with NPS.

HR & admins

HR & admins can track employee pulse and improve the workplace culture using a free online survey creator. They can make use of employee engagement surveys, 360 feedback analysis, leave application form, vacation request forms, and use employee feedback surveys to improve the employee experience. In addition, SurveySparrow helps you build an employee portal to consolidate all employee data in one place.

CEOs & Product Managers

CEOs and product managers can use a free survey creator to measure the product-market fit of their brand. They can use user experience surveys to measure customer satisfaction and share market research surveys to build products that customers love.

Market Research Agencies

Market research agencies can use the free survey creator as a market research software that brings all crucial information about their target market. In this manner, they can study the market weather, perform competitor analysis, and understand the changing trends of customer needs. They can use SurveySparrow’s online panel to target the right audience.

Marketers & social media experts

A free survey creator comes handy to marketers and social media experts to understand their customers, grab new leads, and engage & connect with their customers. Embed lead generation forms in significant landing pages and collect all information, run polls, and social media quizzes to engage with users, and analyze channel-wise performance.

Academic researchers & students

A survey creator is useful for researchers and scholars to validate their thesis work with real-world data. Create a survey, target the right people using SurveySparrow’s audience panel, collect valuable data, and gain rich insights. If you would like to switch to a paid plan, we have a flat 15% discount for educational institutions and 60% discount for students.

NGOs & non-profit organizations

NGOs and non-profit organizations can use SurveySparrow’s easy survey creator for their charitable purposes. If your institution wishes to switch to a paid plan, we have a 15% flat discount for all charitable purposes.

Benefits of using a Free Survey Creator?


Saves time & efforts

A free survey creator is easy to use and intuitive. You can get started instantly and share your survey with a mass audience at a go. This saves time and reduces efforts compared to traditional methods like paper surveys, telephonic interviews, and in-person surveys


Real-time tracking & reporting

The free online survey creator captures the responses and stores it securely in its dashboard in real-time. You don’t have to waste time evaluating responses one after the other. The reports are created and updated in real-time.


Lower chances of error

While paper questionnaires have higher chances of error, spelling error, or printing error, for instance. On the other hand, the error associated with a form builder software is significantly less. If at all there’s an error, you can edit it instantly, without causing any issues.


Design flexibility

You can change the design of your survey forms in any way, to match your brand’s tone. Customize it precisely the way you want and use a logo of your brand and white label it.


Personalization features

The host of personalization features of a free survey creator helps to make the feedback collection just like a human conversation. These include question piping, contact params, custom params, and variables.


Wider reach & scalability

With just a click, a free survey creator helps you to share forms easily. It can be email surveys, SMS surveys, share via weblink, or social media. The same would take much time to administer in case of traditional methods.

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