Admin Dashboard in 360 Assessments

Empower department leaders and management teams with org-wide performance reports. With Admin Dashboard, uncover hidden strengths & blind spots, create improvement plans, hassle-free.

Track organizational growth performance

Deep dive into org-wide performance insights & create development plans that initiate growth. As an admin, get an eagle-eye view of where your teams stand and discover areas for training and improvements.

Slice & dice competency scores based on employee properties

Slice & dice the competency scores based on employee properties. Compare it across different teams, locations, experience levels, gender, and more. Put them across in a visually immersive frame, and take actions that drive productivity.

Extract Meaningful insights that matter

Create custom reports to grasp every insight of the 360-degree feedback program. Set goals that drive continuous learning and development. Configure widgets that help 360 admins with a clear understanding of various teams’ performance, at a glance.

Share assessment overview in no time

Share 360 assessment overview and help admins delve deeper into the 360 review reports to establish a thriving workforce with high-performing employees. Create a culture of learning, innovation, and recognition to help your employees get better with what they do

Popular Usecases

Here’s a popular use case to help you navigate better with Admin Dashboard!

Popular Usecases

Here’s a popular use case to help you navigate better with Admin Dashboard!

Track Organizational Performance

Help department-leaders gain new insights

Simplify Your Workflows


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