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What is a Form Builder Software?

A form builder software is one of the most popular data collection tools used by business across any domain. The tech-age has shown the door to paper surveys, postal surveys, and other traditional feedback collection methods. One can leverage the various facets of a form builder efficiently for collecting feedback data in real-time, capturing lead information in a matter of seconds, and drilling out crucial insights.

With a form builder tool,


Build highly engaging, conversational feedback forms


Distribute your feedback forms far & wide via various platforms


Slice and dice the data to gain in-depth insights & perspectives


Set up a well-devised plan of action based on the insights drawn

Conventionally designers and programmers are required to create and build web forms. However, should you set aside investment for this purpose?

We say, no!

A form builder software is all you need to create the media-rich, error-free web forms you had envisioned, share it with your target audience, gather data or capture leads, and finally take necessary actionable measures for your business.

A form builder software is a platform that lets you create web forms that are easy to create, easier to distribute, and provides you meaningful data and insights.

SurveySparrow as your Form Builder Software

Are you on the lookout for a form builder software to meet your data collection needs? Have a look at these features which the best form builder software, SurveySparrow, has got to offer you.

Customizable, personalized forms

With SurveySparrow’s form builder software, you can create conversational web forms with ease, minus all programming efforts. Ergo, even a non-coder can build their web forms with this form builder tool. An intuitive builder guides you through adding diverse question types, pipe questions to personalize it, add custom params to customize it. Consequently, you get 40% higher response rates.

Create engaging, personalized webforms and understand your customers better.
Engaging webforms bring better responses

Themes & CSS to style your forms

Use themes to design your webforms to pixel-perfection with SurveySparrow’s form builder software. There’s a rich collection of themes in our gallery, or you whip one of your own. Style every bit of your webform from the BG, font, colors. You can even embed videos as the background using our video survey feature. Style a pixel extra using CSS.

Style your webforms using themes and CSS with a free online form builder.
Design webforms and theme and CSS-style it

Skip Logic & Display Logic for smart forms

Build smart web forms using the conditional logic branching feature of form builder software. Display logic asks questions only when certain conditions are met, while skip logic bypasses irrelevant questions based on the respondent’s answers. Make your web forms clever and ask wisely, with the best form builder software.

Ask relevant questions in your webforms using Conditional Logic Branching feature.
Skip logic and display logic builds smart webforms

Email, SMS, weblinks, QR code, Embed shares

Share your web forms across diverse channels with SurveySparrow’s form builder tool. Be it an email, unique web link, social media share, or SMS option. Seamlessly embed your feedback or contact forms on your website, or get a QR code for your respondents to scan and take the webform. Pick the most appropriate options of the top form builder tool.

Share your webformsacross different channels and get higher responses.
Distribute your webforms across multiple channels

Real-time data capture & reports

Capture data real-time and securely store it in your form builder tool’s database. Analyze the responses in-depth using the reporting module, sift it with Advanced Reports filters, and cross-tabulate responses with the Compare feature. Hide questions as needed, and get clean reports that are export-ready. Gain productive insights and make data collection actionable.

Use the reporting module and gain rich insights.
Insightful reports, robust dashboard

Integration with any app

Integrate your web forms with any day-to-day tool of yours. For new responses you get, add new contact entries to your MailChimp & Salesforce, get notified in Slack, create new cards in Trello, update leads in HubSpot, create tickets in Zendesk, to name a few. Webhooks, API, Workflows, and native integrations help you set-up efficient workflows for your business.

Integrate with all favorite apps of yours and create efficient workflows.
Free survey templates to get your started with feedback collection

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How to create forms with Form Builder Software?

Here are some pointers on how best to employ form builder tools to create stunning and winning webforms.

Webform Rule #1: Make it conversational

Create webforms that strike conversations with your audience. Filling out forms can be quite a chore. Collect actionable data from your respondents by engaging with them.

Webform Rule #2: Get creative

Arrange patient appointments easily and collect patient & doctor feedback about your medical institution using web forms. Why scribble in paper forms and create a heap of dusty files when you can have it all laid out neatly with an online form builder?

ProTip: Use Question piping, custom params, contact params for introducing a high degree of personalization in your webforms.

Webform Rule #3: Ask only relevant questions

Imagine asking a vegan their favorite cheese? Well, steer clear of such mishaps using the logic branching feature of the form builder software. Use skip logic to dodge all questions irrelevant to a respondent. Use display logic to show questions to a respondent only when specific criteria are met.

Protip: Program your survey form using both display & skip logic. Test it all for scenarios.

Webform Rule #4: Go mobile-friendly

About half of the internet traffic worldwide is through mobile devices. If you have a form builder software that isn’t multi-device compatible, disaster strikes at once. Create mobile-friendly forms that are accessible by people anywhere, anytime.

Protip: Opt for a form builder software that supports multiple devices and is mobile-friendly.

Webform Rule #5: Pick the right channel to share

Embed option is ideal if you are planning on lead generation or collecting contact info. If you want to manage website feedback or in-app product feedback, chatbots are a great choice. All this with a simple copy-paste of embed code. Reach out through email surveys to your employees or customers for feedback, popularize your polls or quiz forms through social media.

Analyze channels to understand the optimum one and invest in it more. Share reminder emails while opting for email surveys to both non-responders & partial responders.

What are the benefits of a Free Online Form Builder?

Free online form builders are a must-have for any business. Here are the top reasons why.


Easy to build and re-use

Using a free online form builder, it is easy to create forms that are customizable to your varying requirements. You can edit the web form anytime you want and re-use it any number of times. White-label the forms to reflect your brand persona.


Not a Coding-Ninja?

Cut short all resource-dependencies and build beautiful forms on your own. A free online form builder saves you from the clause of requiring programming skills to create a simple web form. An editable and intuitive tool ensures you create your first form in a matter of seconds.


Bonus marketing for your brand

Using a free online form builder, you can create web forms that match the persona of your brand. Add your logo, match the color palette, and choose the font, to name a few components. You can also employ white-labeling features like the custom domain to make it truly your own. In this manner, you subtly, yet smartly, embed your brand’s image in the minds of your audience. It’s a step closer to smart marketing!


Efficient lead capture

Embed lead generation forms on all your relevant landing pages and don’t miss even a single lead. You can inline embed the form and customize its height and width. Customizable to the dot, have the forms the way you want and place it anywhere on your website.


Improved resource management

While HTML forms require you to have a programmer and designer by your side, a free online form builder eliminates such dependencies. It saves valuable work hours and efforts, thus. The best form builder can do everything that your human resources can do, and possibly much more!


Increased Conversion Rates

Spike your lead conversion rates by using customized embedded forms in your important landing pages. Don’t miss out on a single lead.

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